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Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1250

Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1250

A Fake Bee

He seemed like any ordinary old man if it were not for the black tattoos all over his exposed skin. No one would have thought of him as a murderer.

“Why are you showing me this photo?” Natalie put the photo on the table. “Are you going to let me go so that I can give it to Stanley?”

Sean let out a chuckle and said airily, “Of course not. I just want to let you know what the murderer looks like.”

Natalie bit her lip and did not say anything.

She had asked him that question to sound him out, wanting to know if he was aware that Shane was on the way to rescue her.

Based on his reaction, it seemed like he was clueless about it.

That had her heave a sigh of relief.

Luckily, he doesn’t know. He might bring me elsewhere if he does, and Shane would come in vain.

With that in mind, Natalie took the photo and stood up. “I am going back to my room.”

Upon saying that, she turned and walked out of the dining room without looking back.

Sean looked over his shoulder to stare at her figure, seemingly in a pensive mood.

After returning to her room, Natalie closed the door and pushed an armchair against it.

By doing so, Sean would not be able to enter.

She had been doing so even when he was not around. There was still Jacqueline, after all.

The deep-rooted grudge between her and Jacqueline could not be ignored, so there was a chance for the latter to snap and barge in to kill her. Natalie did not want to take that risk.

Once that was settled, she took a deep breath and put the photo on her bedside table before walking toward the balcony.

It had been a habit of hers to stay on the balcony and gaze at the sea whenever she was alone in her room.

Initially, she wanted to see if there was any ship passing by so that she could cry for help. However, as of then, she only wanted to see if Shane’s ship had appeared.

Just like that, she leaned against the handrail and stared at the sea.

After a long while, she suddenly heard a buzzing sound near her ear.

Natalie lifted her head and saw it was a bee.

Shocked, she staggered a few steps back and stared at the bee cautiously.

This bee is giant, far bigger than any bees I’ve ever seen. Will I die if it stings me? I mean, it’s gigantic, after all. It could very well be venomous.

Natalie froze on the spot and did not dare to move an inch for fear of provoking the bee into stinging her.

She maintained eye contact with the bee for a long moment, but none of them was willing to leave first.

Soon, she noticed something strange.

Why is there a flashing red light in the bee’s eyes? It… looks like some kind of a hidden camera. Hold on a second! Could it be…

Natalie’s eyes widened in surprise as her heart raced.

Could this bee be a camera? If it is, who sent it here? Is it Sean? Or Shane?

Naturally, she hoped it was the latter.

However, it might be Sean as he had been monitoring her.

Regardless, the odds were fifty to fifty.

Maybe it’s Shane?

At that thought, Natalie took a deep breath and reached toward the bee.

She wanted to find out if it was a real bee and was willing to risk being stung by it for the truth.

A few seconds later, her finger was about to touch the bee when it moved and landed on her palm.

Natalie immediately closed her eyes, waiting for the bee to sting her.

After a few seconds, she did not feel anything. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief and open her eyes.

It seemed like it was not a real bee.

If it were, it would have flown away when her hand trembled so vigorously, even if it did not sting her.

Not only did it not leave, but it even stayed still on her palm and retracted its wing. Thus, it was most likely a fake bee.

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