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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 77

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 77

By the time Mr. Carlson walked into the boardroom, everyone in the boardroom was stunned!

“Hello, Mr. Wolfenden, Ms. Wolfenden.” Mr. Carlson greeted both of them with a smile on his face. Liam and Sadie stood up incredulously, while Liam had even stepped forward in haste. His expression was filled with shock when he asked, “A-Are you Mr. Carlson from Apex Investment Partners?”

Mr. Carlson smiled and said, “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wolfenden. I’m Albert Carlson.” The expressions of Trevorand the others changed drastically in succession, and they wondered why Albert from Apex Investment Partners would show up here.

They felt uneasy! Chandler, Daryl, and the other shareholders were so astounded that they expressed their fear, panic, and uneasiness on their faces.

Albert was a renowned investor, and Apex Investment Partners was one of the top investment companies in Skyriv. A large number of projects that they invested in would receive impressive results in the end. In fact, they had even invested in a company and turned it into a unicorn company! Hence, many people were aware of Albert’s reputation after Apex Investment Partners gained its fame.

Albert took a glance at the other people in the boardroom and stopped at Kayson for a short moment.

He soon shifted his gaze and looked toward Liam while saying, “This is the situation, Mr. Wolfenden. I’m planning on laying out $30,000,000 of investment in Wolfenden Corp. I wonder if you’re willing to accept it, Mr. Wolfenden?” Every person in the boardroom had a drastic change of expression instantly! Liam hastily said, “You’re most welcome to do so! Wolfenden Corp. welcomes your arrival, Mr. Carlson!” Sadie was shocked beyond comparison as well. Albert’s investment in Wolfenden Corp. would not only bring money to the company but also connections, networks, and many resources beyond one’s imagination. Those shares previously belonged to Trevor and the other shareholders anyhow. Who would decline to exchange these people’s shares for Apex Investment Partners’ investment?

It was a massive deal!

Moreover, it would even be possible for Wolfenden Corp. to gain fame from this matter. Apart from overpowering the Gillete Group, even other industries would begin to notice Wolfenden Group.

Albert nodded and beamed widely. “Great then. I was rather worried that you wouldn’t accept my investment, Mr. Wolfenden. It seems that I was overthinking.”

Liam was overwhelmed with emotions when he said, “Not at all. Shall we discuss the distribution of shares then?”

“It’s no rush. We can’t discuss something so important in the presence of unauthorized personnel.” He looked toward Trevor and the others upon saying that. “Mr. Wolfenden, are these the shareholders of the company?” Trevor and the others had a slight change of expression. They appeared displeased, and Chandler hastily said, “Of course. I’m one of the original shareholders of the company!”

Daryl followed suit and said, “Me too!” Kayson smacked the table and said nonchalantly, “Make no mistake, the few of you. You signed the disinvestment contract earlier, and the company has recovered all your shares. “You’re no longer shareholders of Wolfenden Corp.” Daryl and Chandler’s expressions changed drastically. They regretted their decisions very much and were furious at this very moment. “You piece of sh*t! How dare you scheme against us! Give us back the contract!” Chandler ran frantically in an attempt to seize back the contracts placed before Kayson. Noticing the situation, Kayson said aloud, “Please come in, Yeager. Someone is causing trouble here!”

Three security guards walked into the room. The frontmost person was the security guard team leader, Yeager. He went ahead and blocked Chandler’s path while he said coldly, “Please leave the company now. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being crude!”

“B*st*rd! How dare you mistreat us when you’re the company’s b*tch!?” Chandler’s expression was ferocious.

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