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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 62

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 62

Kayson opened the door and got out of the car after what he said. “Kayson Yarde!” Wilson was enraged and threatened him darkly, “Are you insisting on choosing death?”

Kayson smiled and replied without looking back, “Wilson Gillete, if you play nice and give the Wolfendens Gillete Group…

“Maybe you could find a nice place for retirement with the money you’ve made these recent years.

“Otherwise, you might not even have the chance to see anything outside of Cloupsring.” Kayson closed the door, leaving Wilson with raging eyes like two erupting volcanoes. He took a deep breath and dialed a number.

“Do it, kill him.”

“Yes, Mr. Gillete.”

The call was cut.

Kayson, who had just gotten out of the car, saw five people come up, spread out, and surround him. He commented with a calm expression, “What a stubborn man…”

The five men moved incredibly fast and came close to Kayson in a blink of eye.

Kayson shook his head, avoiding one of the attacks and kicking the other person.

The kick was powerful like a thunderbolt.

The man was sent flying through the air backward and crashed against a pillar, coughing out blood.

Kayson used both his hands and legs. Each punch and kick was impactful, causing the remaining four men to fly out backward as well.

Wilson was simply stunned in the car as he watched his five strongest men not even being able to touch a corner of Kayson’s clothes. ‘H-How is this possible!?’

Those were his five strongest men, and he always brought them with him.

Combined, the Quad Falcons would not even be able to fight any of them. What was more, when five of them attacked in unison!?

His five strongest men coughed mouthfuls of blood and collapsed on the ground, while Kayson went to the front of the Mercedes-Benz S450 and punched the engine compartment.

The whole car shook with a loud rumble.

Wilson grabbed the side handles of the car door frantically. The engine hood had already sunken into a “V” shape, and the car alarm blared.

Wilson looked appalled, but it was then that Kayson came over and knocked on his door. The man sat inside scowling. There was no way he would leave the car.

Kayson was left with no other option. He could only pull the car door open, drag Wilson out,

and slam him on the ground. He stepped on Wilson’s shoulder with one foot and hit him with a powerful strike.

Wilson cried in anguish immediately, feeling each part of his body prickling like ants were biting him everywhere. “Mr. Gillete, send the share-transferring agreement of the Gillete Group to Wolfenden Corp.’s GM office.

“Otherwise, you might no longer be around to keep managing the Gillete Group after that.” Kayson kicked him several meters away and turned to leave for the elevator. Simultaneously, the building’s security guards arrived. They looked confused when they saw Wilson and the Mercedes-Benz with a sunken hood. The security guard chief was alarmed, recognizing Wilson as the Gillete Group’s chairman and wondering what he was doing here.

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