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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 59

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 59

Liam understood where Trevor’s confidence was coming from. Westcity’s Plot No. 8 would be his trump card to gain the support of all the major shareholders.

It was precisely because he was rushing to push Sadie out of the company before this. In fact, he would even stoop as low as to seek help from an indecent person like Johnson.

Had Liam not had dinner with Jason yesterday night, he would not be able to refute Trevor despite being infuriated. In fact, he would only be able to feign his boisterousness to hide his inadequacy by scolding back Trevor.

However, the situation was different now. Liam found Trevor’s cluelessness to be especially amusing

“Is that so? If that’s the case, do take your time to get used to the rhythm, Mr. Lawson Sr.” Liam smiled nonchalantly.

Trevor was slightly shocked to see Liam was not infuriated by him.

‘What’s going on with Liam? How does he actually remain so calm under such circumstances!?

“Hmph! Do enjoy this final period of your time as the chairman, Mr. Wolfenden!” Trevor had already laid all his cards on the table.

Sadie’s expression was cold and indifferent because she could not be bothered to regard Trevor.

Since Trevor did not mind concealing his hostility, she didn’t have to feign her kindness anymore.

“Ms. Wolfenden is still single, right? I can see that you are the right age for marriage too. Why don’t you consider marrying my son, Miles?”

Sadie looked toward him coldly and said indifferently, “You’re really good at joking, Mr. Lawson Sr.” Trevor dismissed her remark and said mockingly, “My son will inherit everything of mine sooner or later after Wolfenden Corp. changes to Lawson Corp. “Why? Could it be that the successor of Lawson Corp. is still unworthy of you?

“Could it be that you’ve taken a fancy to this deputy team leader of The Tetrad?”

Trevor’s gaze shifted to Kayson.

“If that’s the case, it’s truly a pity that the dignified general manager of Wolfenden Corp. is happy in her degeneration.”

Kayson felt slightly displeased upon hearing that. ‘It’s fine that you insult Sadie. She’s not that important to me anyhow.

‘However, you’ve even involved me. Isn’t that undeserving for me?’

Kayson didn’t hide his displeased expression as he said, “Ms. Wolfenden wouldn’t take a fancy to me, naturally. After all, I’m just a dumb youngster from the countryside and unworthy of

being with an heiress like her.

“However, I think that I would still make a much better candidate than Mr. Lawson. If Ms. Wolfenden won’t even take an interest in me, how will she take an interest in Mr. Lawson?”

Miles’ gaze became fixated, and he said coldly, “How dare you talk about me, you piece of sh*t?”

Kayson took a glance at him and chuckled. “Oh right, I am talking about you, Mr. Lawson. It must be tormenting to be taking prescription medicine every day, right? “Ah, it should be even more tormenting for your partner. After all, it’s tough to put on an act all the time.

“Otherwise, she might hurt Mr. Lawson’s manly ego.”

The expression on Miles’ face froze as he looked at Kayson incredulously. ‘How does this b*st* rd know I’m having trouble in that area!?’

Let alone Miles, even Sadie was astounded. Even though she had never dated anyone, she was still a grown adult, so she understood what Kayson was referring to.

All at once, her exquisitely beautiful face that appeared cold from her attempt to behave detached and indifferent was actually blushing.

“Oh right. It would be best not to force yourself to consume too many pills in one go because it’s very bad for your health.

“Do consider your partner’s mood to the best of your abilities. If you really can’t perform, do provide your partner with the freedom to seek pleasure elsewhere.”

“You piece of sh*t! How dare you make nonsensical remarks!?” Miles’ face was ghastly pale, and he was so furious from the embarrassment that he threw himself onto Kayson.

Kayson chuckled and swung a kick that sent Miles flying away.

A few security guards wanted to approach, but Liam berated them, “Don’t meddle!”

The security guards followed Liam’s order because he was the chairman.

Kayson’s smile faded away, and he looked at Miles sternly, saying, “Mr. Lawson Sr., please don’t bother Ms. Wolfenden anymore.

“If you have time, do take your son to seek consultation at the hospital. Otherwise, you won’t get to meet your grandchild even when you’re six feet under.”

Trevor’s face was green with anger. If eyes could kill, Kayson would have already died a thousand times.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Trevor asked coldly.

Kayson’s gaze became fixated upon hearing that. He answered coldly, “Please watch your tongue, Mr. Lawson Sr.!”

Liam said nonchalantly, “That’s enough. Kayson is indeed skilled in the art of healing, Trevor. He may not necessarily be right, but it’s possible that he’s right too. “You may choose to believe him or not, just go and find out for yourself.”

Upon saying that, Liam walked into the elevator with Kayson and Sadie.

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