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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 58

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 58

Hugh was already at his golden age, yet Johnson had still insulted him. Thus, he had trouble making peace with that incident.

Sadie’s face was glowing with joy. “Hmm! Uncle Jason actually invited the Ziglers and us simultaneously. We thought that we were doomed in the beginning.

“Unexpectedly, Uncle Jason showed up when the Ziglers were making sarcastic remarks at us, and he humiliated them!

“Uncle Jason took Dad and me upstairs for a meal before the Ziglers and ignored them completely! “Grandpa, it’s a waste that you didn’t get to see their faces. I could see that Johnson almost died from anger.” Hugh’s eyes widened in surprise, and he said incredulously, “How did that happen? We are not bound by any friendship with Mr. Queen…” Liam said smilingly, “It’s possible that Jason can’t stand the Ziglers’ mannerism.” Hugh furrowed his eyebrows tightly and felt the situation was more complicated than it seemed.

‘Even if Mr. Queen can’t stand the Ziglers, he can’t possibly disrespect Johnson just because of Wolfenden Corp., right?’ “Also, there’s Wilson Gillete! Uncle Jason refused to show Wilson any respect as well, Grandpa!”

Hugh inhaled sharply because he found everything to be unbelievable! Hugh was being way too kind to Wolfenden Corp. “How do you address Mr. Queen?” asked Hugh.

“Uncle Jason…” Sadie was stunned for a moment before she said soon afterward, “Uncle Jason was being rather friendly and treated us with much courtesy without any ounce of contempt toward our Wolfenden Corp.”

Kayson felt like bursting with laughter by the side.

How could Jason possibly look down upon Wolfenden Corp. in his presence? “Something’s not right!” Hugh said in a deep voice, “There’s no reason for Mr. Queen to be so friendly to you!”

Sadie and Liam’s delightful mood faded a little at the sight of Hugh being so solemn.

“Dad, is there something unusual in this? It shouldn’t be, right?”

“You’re right, Grandpa. Triumph Land is a massive corporation while there’s nothing worthy of our Wolfenden Corp. worthy of Uncle Jason’s attention.”

Liam and Sadie felt that Hugh was overthinking the situation.

‘Am I overthinking the situation?’ Hugh muttered in his heart. However, he could not figure

out the issue of this situation.

Sadie headed upstairs in her blissful mood instead of nagging at Kayson.

The night passed peacefully.

The next morning…

After breakfast, Kayson got into Liam’s car just as before and headed to the company with the Wolfendens.

When the car drove to the villa’s gate, the security guard, Raymond Campbell, suddenly saluted the car.

Sadie was riding shotgun and said in astonishment, “Huh? That’s strange. Why is the security guard posted at the gate suddenly saluting us?” “That’s rather strange indeed.” Liam was confused as well. Kayson said from the backseat, “It’s possible because I defeated him in a duel.”

It was only natural for someone like Raymond to respect those more skilled than him.


Sadie took a side glance at Kayson and felt speechless. “Why are you bluffing? Do you know how skillful the security guards assigned to guard our residential area are?”

“The residential area is divided into three zones. The first zone is the Primrose Deck, where the influential officials live, and the second zone is the Heartstone Chateau, where the finance moguls in Clouspring live.

“In order to ensure the safety of these influential figures, the security guards posted at the gate are all retired elite special forces soldiers. Each one of them is capable of fighting against ten people by oneself. “Look at you with your tiny body. You’re capable of defeating him? I think that you’ll be begging for mercy with one flick of that man’s finger.” Kayson was frustrated. He made peace with the fact that Sadie did not believe him because he did not think it was anything impressive. Soon, they arrived at the company and bumped into the Lawsons coincidentally.

Trevor smirked at the sight of Liam. “Good morning, Mr. Wolfenden.”

“You’re early, Mr. Lawson Sr.,” said Liam nonchalantly.

Trevor’s eyes were filled with mockery when he said, “Perhaps the company will be renamed to Lawson Corp. soon. Thus, I have to be at work earlier so that I can get used to the pace of working here, of course.”

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