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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 57

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 57

Wilson’s pupils constricted, and he stood over there in embarrassment.

He did not expect that Jason would actually disrespect him like that. Even though Jason had no fear of him, generally, they would show some respect for each other in public even if they were not close.

After all, perhaps they might need each other in the near future. He utilized this ideology and waited there for more than two hours.

It was a waste that he had underestimated Jason.

Jason walked past him straightforwardly without bothering to show him any grace.

Let alone the fact that Jason despised Wilson from the start. It would be impossible for him to regard Wilson kindly now that Wolfenden Corp. influenced him.

“Liam, Sadie, this is as far as I will send you off. I’ll pay a visit to your company once the contract is drafted.”

Liam said in haste, “Do notify me by then, and I’ll drop by, Jason.”

Jason said in all apparent seriousness, “I have yet to visit your company, so please tour me around the building by then.” “Alright then. That would be our honor.”

Soon afterward, Liam and his daughter brought Kayson to the car and left.

Jason and his wife turned around. He darted a cold look at Wilson, who stood in the nearby area, their faces green with anger.

Both of them did not comment further, but they walked toward the elevator lobby on their own accord and headed upstairs.

Wilson exhaled a breath heavily, and his expression turned savage yet terrifying in the next moment.

“Jason… You’re going to get yourself killed! ‘Wolfenden Corp. too!’ In the nearby area, the Ziglers were also especially embarrassed because they were humiliated tonight!

The Ziglers would bear grudges against Jason too! “Jason, have you noticed how the Wolfendens treat Kayson? It’s rather peculiar.”

“Hmm, I noticed that.”

Yvette was a meticulous woman, and she was very observant during conversations.

“Kayson’s relationship with the Wolfenden family is more complicated than it seems. I think I should catch up with Dr. Ewell to learn more.”

Jason pondered for a moment and said, “You’re right. We don’t have anything on our itinerary

tomorrow morning anyway. Let’s pay a visit to Bwell Therapeutics.”

Kayson and the others returned to the villa.

Sadie shouted in excitement as soon as she entered the house, “Grandpa, come outside, quickly!”

“I’m coming, girl. Stop shouting.” Hugh expressed his delight as well.

In reality, he had been in a rather good mood all this time since he received Sadie’s call this morning “Kayson, come. Let’s play chess!” There was nothing else Kayson could do except to make his way to sit opposite Hugh. Sadie was slightly displeased. “Grandpa, don’t you want to know what transpired tonight?” She was rather jealous because her grandfather paid more attention to Kayson than her. “You may go ahead and tell me while I play chess with Kayson. It’s no bother.” “Grandpa, the Ziglers are involved too!”

Hugh’s gaze became fixated for a moment when he said in a deep voice, “Johnson Zigler? Did the Ziglers make trouble?”

The memory of how Johnson had mocked him yesterday night was deeply ingrained in his mind. Any self-respecting person would care about their reputation and honor.

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