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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 101

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 101

When Lindsy saw Queenie coming in and talking to Kayson, her heart skipped a beat. Thus, she hurriedly hugged Kayson’s arm. After that, she looked at Queenie, who was much taller than her, with hostility. It went without saying that Queenie noticed her hostility. However, she did not care about her and smiled faintly. “Mr. Yarde, don’t forget that you still have to go to my bestie’s appointment.”

When Lindsy heard what she said, she chimed in. “We’ll be there after we take our meal!” Zachary knew what his granddaughter was trying to do, so he hastily said, “Kayson, if you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you stay back for a meal?” Since Zachary had invited him, it was inappropriate for him to reject him. Seeing that the Ewells made Kayson stay behind, Queenie just smiled knowingly and said, “ Then I’ll come to you this afternoon.” “Okay.” Kayson nodded.

Sean then said thoughtfully, “Please go ahead and attend to your business, Mr. Kace. I’ll take care of the rest over here.”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Batley.” “Don’t mention it. This is what I should do!”

Sean and Queenie left Bwell Therapeutics. When Sean saw that Queenie’s complexion had improved and she was in better shape, he said curiously, “Queeny, you seem a lot better now.”

“Mr. Yarde gave me an acupuncture treatment earlier.”

When Queenie remembered the moment she was stripped down to two pieces of underwear in front of Kayson, her pretty face turned red with embarrassment.

“Acupuncture? This is awesome. I didn’t expect that Mr. Yarder would know something like that.” Suddenly, something crossed Sean’s head. ‘If he’s so great, then what did Ms. Wolfenden assign him to The Tetrad? This is strange…’ Meanwhile, at Bwell Therapeutics… While Lindsy was munching on her food, she asked indifferently, “Kayson, who was that woman?”

“Woman? She’s Queenie. That man is her brother and my superior.” “Is she sick?”

Kayson nodded.

“Her friend caught a cold and infected her. I noticed her brother was also affected when I was

at the company.” “I see…” Lindsy let out a sigh of relief. ‘So she’s his patient. It seems like I’m worrying too much.’ “Kayson, what do you like to eat? I’m the best cook in the world!” Kayson smiled. “You just cook anything you like. I’m not a picky eater.” “Alright then!” Lindsy became excited and put in more effort when she thought Kayson would eat the food she made. About roughly 11:30 a.m., Lindsy brought all the dishes to the table. “They all look good!” Kayson commented as he glanced across the dishes in front of him. He could feel that he was salivating. Lindsy was happy when she heard Kayson’s compliment. Zachary took his seat, and after Kayson popped a piece of meat into his mouth, he smiled and asked, “What do you think about the food my granddaughter made?” “It’s good. It’s even better than the food made by the chef in a restaurant.” “Oh please, you’re just exaggerating!” said Lindsy, but the smile on her face grew wider. Since Queenie was coming to meet him, Kayson stayed back at Bwell Therapeutics and waited for her after finishing his lunch.

Sadie had been busy for a whole morning, and she finally had a chance to take a breather.

“Chelsea, can you get me something to eat, please?” Since they were looking for a capable CFO, she searched and screened on her own after posting the job. Soon, Chelsea came into her office with a lunchbox.

Sadie stopped and turned to take out her phone to read the news.

Suddenly, a headline caught her attention. ‘Miracle doctor? The only person worthy of that title in Clouspring is Dr. Ewell, right?’

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