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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.349

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.349

The atmosphere in the meeting room was tense. Some agreed, some opposed, while some just watched.

Nicole looked at Grant, whose eyes were slightly narrowed. His face was cold and indifferent as if he did not care about their arguments.

Logan saw this and coughed heavily. Everyone instantly quieted down and looked at Grant’s attitude.

Grant’s gaze was slightly cold as he swept a glance at Christian Jenner. His voice carried a grim chill.

“Mr. Jenner, you want to give your son a chance that badly?“

Christian Jenner was cowardly, but he worked up the courage to do this because he knew that his son would be kicked out of Stanton Corporation if he did not have some achievements.

“President Grant, Xion’s achievements in the business department are obvious to all. I believe that he can take on this project.“

The corners of Grant’s lips curled into a seemingly cold smile, but on closer look, there seemed to be no changes on his face.

“Then what if he can’t close the deal?“ The atmosphere froze for a while.

The silence was alarming.

Christian’s face instantly stiffened. His eyes flickered slightly.

“If he can’t…“

Grant raised his head and said in a cold voice, “This project is Stanton Corporation’s most valued project. It involves a lot of our efforts, so if he can’t get it, it will cause more than a loss of reputation to our company. Mr. Jenner, whether your son has the ability to take on such a big responsibility is another matter. If our rivals get the project instead of us, who will bear this responsibility?“

Did he think that they would just sweep this under the rug?

The meeting room instantly fell silent. Even people’s breathing became cautious.

If Stanton Corporation’s rival company could land this deal, it would not only cause a huge impact on Stanton Corporation’s reputation and status, but it would also affect the subsequent series of cooperation. The entire Stanton Corporation’s development would even go into decline because of it.

Could Christian Jenner afford to take this responsibility?

Christian’s face changed at once. He thought that Grant would let him go since he had worked for Stanton Corporation for so many years.

However, Grant mentioned the consequences. Everyone’s eyes turned to Christian Jenner.

Would he give up or insist? A minute passed…

Nicole was getting a little impatient. She looked at her watch and thought of going shopping later…

“I ‘ll do it! “ Christian gritted his teeth and sounded very sure of himself. “I believe in Xion’s ability. He’ll be able to take down this project. If not, I’ll take all the responsibility and will voluntarily give up all my shares.“

There was an instant outcry in the room.

Christian Jenner’s position was second only to Floyd Stanton. His reputation among the shareholders was extremely high.

He was actually willing to sacrifice it all just for this opportunity?

Nicole could not help but look at him. Christian’s weathered face carried determination, but where did he get such confidence?

Grant hooked his lips.

“More than that, your son is also not allowed to work in any of Stanton Corporation’s subsidiaries in the future if he fails.“

Christian’s eyes flickered. He then spoke decisively, “


Grant glanced at Nicole. “We can’t pin all our hopes on one person, so it has to be a two-pronged

approach. Nicole, you should also follow this project, consider it as a warm-up.“

Nicole paused for a moment and looked up in surprise. ‘Why did I get involved in this again?’

Christian looked at Nicole with a glum face. “Then how do we determine who wins or loses?”

“Whoever wins gets to call the shots. The loser takes all the responsibility.”

Christian pointed at Nicole and said in an aggressive questioning tone.

“President Grant, do you mean to say that if she loses, she’ll leave Stanton Corporation?”

Grant shot a cold glance at Christian.

Before he could say anything, Nicole accepted the challenge.

“Yes, we’ll give it our best shot.”

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