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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.346

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.346

When Nicole woke up again, she was surrounded by the smell of disinfectant.

It turned out that she was in the hospital. She breathed a sigh of relief.

In her dream, she thought that she was still free- falling on the bungee rope, falling, bouncing, and falling again…

The repeated weightlessness made her body tremble and tense with panic.

A warm towel wiped her forehead for her. Nicole looked to the side. When she saw the person clearly, her face instantly turned glum.

“Why haven’t you left yet?“

Eric replied, “Mm, it’s my fault…“

His voice was low and raspy, he sounded endlessly remorseful.

Even when Nicole was unconscious, she seemed to be having nightmares because she was constantly sweating while she chanted, “Don’t push me…“

It was all his fault!

He did not expect that Nicole would get so scared.

If he had known this would happen, he would not have pulled her down with him. He would rather jump down a hundred times himself.

Nicole looked away and dodged his towel.

Just when she wanted to yell at him to leave, Demi and her driver appeared.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re awake?“

Demi held a thermos in her hand and skillfully poured out a bowl of soup.

“It’s to calm your nerves. Have some…“

Nicole took it and smelled it. It was very fragrant, which made her stomach rumble. She then took a few sips and put the bowl down.

Eric took her bowl and wanted to clean up for her.

However, Demi could not imagine Eric cleaning and quickly took it from him.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’ll do it. You can get some rest.“

Nicole shot a dull look at Eric. “Aren’t you a very busy person? Can you leave?“

Eric’s lips pressed into a straight line. His eyes darkened slightly.

“I won’t bother you.“

“You’re already bothering me by being in this room.“ Nicole unceremoniously chased him away.

Eric fell silent, stood up, and left.

Demi looked at Nicole’s fierce face and sighed.

“Ms. Stanton, don’t be angry. Mr. Ferguson was the one who carried you all the way to the hospital…“


Demi explained, “The emergency vehicle lacked the necessary instruments, and the tires punctured when we left. Mr. Ferguson was so anxious that he carried you and ran down the hill…“

Nicole was stunned and stared out into the distance, lost in thought.

‘It seems that I can’t even be angry at him! ‘

“Also, when you fainted, you’ve been holding onto him, refusing to let go. You didn’t notice that you’ve been holding his sleeve the whole time? As soon as he moved away, you’ll cry, so he didn’t dare to leave and has been by your side this time. Mr. Ferguson also had someone send over this soup…“

Nicole was a little frustrated with herself. ‘Why am I so humiliating when I’m unconscious?!’

“Has the show been recorded?“

Nicole hurriedly changed the subject. She did not forget the main purpose.

Demi nodded. “Yeah, it’s over. Everyone has gone back. We can leave whenever you’re ready.“

Nicole thought, ‘Oh, good, at least I didn’t delay anything…’

Demi saw that Nicole’s complexion did not look too good, so she told her to rest for a while.

Nicole planned to leave soon, but sleep came over her. She could not help it and fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes again, it  was nighttime.

Since she was asleep, Demi turned off the lights in the ward and closed the door, but the curtains were open, so Nicole knew that it was already dark outside.

The night was cold and still. The streetlights outside were lit. There was some commotion outside, but the ward’s soundproofing was excellent. The room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The inside and outside of the ward felt like two worlds.

Nicole took a deep breath and liked this feeling. She quietly got out of bed and wanted to open the door to leave.

Suddenly, she heard a low voice coming from outside the door.

“Mr. Ferguson, you’ve been sitting here all day and you haven’t eaten anything. Why don’t you go inside and take a rest for a while?”

It was Demi’s voice.

“No need.”

Eric’s voice was extremely recognizable. When he spoke to outsiders, his voice was always clear and cold without the slightest warmth.

Nicole’s hand that was on the door handle hesitated for a moment before she opened the door and walked out.

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