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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.343

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.343

Mikayla’s face stiffened because Nicole had already said the third answer in advance.

She looked at Eric’s face, which had already turned so ugly and gloomy. The chill in his eyes was so oppressive as he glared intently at Nicole, seemingly struggling to restrain his emotions.

Nicole smiled. “I don’t need to jump, right?“

Mikayla immediately regained her composure. “No need. The next question is for Mr. Ferguson.“

She looked at Eric with some excitement.

“If you were to choose one of the two ladies present to be your girlfriend…“

A smug triumphant light seemed to shine in Mikayla’s eyes.

After experiencing such an insult from Nicole, how could any normal man still choose her?

There were only two women present, Nicole and Mikayla!

As long as Mikayla and Eric’s names appeared together, then she would not have come to this variety show in vain.

Before Mikayla could finish her sentence, Eric looked gloomy as he said in a cold and restrained voice.

“I choose Nicole.“

After that, Eric suddenly stepped forward to pull Nicole in his arms before anyone could react. He then leaned back…

The crowd was in shock.


Nicole could not help but scream as the wind whistled in her ears. Her body felt weightless as she plunged uncontrollably head-first down the cliff.

The man wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

Suddenly, her lips were covered with his warm and soft lips. She could taste a faint minty flavor, which soothed all her fears.

Her cries came to an abrupt end as all her fear and panic scattered in the wind.

The man’s cold dominance and aggression were undisguised as he invaded every corner of her mouth.

Nicole gripped onto Eric’s clothes tightly because she forgot that she was also strapped to the safety harness. She just clung onto him like he was the only life raft available.

She closed her eyes tightly and did not react until the man bit her lower lip in punishment. The stinging sensation woke Nicole up.

Nicole suddenly opened her eyes and saw everything around her rapidly fading away. All she had was the rope on her waist and the man’s arm around her. Her whole body felt very tense.

The man’s face was so perfect, deep, and exquisite like a sculpture.

At this time, her heart skipped a beat when she looked at Eric’s inky eyes.

The cold wind pelted her face. When she almost reached the bottom of the cliff, the rope on her waist tightened abruptly. The moment she bounced up felt so painful like her body was about to break in half.

However, the man with her did not seem to feel anything. The depths of his eyes were bottomless like the treacherous sea. The surface was calm, but a light breeze could set off huge waves in his eyes.

Nicole’s face was pale as she bit her lower lip. Her eyes were filled with panic.

She was not afraid of heights, but that did not mean she enjoyed falling from a loo-meter cliff.

Every second of the fall made her feel that much closer to death, and every nerve in her body was tense!

‘This jerk! How dare he?!’

After rising less than a dozen meters, the rope on her body was pulled away and they began to fall again.

Eric saw the fear in her eyes and pulled her head in his chest gently as he could not bear to see her like this.

He leaned close to her ear. The wind was silent around him, and his voice was incredibly gentle. “You will always be my first choice.

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