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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.342

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.342

Nicole was not afraid of heights but seeing the bottom of such a deep cliff still made her heart tremble involuntarily.

When walking up to the hot air balloon, she could feel her legs shaking.

Besides the two professional explorers like Nathaniel and Miles, most of the others had the same reaction as Nicole.

Eric was calm and steady, without much emotion.

The cliff felt bottomless, and the lush woods felt like an abyss. The feeling of being suspended in the air felt like they were stepping on the clouds, wobbly and extremely unstable.

Fortunately, the security measures in place were very solid. Otherwise, Nicole would not even take a step!

Nicole swore to herself that she would stay away from Nathaniel in the future!

The cameraman did not follow them and only relied on the participants’ cameras and drones to film.

No one knew if Mikayla was really afraid or if she was faking it, but her face was pale as she held the railing and screamed. Her screams made everyone’s fear disappear in an instant.

“Are you afraid?“

Eric’s magnetic and clear voice came from the back.

Nicole paused in her footsteps and denied it. “Of course not! “

Eric snickered from behind. Nicole wanted to retort when she heard it, but she was not in the mood.

Mikayla was on the verge of crying. “Mr. Ferguson, I’m so scared…“

Eric only glanced at her coldly and did not speak.

Nathaniel could not help but speak. “Stop howling like a banshee! Our conversation will be inaudible if you keep yelling like that. Do you wanna dub all our voices?“

Mikayla’s cries stopped abruptly.

Aside from Fabian, everyone else was rich and important people they could not afford to invite.

Mikayla’s eyes were still welled up with tears as she said aggrievedly, “I’m just too scared…“

“If you really can’t stand it, just get the director to pick you up.“

Miles suggested, feeling that this was most thoughtful for Mikayla.

Mikayla sobbed and said, “It’s okay… I’ll just hold on Fabian did not say anything and only looked out into the distance.

The director’s voice came from the speakers in the hot air balloon.

“Mikayla, you can start now! “

Mikayla took a deep breath, stood up, and took out the prepared placards.

She looked at Eric and Nicole.

“The first one is for Nicole. If you don’t want to answer, you can choose to bungee jump.“

This was an obviously prepared question. Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Sure.“

Mikayla asked, “If you have to choose one of the four men present to be your boyfriend, who do you choose?“

The atmosphere instantly fell silent. The cold wind scraped their faces.

“This is all arranged by the director… I didn’t come up with the questions…“

Mikayla looked at Nicole’s glum face and quickly defended herself.

Nicole chuckled and resumed her usual expression. “I choose Fabian, of course.“

She then looked at Fabian, who was next to her, and raised an eyebrow.

Fabian was youthful, innocent, and simple, so he was the best candidate to be her boyfriend.

Eric’s face darkened in an instant. His gaze gradually became cold and gloomy.

Mikayla looked a little smug as she continued to ask, “What about your second choice?“

“Miles.“ Nicole glanced at the dumbfounded Miles and smiled gently.

She quickly explained, “It’s just a what-if situation Miles chuckled perfunctorily and did not take it to heart.

The coldness in Eric’s gaze became even more intense. His eyes were so sharp that no one dared to look at him directly.

The corners of Nathaniel’s lips twitched incredulously.

“You chose Kavanagh over me?! “

‘Is my status in Nicole’s heart slipping that fast?’ Nathaniel thought.

Nicole smiled at him. “If she continues to ask, you’ll be next.” Nathaniel looked at Eric meaningfully. ‘I’m afraid Uncle Eric doesn’t stand a chance, huh? He’s not even the third option…’

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