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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.337

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.337

Everyone’s eyes turned to Eric in unison.

The director introduced very grandly that the purpose of Eric’s visit was mostly to experience the innovative nature of this program.

Nathaniel did not believe one word of it. He knew that his uncle was just being pervasive.

His business finally survived after so much hardship, but it easily became one of many businesses under Eric’s portfolio.

More annoyingly, Nathaniel had to grit his teeth and force himself to thank his “benevolent“ Uncle Eric!

Nathaniel felt like his chest was so stuffy that he could not breathe.

The director smiled brightly and put an opaque box in the middle.

“This time, we have six participants, two per group. Those who draw the same color will be a team.“

Everyone was just about to draw their cards when the director stopped them.

“Mr. Ferguson has a selection card in his hand. Since he’s our mystery guest this time, he has the priority to choose.“

Eric stood there, looking tall and upright. His noble and strong aura was impossible to ignore.

Mikayla, who was standing next to Nicole, looked excitedly at Eric. She wished that she could be chosen by him.

After all, there were too few women who could be associated with Eric Ferguson.

Ever since the last time Eric presented the “Most Promising Newcomer Award“ to Mikayla, many people came to inquire about her relationship with Eric. Those who previously looked down on Mikayla had a change of attitude towards her.

She had already tasted the perks of being associated with Eric, so if she became his woman, everyone would have to respect her.

The corners of Eric’s lips curled up slightly. He slowly walked over in their direction.

Mikayla was so excited that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. ‘Is he coming for me?’

However, Eric stopped just one step away from Mikayla and gave Nicole a deep look.

Mikayla’s eyes had an undisguised longing for Eric. She wished that he could just glance at her, but he did not.

He only had eyes for Nicole.

Nicole indifferently swept him a glance. Without hesitation, she took a step back, obviously refusing his selection.

Mikayla’s heart lit up with hope again.

However, Eric patiently took a step forward and looked at Nicole with a smile.

In an instant, the situation was already obvious.

Nicole frowned as Eric took a step up to shove the card in his hand into hers, then held her hand forcefully.

“I choose Nicole.“

His words resounded in the venue.

Nicole glared at him with dissatisfaction while the director urged the others to draw the cards.

The final groupings: Fabian and Nathaniel; Miles and Mikayla; Nicole and Eric.

When Nathaniel saw this, he jumped up in relief and hugged Fabian tightly, refusing to let go.

“Bro! We finally got paired up! “

Nathaniel was just thanking the heavens for not getting paired with Mikayla.

Miles’ expression changed a few times, but he still maintained his composure and accepted the result like a gentleman.

Mikayla was not too satisfied because Miles was a nobody. Even disregarding Eric Ferguson, Miles’ fame and status were not as good as Nathaniel’s.

Thus, she would not be able to generate more hype for herself if she was paired with Miles.

On second thought, Nicole and Miles won a lot of praise from the last episode, so Mikayla thought that she would just bear with it.

Mikayla smiled and looked at Miles. “Please take care of me…“

Miles smiled and nodded. “Of course, but your foot should’ve recovered, right?“

Mikayla’s face stiffened. She just smiled silently without answering.

The netizens watching the live stream were laughing at this.

[Miles Kavanagh is such a straight person! Hahahahaha! Has your foot recovered? Makes me wanna laugh!]

[I thought that Mr. Ferguson came here for his nephew. Turns out he’s here for Nicole! His purpose is just too obvious…]

[Can’t a divorced couple be friends? They’re from the same circle, so they need to have a cordial relationship, right? They’re just ordinary friends…]

[Nathaniel’s gloating face is so cute! He’s really my source of happiness! ]

[It would’ve been great if they didn’t get a divorce. Eric Ferguson is certainly my first choice for being such a stunning man! It’s just such a pity… President Nicole, don’t be soft-hearted! Even without Eric Ferguson, the whole world’s men are at your service!

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