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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.333

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.333

The Stanton Mansion front gates.

Keith Ludwig was in the car when he gave Nicole a call.

Nicole sounded like she was already sleeping because she picked up impatiently.

“Who is this?“

Keith pursed his lips and replied, “It’s me, Keith Ludwig. Uh… Ferg had one too many drinks and he’s right outside your house. Can you come out for a sec so he can say what he wants to?“

There were a few seconds of silence over the phone. Nicole seemed to have woken up.

Her voice was calm and deep. “You can take him and get the hell out of my house! “

Keith was speechless for a moment.

He struggled. “But we’re already here… If you don’t come out, I’ll just leave him at the door. You’re responsible if he freezes to death! “

After that, he hung up the phone and patted his chest.

Talking to Nicole now needed a lot of courage!

Keith dragged Eric out of the car and sat him down at the gates. It was an extremely unmissable spot right in the middle.

He was a little torn. “Ferg, I’m doing this for you, Okey? You can’t take your revenge on me later!”

After all, Eric requested to come here on his own.

Keith then quickly left in his car after settling Eric down.

Nicole took a moment to digest Keith’s words. She immediately ran to the balcony to check it out and saw a car driving away.

She cursed up a storm. ‘Are these people sick in the head?!’

Her father and brothers were asleep, so Nicole wore her slippers and went downstairs quietly.

When she got outside, she saw Eric sitting there, looking disheveled and depressed.

Nicole quietly stood in front of him and looked at him with an indifferent gaze. Her voice was clear and cold.

“Eric Ferguson, are you addicted to action now?”

Eric raised his eyes, which were completely bloodshot. He reeked of alcohol.

Nicole was a little taken aback seeing him like this.

With red eyes, he said, “I’m sorry, Nicole… If you give me another chance, I’ll definitely remember you…”

Nicole’s heart shook slightly like it was shocked by an electric current, but it instantly turned cold.

Just as she was about to open mouth, she saw Eric had slumped over and was unconscious.

Nicole was not in a good mood after she returned from that dinner.

Mentioning the horrible past reminded her of those vivid scars that Eric inflicted on her.

How could she easily forget about them?

Nicole had tried countless times to forgive him, but she could only forgive herself for her unrequited love.

She just did not want to repeatedly bring up the past grudges and grievances or get calculative with him because it was pointless.

However, she admitted that whenever she was alone at night, suddenly recalling the scenes from the past still hurt her immensely.


She had long regretted all of this!

Nicole would rather be wounded by a stray bullet back then on the streets of Europe than hope that a soldier named Eric Ferguson would come to her rescue.

That way, she would not have fallen in love with him.

Nicole took a deep breath. Her eyes involuntarily turned red. The dim yellow streetlights overlapped their shadows, which looked extraordinarily piercing to her.

The man on the ground had never been so wretched before.

If this happened three years ago, if he got drunk because of her, Nicole would probably be laughing in her dreams.

What a pity…

Nicole gently wiped away the tears that slipped out from the corners of her eyes. She stepped forward and said in a clear and cold tone, “Eric Ferguson, let’s consider it even and pretend we don’t know each other…“

The man on the ground did not move one bit. Nicole hesitated for a few seconds and decided to ignore him.

However, after taking two steps out, Nicole gritted her teeth, turned back around, and kicked him in the waist.

Then without looking back, she walked into the house and closed the door.

She leaned her back against the door and took out her phone to call Keith.

That damned wimp turned off his phone!

She then found Colton White’s phone number and called him. He answered quite quickly.

“It’s me, Nicole Stanton. Eric Ferguson is drunk at my door. If you don’t want him to freeze to death, take him away. Else, I’ll call the police…“

Nicole hung up without another word. In less than twenty minutes, Nicole watched from upstairs as Colton’s car came and left again.

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