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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.330

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.330

Three years ago, Eric Ferguson only had eyes for Wendy Quade.

Why would he care about what the person he casually saved looked like?

Eric simply did not bother.

‘So, Nicole can’t swim because she almost drowned?’

Eric had a complicated expression. His deep eyes were as dark as ink with a depressing gloom.

“I’m sorry…“

All those words that he wanted to say only turned into these two simple words.

Nicole thought that it was funny and laughed. “You should be sorry. You didn’t think that those boxers would come for revenge after I rescued you from the underground fight club, right? That they’d come to me for vengeance?“

This sentence made Eric’s face turn shockingly ugly like he was struck by lightning.

He looked at her with intense emotions and grabbed her arm.

“What did you say?“ ‘Why is he so surprised?’

Nicole did not understand and laughed nonchalantly. Since it had come to this, it was better to make things clear.

It did not matter who saved whom at this point, because between them, it was no longer clear which one of them owed the other more.

“Mr. Ferguson, I can swim three years ago. I don’t want to learn to swim again because my head was pressed under and I took in too much water. Is this reason enough for you?“

Nicole said this indifferently as she tried to forget about that suffocatingly dark past.

Everything happened because of her own choices. Nicole had never regretted being retaliated against for saving Eric.

If this was before, Nicole probably would be a little resentful.

However, everything was in the past now. Nicole had already let go of her infatuation for him, so it no longer mattered to her.

Eric’s face was extremely gloomy. His eyes were filled with shock, which then turned to extreme anger and overwhelming hatred.

He always thought that those people would not be able to find him if he did not stay in the army.

Who knew that they actually found Nicole and only let them go because they thought that they had already killed her?

Pressed her head underwater?

Eric dared not think about how shocking that scene was three years ago.

Perhaps if he was just one second later, Nicole would not have been saved…

If… If only he would have asked about her or cared a little more, would everything turn out differently?

It turned out that Nicole had already helped him so much without his knowledge.

Yet back then, he only cared to be upset about being forced into that marriage.

Eric’s eyes were filled with chagrin and anger. When he looked at Nicole, all he felt was heartbroken and sorrow.

It was dark outside, and their surroundings were quiet.

A cold wind blew past them. Nicole was afraid of the cold, so she did not want to stand there any longer.

She turned around and wanted to leave this depressing place.

‘So what if he knows about it? That doesn’t change anything! If he felt even a bit of remorse, he should just get the hell out of my face and never bother me again!’

Before she could take a step out, the person behind her pulled her back and held her tightly. Her back was pressed against a warm, firm chest, and she was instantly enveloped in his chilly aura.

That strange yet familiar feeling instantly engulfed her.

Nicole was slightly stunned. Eric suddenly spoke in a gloomy and raspy voice.

“Nicole, I’ll find them. I promise.” ‘I’ll find them and kill them! ‘

Nicole frowned and immediately broke away from his grip.

Her voice was without a trace of warmth.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s all in the past anyway.”

At that moment, their drivers had arrived at the entrance.

Nicole was just about to get into her car when Eric pulled her again.

“Eric Ferguson!”

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