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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.329

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.329

Nicole took her phone, looked down at it, and was so furious that she could not speak.

Eric unblocked himself on her phone and even changed his name to “Life Saver“.

He was really thick-skinned.

Was he trying to make her feel bad if she wanted to delete his number?

Nicole bit her lower lip, not wanting to talk to him anymore, and turned to leave.

Eric followed her without haste. He matched her pace as if he was her shadow.

When they reached the entrance of the restaurant, Eric suddenly said, “Nicole, I ‘ll teach you to swim. “

Eric still remembered that after the plane crash, when he could not find her in the vast ocean, Kai told him that she could not swim.

On that variety show when Nicole saw that Miles Kavanagh was underwater for too long, that panic and fear Nicole felt were not from her concern for Miles, but because of her phobia of water.

How could Nicole, who had always been such a competitive person, not know how to swim?

Eric wanted to teach her so that she would be in less danger next time.

However, Nicole’s body stiffened upon hearing those words.

Her back that was facing Eric swayed slightly, and the blood drained from her face.

Nicole suddenly realized that even after a long time, certain memories, like the suffocating feeling of having her head shoved underwater, would leave a strong impact on her entire being. As long as she thought about it, her body would break out in cold sweat, and she would gasp for air.

The air became heavier and more depressing.

Nicole finally turned to look at Eric. The corners of his lips were curled up, but her almond eyes were cold, and she was exuding a chilly vibe.

Eric did not understand why Nicole’s expression suddenly turned so glum.

“Mr. Ferguson, being nosy is a very annoying quality.“

Eric’s eyes were determined as he stepped forward and looked down at her.

“Is that so? Why don’t you want to learn? Give me a reason.“

The man’s eyes were deep and dark, reflecting the countless exquisite landscape lights at the entrance that looked like a river of stars.

Nicole clenched her teeth. Her face was pale, and the chill in her eyes was very obvious.

Eric suddenly realized that he might have touched on her taboo, but  this made him even more curious.

Nicole stiffened  for a moment  before  she sneered.

Her eyes flickered. She spoke somewhat self— deprecatingly.

“Mr. Ferguson, have you forgotten? Three years ago, you fished me out of the swimming pool before I exchanged my blood to marry you. Why should I learn to swim and drown again?“

Eric was obviously taken aback by this. The astonishment in his dark eyes was mixed with despair.

Nicole stared into his eyes and suddenly smiled wider. The light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

“So, you forgot… Or perhaps you didn’t know that you saved me?“

Eric did not know that the person he fished out of the swimming pool was the same person who later proposed to marry him in exchange for her blood.

Eric’s face turned miserably pale and stiff.

He only remembered that Nicole had run out of nowhere and said that she could donate blood with the condition that he would marry her. Since Wendy Quade’s life was at stake then, he simply agreed.

At the mention of this, Eric instantly recalled that scene three years ago. A mysterious person had asked him to go to that private swimming pool. Eric was delayed by something and went twenty minutes late.

When he got there, he saw a woman floating in the water, lifeless.

Eric saved the woman. After a simple first aid, he sent her to the hospital and did not have time to care about the follow-up, nor did he pay attention to what the woman actually looked like.

He did not know that Nicole was that woman who almost died in the pool.

Eric stood there motionless. His dark eyes were cold and sullen. His heart started to tremble.

He stared straight at Nicole and felt like he had been slapped in the face.

The emotions that surged in his chest were complicated and shocking. He felt like his heart was strangled so tightly that he could not even breathe.

A million questions flashed through his mind. ‘How could she go through all that?’

‘How did she drown?’ ‘Why did all this happen?’

However, Nicole just smiled as if nothing had happened. Her voice was hoarse and low as she said, “Forget it. It’s all in the past now, so it’s meaningless to keep bringing it up.”

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