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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.325

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.325

Nathaniel let out a light laugh.

“Miles was just dumped by his girlfriend who even made him bankrupt. That girl even cheated on him with a rich businessman, so he only said that she died because he’s still angry about it.“

Nicole was speechless. ‘How ruthless! ‘ Ferguson Corporation.

The people inside the meeting room trembled as they listened to the reports from the department heads. They were all afraid that President Ferguson would be dissatisfied and make an example out of them.

The air in the room was cold and heavy.

It was the Investment Department’s turn, so the head of the department, Henry Yates, presented their progress.

Henry Yates had just been promoted and had not achieved anything particularly outstanding thus far. Thus, if he wanted to sit firmly in this position, he needed to be valued by President Ferguson.

He coughed and felt inexplicably excited with his proposal, so he spoke with confidence.

“President, our Investment Department has recently been studying variety shows in the entertainment industry. Although variety shows are already very mature in the market, if we dare to innovate and open up new genres, we’ll definitely be able to capture the hearts of the audience.“

Eric frowned slightly. His face was indifferent. “Then what genre do you suggest?“

Henry smiled and immediately inserted a USB flash drive into the computer, then projected it on the big screen.

“I got this inspiration from your nephew. He’s really worthy of being related to you. This program has been very popular recently. Your nephew is very handsome, smart, and brave, so many girls will surely like him…“

Saying that, Henry clicked on the video. It was coincidentally the scene of Nicole and Miles Kavanagh parasailing.

The speedboat quickly cut across the sea and shot the parasail up. The two people were mid-air. Miles was holding Nicole to stabilize her.

At this time, the drone also zoomed in on the two of them. Nicole’s smile was bright and pure.

The pop-up comments crossed the screen.

[Such a perfect match! They’re so cute together!] [Nicole and Miles even have matching faces! ]

[I ship this couple! !!]

“President, our company can also create such a program, or simply buy over the copyrights to this…“

The meeting room was as quiet as ever.

A dull and chilly air hung over their heads.

Henry Yates was still passionately praising Nathaniel and the program.

He thought that since Nathaniel was Eric’s nephew, he would be able to please Eric by complimenting Nathaniel.

Eric stared at the screen intently. The coldness on his face grew by the second. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed and the air pressure around his body was extremely low.

He was holding back his anger while he finished watching the video clip on the screen.

‘Why did the netizens comment that Miles and Nicole are a match? How do they even match?! Are they all blind?! ‘ Eric thought.

Mitchell stood on the side, shocked by Henry’s surging passion. Once that video played, Mitchell’s face turned complicated. He wanted to say something, but at the same time, he dared not to after seeing the look on Eric’s face.

Sure enough, it was extremely unpleasant!

Mitchell then looked at Henry with pity. This man had only been in his new position for a few days, but he was now in grave danger!

Henry finally finished his report and looked at Eric excitedly. He thought that it was a done deal because Eric should not hesitate to spend money on his own nephew.

He felt very good about himself for having such great vision!

The meeting room was silent, and the air was dense.

Eric glared at Henry with an icy gaze. In just a few seconds, Henry’s smile faded. The poor guy still did not know how he had offended his boss and looked to Mitchell with puzzled eyes.

Mitchell only gave him a sympathetic look. Henry panicked!

Before Henry could say something to remedy the situation, Eric stood up, turned around, and left. “Meeting adjourned.”

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