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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.322

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.322

Eric Ferguson frowned at Nicole. He had a strange and cold look as he did not believe that she would have good intentions.

Nicole’s heart sank because he did not recognize her. He did not recognize her as the person who almost drowned, nor did he recognize her as the person he had saved twice.

Suddenly, she looked Eric in the eyes and said solemnly, “But you must marry me.“

Nicole shuddered. She came back to her senses in an instant. She stared at the dark seawater and felt that cold, suffocating feeling engulfing her, making it hard to breathe.

Those memories seemed too painful. Nicole did not know whether it was the seawater, or something else. She gasped for air, and her face was pale and miserable.

The sea was very calm, even the waves were gone.

Nicole was really anxious. She looked around and saw that the nearest sailboat was dozens of meters

away. She did not know whether they would be able to come in time.

She ran to the side of the speedboat and shouted towards the small boat in the distance.

“Help! Save him, quick! Please save him! He’s drowning…“

It had been more than five minutes since Miles went underwater.

Nicole’s voice was hoarse, but there was not a single movement on the opposite side of the boat, as if no one was there.

Her eyes were incredibly red. She could not help but crouch down as tears flowed out of her eyes.

‘He’s going to die, just like how I was about to die back then…’

Time passed by the minute. Nicole became more panicked. Cold sweat soaked her palms.

Even if he did not drown, would he get eaten by sharks?

She did not even have a phone to contact someone, but she suddenly thought of the speedboat’s alarm.

Nicole pursed her lips. Her face was extremely distraught.

She struggled to stand up for a while. After that, she walked to the controls and found the alarm button.

Without hesitation, she wanted to press down on it, but suddenly, there was a big splash by the boat.

Miles came out.

Nicole rushed over and watched Miles, who was in a wetsuit, struggle to drag a huge box onto the speedboat. It looked very heavy.

She quickly went over to help out. This box was indeed very heavy. No wonder a buff guy like Miles also struggled to take it up.

Finally, Miles climbed up exhausted and laid on the deck, breathing heavily. He took off his dive mask and sighed.

“Ms. Stanton, this is a weight for two people… You gotta go back and learn how to swim…“

Nicole’s eyes were slightly red. She nodded her head incessantly. Her voice was slightly hoarse.

“Are you okay?“

Miles coughed and took a moment to catch his breath. “Yeah. I’m a professional explorer. If I drown, that’d be ridiculous, right?“

Nicole pursed her lips and muttered, “But the ones who drown are usually the ones who can swim…“

Seeing her red eyes and slightly off voice, Miles gave her a strange look.

When Miles was diving, he could not hear anything and did not know what was happening above water.

However, Nicole bowed her head to hide her emotions and very naturally handed him a towel and a bottle of water.

After resting for a while, they opened the box. It was a set of parasails.

“Ever played?“ Miles asked. Nicole shook her head.

Miles smiled. “It’s easy. I’ll teach you.“

Nicole nodded. Since they had to complete the challenge together, aside from swimming, she could endure anything.

Miles took out the parasail and connected it to the speedboat’s rope with a dead knot. The other end was firmly tied to his and Nicole’s body.

Nicole had done parachuting before and thought that it should be similar, so she was not that scared. She was even looking forward to it.

Miles set the speedboat to autopilot mode. The speedboat accelerated and sped out on the sea…

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