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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.316

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.316

The grass and trees in the forest were wild and tall, with huge canopies of leaves shading the sky.

Occasionally, some sunlight sprinkled through the leaves. It was vibrant and soothing.

The path was very rugged, so it took a lot of effort to walk through.

They had to reach the scheduled checkpoint before dark, where they would be given some supplies.

Otherwise, they would have to sleep on the rocks.

Thus, Nicole was not in the mood to play along with Mikayla at this time.

However, Mikayla was still relentlessly trying to add frills to the situation.

“Ms. Nicole, I just thought that you and Nathaniel have gone through so many hardships together, so you must have some feelings for each other. I don’t mean anything else…“

Mikayla’s cautious look was annoying Nicole.

Nicole stopped a dozen meters away on the path that was covered up by trees and looked back at Mikayla.

Mikayla did not expect Nicole to suddenly stop, so she subconsciously stumbled a step back and stood firm.

She waited for Nicole’s response.

Nicole stared straight at Mikayla with cold and indifferent eyes.

“Ms. Mikayla, I ‘m two years younger than you, so you don’t have to be so polite. I told you that you can just call me Nicole.“

‘Why the hell is she calling me Ms. Nicole? Am I her teacher?! ‘ Nicole thought.

Mikayla’s face turned pale. She could finally see Nicole’s displeasure and subconsciously panicked.

“Nicole… I—I’m sorry…“

“Also, we’re on an adventure, not an emotional variety show, so I don’t need to share my private matters and personal feelings with you, right? The most important thing now is to pass the checkpoint, don’t you think?“

Mikayla had to admit that Nicole had a different aura compared with ordinary actresses. Nicole standing there with a clear and cold smile could already make others feel the pressure.

Nicole’s gaze was crystal clear as if she could see through everything with a glance. The darkness in Mikayla’s heart instantly had nowhere to hide.

The audience waiting to see some drama on the live stream instantly commented on this scene.

[Nicole’s so cool and frank, cutting straight to the point! Awesome! ]

[Mikayla’s a little too nosy. Why would she ask such a personal question if she’s not even close to Nicole?]

[Nicole is such a straightforward character! I can tell that she’s been tolerating Mikayla the whole way

and finally can’t help it anymore… Hahahaha…]

[Although I am indeed curious about Mikayla’s question, what Nicole said is also irrefutable!]

[Mikayla didn’t do it intentionally. She’s just trying to bond. Nicole’s just too sensitive…]

[No offense, but I think Mikayla’s a bit of a two- faced b*tch, especially in front of Nicole…]

The two ladies did not know about the live comments. Mikayla felt humiliated by Nicole’s words.

Mikayla realized that she had overstepped her bounds and felt a little guilty.

Her face paled. In front of the camera, Mikayla’s nervousness was very obvious. She looked flustered.

It turned out that Nicole was not a rich and capricious  princess,  much  less an easy-going lady.

Mikayla could even imagine how Nicole’s fans would expose her thoughts and criticize her.

However, Nicole smiled faintly and looked at the cameraman. Her voice was flat and calm.

“Cut this part out later.“

It was not a tone of negotiation, nor a strong command. Nicole only spoke directly and did not allow others to refuse.

After that, she turned around and continued walking. The cameraman almost dropped his camera.

He wanted to say, ‘I can cut it out… But I can’t do anything about the live stream now… ‘ Mikayla finally kept quiet and did not dare to say anything as she followed Nicole’s pace.

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