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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.314

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.314

Nicole had planned to go on a ski trip with Yvette and Julie, but she was pestered by Nathaniel several times. He wanted her to participate in some adventure variety show that he was producing and participating in.

Nicole was not interested in it because she was enjoying her best life, so why make things difficult for herself?

She was also never one to willingly put herself in challenging situations!

However, Nathaniel came hounding at the Stanton Mansion’s door time and time again, so regularly that he was pretty much living at their house. Floyd and Kai were annoyed at Nathaniel’s persistence, so they urged Nicole to just participate in the show.

Kai even lent his personal crew to Nicole, including his assistant, make-up artist, and driver, so Nicole did not have to worry about anything.

At this moment, Nicole was leaning back in a rocking chair with an umbrella overhead shading her from the hot sun. Nicole closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm breeze and nice weather.

The make -up artist cum assistant, Demi, brought out the pastries and cakes that Mr. Anderson had specially baked for Nicole.

Nicole took a small piece of pastry, munching it in small bites to savor the taste. She looked so relaxed.

When Nathaniel, who had rushed over, saw this scene, he almost fainted from exasperation.

He hurried over to Nicole while catching his breath. “ Nikki! We’re here on an adventure, not on vacation! “

When she heard his disrupting voice, Nicole opened her eyes and said in a lazy voice, “I know… The shooting hasn’t even started yet! “

Nathaniel plopped down next to Nicole, looking a little listless.

“The other guests will be here soon. Nikki, if my show gets aborted on its first episode, I’m really gonna have to go home and work an office job…“

Nicole saw Nathaniel’s dispirited look and became more serious.

“Fine… Don’t be such a Debbie Downer! “

Nathaniel sat there as he gulped down those delicate pastries. Nicole saw the situation and wanted to say something, but Nathaniel suddenly looked up at her with a serious face.

“Nikki, if I hadn’t pulled you to participate in this, my second uncle would’ve just crushed my show. If I can’t get fans from this episode, then there won’t be another one…“

Nicole thought, ‘Awesome! ‘

Of course, Nicole did not say it out loud because Fabian and Mikayla had already arrived…

“They’re the guests you invited?“ Nicole asked. Although Fabian was popular lately, he was still not considered a big-name actor.

Nathaniel lowered his voice. “Well, I have limited funds, so that’s the best I can do…“

Nicole looked at him with a dubious smile.

“You’re trying to rely on my scandal with Fabian, huh?“

Otherwise, there were so many choices out there. Why would he choose an actor who had a scandal with her?

Nathaniel winked at Nicole. “Don’t worry, I won’t ever do anything harmful to your reputation.“

By then, Fabian and Mikayla had already arrived in front of them.

Initially, Nathaniel did not plan to invite Mikayla, but since she won the most promising newcomer award with Fabian a few days ago, she was somewhat popular, so Nathaniel could not let go of this opportunity.

Mikayla had been in showbiz for a long time, but it was only the last two years that she had been in the spotlight.

Since having Nicole as the only female guest on this show would not be very appropriate, Nathaniel decided to go with Mikayla.

Fabian came over and hugged Nathaniel, then shook hands with Nicole.

They were all familiar with each other. Mikayla also greeted them politely.

After exchanging pleasantries, everyone did their own preparations.

When Nicole turned around, she felt a menacing glare on her, but when she looked back, she only saw Fabian and Mikayla laughing with each other.

‘Was I being paranoid?’

Besides them, a professional independent explorer, like Nathaniel, also joined them. Miles Kavanagh was a burly, handsome, mixed-race man.

Along with the requirements of the show, no one had a script because this adventure was supposed to be spontaneous.

They were divided into two teams, but there was only one final destination. There were also no designated captains in the two teams.

Everyone had a map with a dedicated checkpoint where they had to complete a challenge. After completing that challenge, they could freely choose to exchange a teammate.

The first game.

Nicole never imagined that she and Mikayla would end up getting the same map.

‘Ugh, what a nightmare! ‘ Nicole thought.

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