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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.313

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.313

Eric’s speech was lame, but everyone still gave him warm applause out of courtesy.

Nicole rolled her eyes in her heart, but she maintained a gracious and polite smile on her face.

When it came time to present the award, Eric took the trophy and certificate from the attendant on the side and presented them to Mikayla.

Mikayla was very nervous because the person giving her the award was Eric Ferguson.

How could she not be moved?

Eric Ferguson was a business magnate that could shake the business world with a stomp of his feet. Mikayla thought that if she could get in Eric’s good graces, then she would no longer have to worry about attending any other social events or private dinners for the sake of her career…

Mikayla carefully accepted the certificate and trophy handed to her by Eric and mustered all the courage she had. Her face was delicate and shy, with some hesitation and anticipation in her eyes.

“Thank you, Mr. Ferguson. I’ve heard a lot about you. I hope that we can work together sometime…“

Eric just swept a careless glance at the woman and did not reply.

During the group photo, Eric was supposed to stand on the left side of Mikayla, separated from Nicole.

However, Eric shamelessly stood to the right side of Mikayla, squeezing the actress out of the frame while he and Nicole stood in the middle of the two award winners.

This position caused some confusion.

The winners on the stage were speechless.

Nicole stood there, trying her best to maintain a decent smile. She really did not want to make a big deal out of things in front of so many reporters.

In her heart, she thought, ‘Oh no… It’s over… Fabian won’t get to ride on my popularity anymore! ‘

As soon as the awards ceremony was over, Nicole could not hold back any longer. She did not even participate in the reception and left in a rush.

Fortunately, no one stopped her.

Eric was surrounded by people, talking and exchanging pleasantries. He watched as Nicole got into her car and left.

“Mr. Ferguson…“

A sweet and gentle voice came from the back. It was Mikayla.

The most promising new actress stood there at this time, wearing a light dress. Her chest and her back were quite exposed, so when the cold wind blew, she shivered and looked quite pathetic.

Hearing this, Eric’s dark gaze glanced at her indifferently. He seemed to be recalling who this woman was.

The people around Eric knew at a glance what this woman had in mind.

Everyone was single, and with Eric’s status, he became the object of desire for many women.

Since this was the first time Eric presented an award to a female celebrity, no one could say for sure what Eric’s relationship was with Mikayla. Thus, everyone smiled meaningfully and had the sense to excuse themselves.

Soon, only Eric and Mikayla were left.

Mikayla stepped forward looking soft and pitiful. She bit her lower lip and looked as if she had something to say.

“Mr. Ferguson, my manager left in a hurry and accidentally took my clothes. Can you please give me a ride on the way?“

Mikayla spoke as she touched her bare arms and shoulders that were pitifully shivering in the cold.

Eric’s eyes were indifferent and gloomy. He took out his phone and called Mitchell.

“Bring the car over.“

Before Mikayla could smile with delight, Eric said in a magnetic and cold voice, “No, it’s out of the way. “

After that, he left without looking back.

Mikayla’s face stiffened. Her lips were pale as she watched Eric get into the car by himself and leave.

Inside the car.

Eric was expressionless. “Where are the photos?“ Mitchell tapped on his phone a few times and sent a picture to Eric.

It was the group stage photo with the two most promising new actors as well as the two presenters.

There were only two people left in the middle after the photo was cropped – Eric and Nicole.

The corners of Eric’s lips relaxed slightly. He was very satisfied with this photo.

However, his eyes suddenly sank.

His heart clenched, even his breathing became heavier.

In their three years of marriage, Eric and Nicole did not have a single picture together.

Eric had just realized how many important things he had missed in life.

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