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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.311

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.311

The staff on one side heard this and desperately tried to signal the gossiping actresses to keep quiet.

Unfortunately, the two small-time actresses were too immersed in their own world to notice.

Nicole never had the habit of holding her tongue.

She put down her phone, stood up, and turned around, staring straight at them with a clear and cold gaze.

There was a hint of indifference in her lazy voice, “ I’m the sponsor of this event. If you have questions about the seating plan, you can go ahead and complain about it…“

Anyway, the complaint would end up with Dominic Young. Nicole was quite curious to see whether these two D-listers could continue their career in showbiz.

The two starlets were stunned when they saw that it was Nicole. When they heard her words, their faces stiffened for a moment.

Under the light, their heavily powdered faces became even paler.

They stood up in a panic from several rows away. Their voices were flustered. “No, no… We didn’t mean that. We just didn’t see that it’s you, Ms. Stanton…“

Nicole rolled her eyes in her heart, turned around, and sat back down.

She originally wanted to switch seats with someone,

but since this stupid center seat could trigger so many lowly people, Nicole did not feel like moving anymore.

Those two starlets intended to go over and apologize to Nicole personally, but they were stopped before they could reach the front.

“Please go back to your original seats, or else you will be asked to leave.“

Mitchell stopped them. He was well-mannered and restrained.

Nicole noticed from the corner of her eye that the light seemed to dim on her right side where someone had taken a seat. There was also a faint, cold scent.

She subconsciously looked up and immediately frowned when she saw Eric Ferguson.

“Why are you here?“

Her tone carried inexhaustible disgust.

Eric’s heart sank, but his face remained expressionless.

“I’m also one of the sponsors.“

His voice was indifferent and gentle, which made others subconsciously get sucked in.

However, the words that came out of his mouth annoyed Nicole.

‘Hmph…’ Nicole was sulking and turned away from him, treating him like he was invisible.

At this time, Fabian came from the other side and sat down. He had been arranged to sit here since he was currently the most popular star.

His clean-cut and handsome face held a light smile as he walked through countless spotlights without flinching. His gaze was gentle and pure, untainted by vulgar desires.

“Ms. Stanton, Mr. Ferguson.“

Eric did not pay attention to Fabian, but Nicole smiled and greeted him.

“Come over and sit down. It’s quite chilly today, so it must’ve been pretty cold walking the red carpet, right?“

Fabian chuckled and sat down next to her. “It’s not too bad.“

Nicole leaned over to Fabian and started discussing the plot of the film with the stills of Fabian in her phone that she had just seen online.

She completely ignored the cold man on her right, nor did she notice that the surrounding air pressure seemed to drop.

It was clearly still relatively warm before this.

More people filed into the hall. The awards ceremony was about to start.


The man on her right suddenly spoke as he reached out to tap the armrest.

Nicole turned to look at him.

Eric’s dark, deep eyes were fixated on her. The emotions inside were complex and restrained.

Nicole was about to decipher them when Eric’s eyes turned pitch-black.

His thin lips parted slightly. “You look beautiful today.”

The surrounding noises seemed to fall silent in an instant.

This was a very common phrase, but when Eric used this on Nicole, the atmosphere suddenly became weird.

The crowd stared at Nicole to see her reaction. Nicole curled her red lips slightly.

“Mr. Ferguson, turns out you’re not blind after all.”

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