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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 694

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 694

Are You Ashamed to Admit It?

Elise solemnly looked at Alexander as she raised her hand and lightly touched the wound. The warmth of the blood passed through her fingertips, confirming his identity.

However, she didn’t say anything. She squinted her eyes and looked at his face with an unreadable expression.

Alexander’s eyes flickered with panic. He thought Elise would be exasperated or disappointed after he revealed the truth. However, he didn’t expect he couldn’t analyze any emotion from her expression.

“A-Are you not accepting it?” he asked tentatively. After a pause, he was afraid he couldn’t explain it in the future and added, “Ellie, it’s my fault for hiding it from you. I was too afraid that you would hate my evil self.”

Elise’s beautiful eyes blinked. She looked slightly confused as she frowned at that. “I’m thinking, why do you still look handsome even if there’s a wound on your face?”

It was a completely unrelated topic.

Alexander was stunned upon hearing that. So, does she accept my identity or not?

He was thinking hard and attempted to analyze Elise’s thoughts. A second later, Elise suddenly approached and hugged him.

Alexander felt like he was stepping on a cloud. However, the physical touch made him realize this was not a dream. Elise didn’t mean to leave me.

At the same time, there was a knock on the door.

Then, there was a loud noise.

“Madam, you can’t disturb our guests. Please calm down!”

“Why should I calm down? I’m here to find my daughter-in-law; you shouldn’t stop me! Elise Sinclair, you shameless b*itch! You better come out now!”

Madeline’s sharp voice penetrated even the door.

The reporters who had heard the news long ago were now crowded at the safety exit while patiently waiting to catch Elise and Kenneth in bed as they had no permission to break into the room.

Elise released Alexander and said helplessly while looking at the door, “Your mom is determined to make you a cuckold, isn’t she?”

He raised his eyebrow. “You are cheating on me for my sake?”

She was amused by him. “Yes.”

“I will let Danny deal with her.” Alexander quickly took out his phone and dialed Danny’s number.

“Forget about it. Before he arrives, every hotel staff member will be alerted to come over for a show.” Elise waved her hand and walked to the entrance to open the door.

On the other hand, Madeline was stunned for a moment when the door was opened. When she saw Elise’s face, she instantly straightened her posture and raised her head, her expression full of confidence.

“I’m sorry, Miss Sinclair. This lady insisted on breaking in. I have already notified the manager to call security,” the staff quickly apologized.

“It’s alright.” Elise nodded. “I know her. I’ll resolve this problem.”

After she said that, the paparazzi hiding in the shadows swarmed out from the safety exit and sealed the corridor.

“Miss Sinclair, did you have a date with Kenneth Bailey as you just walked out of his room?”

“You publicly announced you are in a relationship with Alexander Griffith. Do you have a new lover? Did you secretly break up with Alexander?”

“Mrs. Griffith, any thoughts on this late-night rendezvous between Miss Sinclair and Kenneth Bailey?”

“We heard that the relationship between Elise Sinclair and Alexander Griffith is in a pinch since she exposed her identity. Is that true, Mrs. Griffith?”

Before Madeline could react, she was the attention of the crowd.

She stared blankly at the microphone before her, completely dumbfounded. Where did these paparazzi come from? I ran over in a hurry because I was worried that the paparazzi would take a picture of her cheating. Then, everyone would laugh at Alexander for being a cuckold! Why do the paparazzi know about it? No. Although Alexander will be a joke, he is still a victim. Elise is the cheater, so she should be ashamed and hated. My family is a victim, so I have nothing to fear! Since this matter is exposed, I don’t have much to lose. I must sacrifice Elise in order to protect Alexander.

After being mentally prepared, Madeline regained her arrogance. Then, she looked at Elise with anger.

Looking at those paparazzi who thrived on chaos, Elise also looked at Madeline in exasperation.

Elise was alright with Madeline hating her. After all, no one would be liked by everyone and Elise could understand and respect her decision.

However, Madeline brought reporters to catch Elise in bed. It meant that Madeline was ignoring Alexander’s wishes. How could a mother do that to her son?

The reporters were chattering endlessly and buzzing like bees. It was so noisy that it gave Elise a headache.

“Shut up!” Elise roared. In an instant, the corridor went quiet. She gave Madeline a look of disgust and sarcastically added, “Do you wish Alexander to be a laughing stock in Cittadel?”

Before Madeline could refute, Elise scanned the reporters and addressed them. “It’s none of your business what I am doing or dating. I have no obligation to answer you as this is my privacy.”

After saying that, Elise paused. Then, she looked at the staff who was pushed out of the crowd and commanded in a cold voice, “If they don’t leave in five minutes, please inform the police.”

“Of course, Miss Sinclair,” the staff answered immediately.

Knowing Elise was serious, the reporters looked at each other in dismay.

However, a fearless reporter did not retreat but squeezed to the front row and asked in a self-righteous tone. “We all know Kenneth Bailey is in this room. Are you ashamed to admit it?”

Before Elise could return to the room, she heard those words and turned around. She did not smile but looked at the reporter darkly.

Elise had a beautiful face, but now she was cold. She was exuding a solid aura, as if she was about to do something unforgivable.

Although the reporter was six feet three inches, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his back. However, as he had many allies, he still took the courage and said aggressively, “What’s the problem? You are a public figure that plays around with men openly. Do you expect no one will report about it?”

Right at that moment, the sound of the door opening came behind Elise. The reporters were quick-witted and aimed their cameras at the door, wanting to capture first-hand information.

However, when the door opened, they did not see the mature and sophisticated Kenneth Bailey through the lens. Instead, all they saw was a graceful Alexander Griffith.

They thought they were hallucinating and hurriedly raised their heads. What they saw was actually Alexander beside Elise.

At that point, Madeline took the words out of everyone else’s mouth. “Why are you here?”

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