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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 693

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 693

 Alexander Is Kenneth

“Miss Stephanie, are you not eating?” Elliot anxiously followed and stood up.

“Yeah, I’ve been on a diet recently. So I don’t have any appetite. Besides, my best friend suddenly broke up, and I had to accompany her. Since it’s an extremely urgent matter, I can’t stay any longer.”

As she spoke, she hurriedly walked out. “Mr. Elliot, don’t need to see me off.”

Stephanie shut off everything Elliot wanted to say. Thus, he could only watch her leave.

Elliot let out a sigh, turned around, and realized that Stephanie did not take the flowers and bag that he had meticulously prepared with her.

He fell on the chair, looked up, and yelled, “Dad, are you sure your method is reliable?! Didn’t you tell me that it’s definitely going to work? But why didn’t she take any of these items with her?”

Stephanie and Elise arrived at Sierra Hotel successively. As she watched Elise enter the elevator, Stephanie saw that the final displayed floor number was the top floor. Later, she found out that Elise wanted to meet Kenneth.

As she thought about the information she had retrieved from the previous investigation on Elise, she moved her fingers and did something on her phone. Immediately after, she left the hotel.

At the same time, the screen of Madeline’s phone lit up, and a text message with no footnote popped up.

‘A friendly reminder: Your daughter-in-law, the famous Elise Sinclair, is now meeting up with her rumored boyfriend, Kenneth Bailey, in the Presidential Suite of Sierra Hotel.’

Madeline, who was applying a facial mask, stamped her feet with anger. “Elise is really a scourge!”

“What is it again?” Adam asked helplessly.

“Look at this!” Madeline shoved the phone into Adam’s arms. Then, enraged, she added, “I had told you that Elise is a restless girl, yet your son still keeps protecting her. Just great! The dignity of the Griffith Family is all gone!”

Adam glanced roughly at it and said suspiciously, “That’s strange. Who’s this person to have your personal number?”

However, Madeline was in a fit of anger. Therefore, she couldn’t care less about this matter. She scolded Adam in his face, “Is this the point now? That woman is cheating on your son! Look at you. You’re not worried at all. Is Alexander still your son?!”

Adam resentfully said, “Weren’t you the one who forced our son to cut ties with us? Why are you blaming me in turn? Besides, Elise isn’t bad by nature. What if there’s a misunderstanding?”

Adam had just recovered from his critical illness and had gotten over everything. This family was torn apart because I was so used to spoiling Madeline in the past. In the future, I should also take up the responsibility as the head of the family and ease the conflict between Madeline and Alexander. At least, I can’t let their relationship continue to deteriorate.

“What possible misunderstanding can there be? Do you think it’s still a mistake when this person has mentioned Elise’s name?!” Madeline went berserk. The more she thought of it, the angrier she became.

Presently, Elise is considerably famous in the entertainment industry. If the paparazzi find out about this first, won’t that mean the Griffith Family will be the laughing stock among the people in Cittadel?

“No, she can’t do this. I have to go to the Sierra Hotel.” Finally, Madeline made up her mind. Then, she tore off the mask, threw it in the trash can, and went upstairs to get changed.

Meanwhile, Elise stood at the hotel’s luxury suite door. Then, she raised her hand and knocked on the door twice.

Moments later, the door opened from the inside, and Kenneth appeared beside the door.

“I knew you’d come,” Kenneth said lightly.

When she looked at him, she discovered that his dressing style today was entirely contrary to before. He wore a white shirt and a pair of white suit pants. Even the couple of disposable slippers he wore was white. He looked clean and fresh.

Elise said nothing. Instead, she simply entered and sat down on the sofa.

Then, Kenneth closed the door, followed her in, and he stood behind the sofa next to him.

With one person standing and another sitting, they were not far from each other. The atmosphere in the room was very quiet. It was so silent, as if they could hear each other’s nervous heartbeats.

The atmosphere was tense and suffocating.

In the end, it was Elise who spoke first and broke the impasse.

She cut straight into the subject indifferently and calmly as she looked at the coffee table in front of her. “Tell me: who are you exactly? Why are you approaching me? What’s your intention?”

“I have to tell you something first,” Kenneth replied nonchalantly. “Jacob is missing.”

“You know Jacob?” Elise looked up alertly. Then, she suddenly became aware of something and nodded. “I should have thought. He was the one who made the mask for Johnny, am I right?”

“Yes.” Kenneth admitted frankly. Then, he harked back to the subject. “But I didn’t mean to use Jacob to spy on you. The employment relationship between Jacob and I is similar to the relationship between you and him. We’re simply the customers of his business.”

“Are you sure it’s the same?” Elise sneered, “I don’t think it’s the same. At least, I don’t have the ability to know the specific information of his other guests.”

Kenneth unconsciously furrowed his brows when he heard that. This situation is what worried him the most. Outwardly, Elise looks like she doesn’t care, but her words sound sarcastic. However, as the saying goes, ‘An arrow fitted on the bow-string can’t avoid being let loose.’ If I don’t bear through this and solve this matter today, it will inevitably lead to bigger trouble.

After he had mentally prepared himself, he met Elise’s sharp gaze, raised his hands, and touched the switch of the mask.

When she saw his action, she remembered the scene where she tried on the mask for the first time. So is this another fake Kenneth again? Is he going to play the same trick on me twice?

Elise felt a surge of anger gush up in her heart, then she abruptly stood up and was about to leave.

Yet as soon as she stood up, Kenneth took off his mask. In an instant, he turned into Alexander.

What came to sight completely stunned Elise. Her mind went blank when she saw the face that she could not be more familiar with.

Alexander was afraid that she would give him a death sentence in her heart because she did not speak. Therefore, he quickly regained his original voice. “Ellie, your intuition is right. It was me who’s been approaching you all long.”

He knows how to change his voice! Elise was even more bewildered. Alexander had never shown this sort of skill in front of me before.

As she focused her eyes on his face, she made her way over. Then, she raised her hands and stroked his face from top to bottom.

His face has warmth, and I have no problem touching him. But the mask Jacob made had always been the ultimate imitator of the real skin condition of a person.

Alexander smiled bitterly and said, “Just give me a pinch if you don’t believe me.”


He thought Elise would go soft on him, but she pulled his face hard the next second, and he gasped in pain.

Elise stopped her actions when she saw the pained expression on his face. Even so, her gaze was still full of doubts.

It’s also the same outcome when I tested Kenneth’s identity in such a way last time.

This identity reveal completely messed up her mind. Which one is the real one? Or does the person named Alexander not exist at all?

As Alexander saw through her thoughts, he took her hand away. “Wait for me for a moment.”

Shortly after, he walked to the coffee table, picked up the fruit knife on the table, and he directly slashed his face.

The place where the tip of the knife brushed through slashed through his skin. Then, a trace of scarlet blood seeped out of it. Soon, it quickly piled up into a drop and slid down the cheek.

“As you can see, I’m the Alexander you’re familiar with.”

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