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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 691

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 691

 Elise Is Cheating

At that moment, Jack almost blurted out his findings. However, he could not get himself to say it as he looked at Winona.

“Do you like Craig that much?” Jack did not understand why he asked that.

When he asked that question, he did not even realize that he was gritting his teeth fiercely, and his eyes were full of reluctance.

“I love him,” Winona said earnestly, “No matter what happens to him, I will bear through the situation with him. So I’m here not only for Craig but also for myself and my future. I don’t wish my other half to suffer too many hardships when he’s at his best age.”

Meanwhile, Jack looked at her expressionlessly. The light in his eyes dimmed a little. Then, just when he felt that he could not hide his emotion, he quickly looked away. “Maybe it’s your wishful thinking? What if he does not think the same way as you? How many first love examples that you saw would last long?”

Although Winona was a little confused, she still smiled and said stubbornly, “Maybe this is the difference between men and women. Men always think a lot and feel that the end result will not be good, so they don’t leave room for the possibilities. But for women, she will still give her everything and make the relationship last longer even if the relationship is destined to not end well.”

“Only an idiotic woman will think so,” Jack refuted, feeling exasperated that Winona’s answer did not meet his expectation.

Winona smiled bitterly when she heard that. “Mr. Jack, you’ll understand when you fall in love in the future. All the women who are in love are all idiotic.”

When Jack heard this sentence, he was so distressed to the point that he felt his chest was about to burst with all the words he had swallowed.

“Then leave. I won’t explain much to an idiotic woman.” Jack looked at the ceiling arrogantly. He was willing to be the villain. “You can just think of it as I dislike Craig and intentionally make things difficult for him. This is how society works. Many things happen for no reason.”

Just like Winona likes Craig, I, too, can’t bear to watch her being sad.

After Winona finished listening to his words, she slowly stood up and bowed to Jack. “Mr. Jack, thank you for teaching me a lesson. I’ll keep it in my heart.”

After that, she stood up straight and expressed her stand calmly again. “Let the things that had happened go. Mr. Jack, let the grievance between you and Craig be written off once you’re done lashing out your anger. I’ll accompany him to start all over again in the future. When that time comes, I hope you’ll turn a blind eye, and we can still be friends. If you insist on cornering Craig to a dead end, then we can only part ways from here on out.”

Winona pursed her lips and smiled perfunctorily after she said her piece. Then, she moved her feet and left.

Jack sat silently on the sofa and maintained the same posture as he stared into space. His eyes, which seemed to be filled with a sea of stars, seemed to have flames burning in them at this moment.

He clenched his well-defined hands into a fist. As his knuckles rubbed against each other, they created a crackling sound.

I’m jealous. But what right do I have to be jealous? Winona has made it clear. She loves Craig. Even if he is penniless, she still loves him! I’m the one who lost. But instead of feeling ashamed, why do I feel so sad as if something was clenching my heart, making me can’t breathe?

Since the last time Johnny attended the banquet on behalf of Kenneth, his name nearly disappeared from Elise’s life.

Just when Elise felt that this person would not appear again, he asked Johnny to personally deliver her a room card of the hotel’s Presidential Suite and a note.

“All your mysteries will be explained at 8 o’clock tonight. I won’t leave if you don’t show up.”

Elise looked at the room card and the note in her hand expressionlessly, making it impossible for anyone to figure out what she was thinking.

“Miss Sinclair.” Johnny reminded her warmly. “Escaping won’t solve the problem. Mr. Bailey will not disappoint you this time.”

“He didn’t show up last time, so my trust in him was already negative! So, what makes you guys think I still have expectations for him?” Elise gave him a nasty glare.

Of course, all her anger was directed at Kenneth.

This completely incomprehensible man suddenly barged into my world, left a deep mark, and messed up my life. Who does he think he is to come and go as he wishes?

Elise’s words jabbed Johnny, and he went speechless.

Elise then stuffed the things back into his arms after she gave it a good thought. “Tell him I won’t see him again.”She left as soon as she finished speaking.

Johnny had no choice but to bring the things and return to the hotel to look for Kenneth.

While he was waiting for the elevator, he happened to bump into Kenneth, who was coming out of the elevator. Thus, he directly reported the situation, “Miss Sinclair refuses to come. It seems like she’s still upset about what had happened last time.”

Kenneth lowered his eyes when he heard that. Then, after he pondered the matter, he said to himself, “She will come.”

“Then, this card…” Johnny hesitated as he had no idea what to do.

“Keep it first,” Kenneth said lightly, “When she comes, I’ll open the door for her.”

“I understood.” Johnny put the room card in his pocket. Then, he moved to the side and walked out with Kenneth.

As soon as the two of them left, Tiana walked out of the corner deep in the stairway.

She followed a few steps toward the outside and did not stop until Kenneth and Johnny walked out of the hotel door.

Wasn’t that Kenneth Bailey? The guy who had been in the limelight of Landred City in the past years? Smith Co.’s main business was in Landred City, but why would he show up here? And the Miss Sinclair that his subordinate had mentioned, was it Elise Sinclair?

I’m right. It’s Elise! Tiana confirmed her guess when she recalled the previous variety show in which the two of them had participated.

At once, her eyes lit up as a sudden realization lit up in her mind. Isn’t this a leverage that I can use to blackmail Elise? It turns out that Kenneth and Elise are really romantically linked in real life. They’re having a secret affair!

Later, Tiana glanced back at the hotel lobby again and looked around. It seems like this is the place where the two of them have a secret meeting.

“Heh…” Tiana sneered, and her expression suddenly changed into a solemn one.

Outwardly, Elise pretended to look harmless in front of the public and put up a pure and beautiful image. However, her romantic relationships were a tangled mess.

If I remember correctly, Elise’s publicly admitted fiancé should be Alexander. But isn’t what she’s doing now any different from cheating? If Alexander receives the news, will he come and catch her in the act? Or maybe those paparazzi inexplicably found out the cheating gossip? Will they be willing to let go of such a juicy scandal?

At the thought of this, Tiana was inexplicably filled with excitement.

Therefore, she returned to the hotel and wanted to inquire about Kenneth’s room number from the front desk. However, the other party refused to disclose the guest’s privacy.

Even so, Tiana was not bothered. Instead, she found a simple and honest-looking male server and got the information she wanted.

After coming out of the hotel, she began to use her connections and prepared to spread the gossip about Elise cheating silently.

Although she was not afraid of Elise, this incident also involved Kenneth. That person has ruthless tactics. I don’t want to bring any trouble upon myself, so I must ensure I won’t leave any traces and let myself be discovered in the end.

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