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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 689

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 689

Are You Still a Human?

Andy misunderstood Elise’s stance and thought she was under pressure, so he took the initiative and said, “It’s also fine if you can write in two or three fonts.”

It was admirable enough for a calligrapher to be able to reach the pinnacle of the font they mastered in their life.

To Andy, being able to write in two or three calligraphic fonts was like being able to decipher astronomical numbers in the eyes of others.

“If that’s the case, can I have a change of rice paper three times longer than this one?” Elise requested.

“T-Three times?!” Andy swallowed his saliva nervously, and he widened his eyes in disbelief.

If she writes two characters for one font, how many calligraphic fonts does she have to write in a paper that’s three times as long?!

“Mr. Nixon, what are you doing? Hurry up and have someone prepare the rice paper!” one of the heads of the association urged eagerly.

“Huh? Oh yes, yes! Hurry up! Go to the warehouse and fetch her the rice paper!”

After a while, the staff came back with a rice paper that was three times as long. Then, they dragged in two more tables and spread the rice paper on top of the tables.

Elise stepped forward and wrote the first line of words without hesitation.

The first calligraphic font she wrote was the regular script. Shortly after, the vigorous strokes in calligraphy could be seen on the paper.

Next, she started writing the official script. Her handwriting was lively and firm as she wrote with well-defined and fascinating strokes.

Lastly, she wrote the cursive script. Her cursive strokes were elegant and grandiose.

The mouths of everyone present went from tightly closed to showing jaw-dropping expressions on their faces, and saying that they were all dumbfounded would be an understatement of the century.

Until Elise placed her calligraphy pen down and returned to her spot, the entire room was still immersed in her writing momentum. Even the examiners present weren’t able to regain their senses after a long time.Meanwhile, she had filled the rice paper on the table with various calligraphic fonts. As a result, there was no extra space on the paper, and not a single word written was superfluous. In fact, it could be regarded as perfect.

Up to this moment, she has vividly displayed the fonts of all the great calligraphers on the rice paper.

The rice paper that was three times as long could not even carry Elise’s rich artistry background!

In the meantime, Andy was so thrilled that his eyes welled up in tears. How many years has it been? I thought I would never be able to witness such talent until the day I died!

Even Sheldon and Elliot, who was utterly clueless, were completely filled with admiration for her yet again.

“Boss, are you still human?”

How can anyone be so good at everything?

Elise clapped her hands, stood aside a little, and left her spot. “I’m done writing. Please evaluate me.”

Andy, as well as the other heads of association of the Calligraphy Association, all went speechless.

Evaluate? Which one of us here is qualified enough to evaluate you?

“Are you guys not going to evaluate?” Elise urged.

“Uh…” For a moment, Andy was at a loss for words.

He urged Elise to show up for this evaluation session before because he simply felt that it might already have been her extraordinary performance when she wrote the word ‘forbearance’. Even if she wrote it slightly less perfect, I can give her either a B-Class or A-Class rating. At least I can still have my pride and accept her as my own student. But now, her calligraphy level is far beyond S-Class Rating. None of us can surpass this, so how can we evaluate it?

“I think it’s better to let Lorenzo evaluate you on the day of the Calligraphy Contest. What do you say, Miss Sinclair?” he respectfully asked Elise’s opinion.

“It’s fine with me.” After all, she simply came over as a mere formality. As soon as her evaluation was over, she walked out.

Halfway through her tracks, she turned back and asked, “Does this mean there’s no ranking for my evaluation today?”

After a pause, she added, “That’s right. Let’s just announce that to the public and leave some suspense for the finals.”

“Miss Sinclair, we will carry out your order!” Andy agreed promptly

With Elise joining us, she will definitely restore the Calligraphy Association to its former glory. It will be announced regardless. As long as Elise is happy, there’s no difference if we announce it sooner or later.

Since Cody and Andy were at odds, he did not participate in Elise’s evaluation.

However, he still could not hold back his curiosity. In the evening, he eventually called one of the heads of the Calligraphy Association, Arnold Torres, whom he knew, and asked about the evaluation result.

“Arnold, what’s the potential of the student that Andy discovered?” Cody asked, getting straight to the point.

“Why, you little… I thought you’re not interested?” The man joked with him. “We’re all in the same association. Are you and Andy seriously planning to stop talking to each other for the rest of your lives?!”

“If you don’t wish to tell me, keep silent. Why did you mention him out of the blue? That’s it. I’m hanging up!” Cody said arrogantly.

“Fine. Fine. Still, playing hard-to-get in front of me? Let me tell you: that girl did not receive any ratings for her evaluation.” Arnold did not tell him the truth as he wanted to surprise him.

“No rating? What do you mean? There must be a rating for S, A, B, or C.” Cody expressed his doubts. “Arnold, tell me the truth. What’s her rating?”

“Look at you. You don’t even believe me anymore.” The man on the other end of the phone laughed heartily. “The truth is the girl didn’t receive a rank. Ask the others if you don’t believe me!”

Since Arnold had made his words clear, Cody had no choice but to give up.

Cody hung up the phone, leaned against the balcony fence, and went deep into his thoughts.

Could it be that Andy was wrong this time? He picked up a student who couldn’t even get a passing score. Could it be that he eventually realized it when he evaluated her on the spot and disqualified her from getting evaluated? It seems that only in this way can everything be explained.

Cody showed a mocking smile on his face when he thought of this possibility.

Andy, Andy, there are times when you even fail through your miscalculation. Of course, as expected, one should retire and take care of their grandchildren when they’re old. But, who asked you to occupy the position of the assistant head of the association and not retire? Now, you have become everyone’s laughing stock. Andy, you’re truly losing your skills in your old age.

The more Cody thought about it, the more excited he became. He immediately called Tiana to share the good news with her.

After she ended the call, Tiana looked at the ‘Sonnet 18’ that she was practicing and started taking shape. Finally, she could not help but show a triumphant look on her face.

I knew it! No one is perfect. God will eventually close a door for Elise! This time, I’ll definitely be the champion of the Calligraphy Contest!

Alexander saw the house was in a total mess when he entered the door after rushing to a villa in the suburbs.

Clearly, Jacob’s laboratory had experienced considerable looting. Someone had stolen all the vital information and destroyed the critical equipment. Even Jacob himself had disappeared.

“He was kidnapped in the morning, and the bodyguards we arranged around the house were all killed.” Johnny stepped forward and analyzed the situation solemnly. “Our men have always been well-trained. But according to the examination status of their corpses, it looks like they didn’t resist their killer. So, the other party obviously has ill-intention.”

Alexander’s eyes were gloomy, and the tone in his voice was weary and heavy. “Got it.

He fixed his gaze on the safe after giving the ruined house a quick glance.

As expected, the safe had been pried open, and all the human skin masks that Jacob kept inside had been taken away.

Alexander let out a long sigh and tightly furrowed his eyebrows when he realized this.

These people have kidnapped Jacob, so there’s bound to be a bigger conspiracy they have planned. And the masks that Elise and I wore were all kept in Jacob’s records. If the other party pretends to be us and does terrible things outside, provoking the enemy, then both Elise and I will be in an even more dangerous situation.

It seems like I need to reveal my identity to Elise as soon as possible. However, Elise’s safety comes first despite the possible disintegration of our relationship.

At that moment, Alexander felt a strong sense of unease in his heart. Who the hell was this person who could kidnap Jacob away from under my nose without anyone realizing it?

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