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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 688

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 688

Anything Is Fine

After the person in front of Tiana entered, Andy just happened to come out with a group of elders in suits and leather shoes.

Tiana fixed her hair and greeted him with a smile, “Mr. Nixon.”

Andy tilted his head, glanced at her, and replied with a mere hum. Then, he turned his face and looked away. Then, he moved his feet as he walked toward Elise and the others.

When Tiana saw she had been wholly regarded as a nobody, her facial expression changed again, and it looked extremely nasty.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Elliot were playing ‘Dead Battleground’ online. When the game reached the most critical moment, they suddenly felt something shrouding the top of their heads, and their phone screens were covered.

And thus, the two of them looked up at the same time, only to realize a group of elders surrounded them at some point. These elders were all staring at Elise with flattering smiles on their faces.

Not to mention, their gazes looked precisely like a wolf that saw its prey.

“What are you guys trying to do?!” Without a second thought, Sheldon abruptly rose to his feet and stood in front of Elise.

“Young man, you must be Miss Sinclair’s younger brother. Just like a young hero, outstanding, tall, powerful, and handsome,” Andy said as he tried to curry favor with them.

At first, Sheldon got carried away with the flattering words and was complacent. However, he returned to his senses and regained his resolute position instantly. “Alright, that’s enough. I stand firm on my ground, so don’t try to corrupt me with sweet words. With me here, no one can hurt Elise!”

“Hehe… I’m sure nothing will happen to Miss Sinclair with you protecting her. But young man, you might have misunderstood. We’re here to pick Miss Sinclair up for her evaluation session,” Andy said with a smile.

“Pick her up?” Sheldon looked at them suspiciously and obviously doubted the credibility of Andy’s words. “Don’t all contestants have to line up for the evaluation session? Are you meaning to tell me that you’re preparing to bring our Boss to cut the line?”

“Only by giving her the green light can we highlight the importance of someone as talented as Miss Sinclair to us,” Andy said solemnly.

“It does sound a little logical.” Sheldon nodded, somewhat confused. But, in his opinion, Elise deserved this kind of treatment.

However, Elise did not want to receive any special treatments.

“Let’s just follow the rules,” Elise said, “It’s unfair to the other contestants if I cut the line. Moreover, I don’t want to cause trouble and unexpectedly crop up a new problem because I cut the line.”

“Sure, sure. Whatever you say, Miss Sinclair. All of us will accompany you and wait in line with you.” Andy was still fawning on Elise.

“Yes, yes, yes! Let’s all wait together!” Then, behind them, the other heads of the branch of the Calligraphy Association expressed their opinions, one after another.

There were even some who were very exaggerated in showing their hospitality toward Elise.”What are you doing still standing there? It’s so sunny outside. Why don’t you hurry up and find a parasol for Miss Sinclair?!”

“Yes, yes. Oh, and get a few more fans over too. We don’t want Miss Sinclair to feel hot, do we?”

“Where’s the water? Where’s the ice cream? Is there any fruit? Girls should eat more fruit! Fruits are good for their skins! No fruits? Go and buy them!”

“…” Elise was speechless. “Mr. Nixon, are you sure your friends aren’t a bit too much?”

“It is a bit exaggerated.” Andy nodded solemnly. Immediately after, he asked earnestly, “Or do you prefer milk tea instead?”

When Elise heard that, she was utterly exasperated. “Forget it. There’s no need for that. Just let it be.”

“Okay, please don’t be too formal with me. Feel free to let us know if you have any demands. We will definitely satisfy them. If there’s one thing that the Calligraphy Association does best, it’s that we pay 100% attention to talents. So, you’ll know when you come back and join us!” Andy always never forgot to advertise for the Calligraphy Association.

Elise tugged at the corners of her lips and let out an awkward laugh when she heard that. However, she did not answer him.

Not long after, Tiana finished her evaluation and walked out of the Calligraphy Association’s building.

A sharp-eyed reporter gathered around her for an interview.

“Miss Hill, how’s your evaluation this time?”

Tiana smiled shyly, brushed the loose hair behind her ear, and pretended to be reserved. “There’s a minor improvement compared to last year. But I only received an A-Class Rating.”

“A-Rating! Most of the heads of the association had this ability as well! Miss Hill, you truly are young and promising!” the reporter exclaimed in amazement.

Tiana pursed her lips into a smile but did not answer.

At the same time, both Cody and Malia stepped forward to congratulate Tiana.

“I knew you could definitely do it.” Malia smiled lightly.

“You did a good job.” Cody showed his attitude as a teacher and did not forget to admonish her, “Keep up the good work. Next year, you will be able to surpass me.”

“Yeah! I will do my best.” Tiana nodded obediently.

At this moment, Andy and a group of elders escorted Elise past them and entered the Calligraphy Association’s building.

“As expected of a talented girl such as H, she actually receives so much attention from the heads of association of each major Calligraphy Association,” the reporter said emotionally.

When Tiana heard the truth, her facial expression instantly turned awful.

“Mr. Carlson, I’m a little tired. Let’s go back first.”

After making a random excuse, she left with Cody and the others.

Since I showed up on the same occasion as Elise, I was destined to be robbed of the limelight. So why should I make myself unwelcome?


Elise entered the classroom, where she would be evaluated under the escort of several heads of the association.

Someone had placed a piece of calligraphy on a one-meter-long square table in the classroom.

That was Elise’s entry for the Calligraphy Contest.

Elise narrowed her eyes at it, then adjusted her breathing slightly.

Andy walked over first. He took the work in his hand and admired it. “It’s really the work of a genius. Even if QH is here, the master will be stunned for a while when he stumbled upon such great calligraphy skill.”

“I have much to improve on,” Elise said calmly.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Elliot were also as calm as a millpond. They were not surprised at all. It’s not surprising how many skills a woman who controlled Cittadel’s largest gaming and e-sports company at this age possesses.

Andy felt gratified as he raised the corners of his lips into a smile. He was delighted with Elise’s calm and collected composure.

In the meantime, the other heads of the association also exchanged glances and secretly expressed their affirmation of Elise.

If one wishes to succeed in calligraphy, the first and foremost is to be able to control their own minds and emotions.

“Okay, let’s get down to business.” Andy adjusted his state and said solemnly, “Miss Sinclair, although the pre-evaluation is a bit redundant for you, we still have to go through the process. You can simply write another one and let us evaluate it.”

“Yes, sir.” Elise nodded.

At once, some staff delivered her the pen, paper, and inkstone.

Elise walked over and picked up the calligraphy pen. Then, after she flattened the rice paper, she asked slowly, “Which font should I use?”

“Which font are you good at, Miss Sinclair?” Andy’s eyes lit up.

Elise frowned slightly when she heard the question. Then, after she gave it a good thought, she said perplexedly, “Anything is fine.”

It’s a hassle to make choices.

The entire classroom was silent for a moment, and the heads of association all cast their shocked gazes on her.

After a long time, Andy forced himself to calm down. He restrained his excitement and gave advice. “How about you write two words in each font?”

Elise nodded slightly, yet a trace of a quandary look flashed in her beautiful eyes. Then, she pinched her chin as she looked at the rice paper on the table.

It’s just one meter. It’s not enough for me to write at all. How about I write it a little smaller? No, I can’t do that! The soft pen is all about momentum. The smaller the writing, the less momentum it has.

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