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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 687

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 687

Definitely a Pay Raise!

“All the best! Let’s celebrate together when you come out,” Malia said lightly.

Tiana pursed her lips and smiled when she heard that, and she silently agreed.

She knew that Malia was smittened by her, but she was unwilling to give up her pride to confess her feelings. Hence, the two kept silent and continued maintaining this ambiguous relationship.

Sure enough, Tiana did not care. This way, she could stay single all the time.

There were 20 finalists in total and several people had already lined up in front of them. When she saw this, she naturally walked to the end of the line and stood graciously.

With exquisite facial features, Tiana was a standard beautiful girl and looked like your typical preppy girl. In addition to her inadvertently showing a bit of arrogance and self-confidence, she instantly attracted the attention of many people.

Inside the car, Malia and Cody got off and waited.

Just as they stood still, a reporter approached them. The reporter pointed to Talia and interviewed Cody, “Are you guys Tiana Hill’s family members? I heard that Miss Hill’s calligraphy skills are now comparable to that of QH from back then. Talents are cultivated from childhood indeed!”

Cody raised his chin proudly when he heard that. He could not help but lift the corners of his lips slightly, yet he pretended to be cold and indifferent. “You made a mistake. I’m Tiana’s teacher, not her parents.”

“Oh my! It’s actually the teacher of the next QH! I apologize for being disrespectful. Sir, can I ask you something quietly? All these heads of association of the branch of the Calligraphy Association attended the evaluation today for Miss Hill’s sake, am I right?” the reporter asked in curiosity.

At that moment, Cody felt that this person was chatty. Even so, he did not want to miss this opportunity to show off. Therefore, he replied arrogantly by saying, “If it’s not for her sake, do you think there is anyone else who is worthy of their travels and troubles?”

“Yeah, you’re right. The next QH’s reputation is well-known. She will definitely be evaluated well today. But, Sir, you must put a few good words for me in front of Miss Hill when the results are out. Give me a chance for an exclusive interview, please…” The reporter pleaded, sounding somewhat like a sycophant. Shortly after, he handed over a Sobranie brand cigarette that he was usually reluctant to smoke due to how expensive it was.

Cody pushed the cigarette back to the reporter after giving it a quick glance with a pretense of arrogance. Yet, he did not reject the reporter’s suggestion. “We shall see the situation. Just like me, my student never liked to be in the limelight. I’ll let her talk to you if there’s a chance.”

“A few words are enough! It’s really enough! Thank you, Sir! Sir, why don’t you come and sit in my car for a while? I bought the best fruit.”

The reporter was overjoyed and so happy that he couldn’t stop grinning like a fool.

I’m a freaking genius. I won’t have to worry about not getting that headline now that I have managed to land a deal with the next QH’s teacher! There’s definitely a pay raise for me this time!

On the other side, most reporters guarded the Calligraphy Association’s gate. They were taking pictures of the contestants who participated in the evaluation. Some of the staff members of the Calligraphy Association were also maintaining orders. The scene was boisterous and noisy.

At this moment, a luxury car slowly stopped at the main entrance of the Calligraphy Association.

The door of the car opened, and a girl with a slender figure slowly got out of the car.

Elise wore a floral princess dress and a pair of white shoes. She looked both youthful and ethereal and immediately attracted most people’s attention.

Alexander followed closely behind her and got out of the car.

He stood together with Elise in matching outfits with a handsome face and a straight-backed figure. The two completely portrayed the traditional ideology of a perfect couple.

Fastening the last button of his suit jacket, Alexander then took Elise’s hand and walked over to line up.

Even the staff could not help but take a look at such a perfect couple.

At the intersection in the distance, two teenagers trotted toward them at this moment.



Both Sheldon and Elliot came over to cheer her on as they knew Elise would have her calligraphy evaluation session today.

“All the best, Boss! With us here, you’ll definitely win!” Sheldon cheered.

“Well then, I shall wish you to be successfully rated as first-class!” Elliot said.

“Do you even understand how the evaluation system works? The highest rating for the Calligraphy Association is the S-Class rating. First-class, second-class, I think you’re more like a third-class retard!” Sheldon reprimanded, still as sarcastic as always.

“Hey! I dare you to say it again!” In an instant, Elliot widened his big eyes in anger.

“That’s enough, you two.” Elise hurriedly became the peacemaker. “Those who didn’t know might think that you two are here to fight me. So, it’s fine that you come to cheer me on, but behave!”

Only then did the two stop fighting.

However, those reporters had already recognized Elise at this time. So all the candid shots they were focusing on Tiana now landed on Elise.

In fact, some even fearless reporters wanted to get close to interview Elise. However, they retreated weakly after getting frightened by the domineering aura emitted by Alexander.

Even so, Elise successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Tiana’s face, who was in the front, darkened when she realized the situation. After that, her facial expression became gradually more awful.

Not long after, Alexander answered the phone and looked distressed.

“Did something happen to your business?” Elise asked keenly.

“A minor problem came up, and my workers don’t know how to solve it,” Alexander answered truthfully.

“Then, you can leave first. You can’t go in with me anyway. It’s enough to have Sheldon and the others with me here,” Elise said thoughtfully.

Alexander looked at Sheldon and Elliot, then frowned slightly as he doubted their abilities.

“Mr. Griffith, don’t you worry!” Sheldon pulled Elliot to his front and patted his chest promptly. “Do you see this? Look at how strong his muscles are!”

Meanwhile, Elliot was also very cooperative as he raised his hands and showed his biceps.

Alexander let out a long sigh, then looked at Elise in resignation. “Well then, call me anytime if you need my help. Don’t be afraid to trouble me.”

“Got it! Now go,” Elise urged as she pushed him twice. Only then did Alexander turn around and left reluctantly.

The rules of the Calligraphy Association were very troublesome. They required the contestant to enter one by one. It was the next person’s turn only after the examiners completed the evaluation session for the previous contestant.

Yet it took them 10 to 20 minutes to evaluate a contestant.

Elise was the last in line, and the afternoon sun was glaring even though only half of the contestants in front of her went in.

“Boss, why don’t you wait under the big shady tree next to you? You’ll get sunburn at this rate,” Sheldon said.

Elise was getting a little hot, so she nodded and went over with Sheldon.

There was a circle of cement fences under the tree. Although they looked clean, there was still some dust on them. Hence, Sheldon directly took off his coat and laid it down. “Have a seat here, Boss.”

Elise helped herself, sat down, and teased, “Wow, Sheldon. You’re more of a gentleman than your brother. Could it be that you have a girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend? What’s that? Never heard of it. I’m fine as long as I can serve you, Boss,” Sheldon said with a smile.

“Such a glib tongue.” Elise shook her head and ignored him. Then, she took out her phone, contacted Julius, and asked him to help her discover what had happened to Alexander.

If it wasn’t for Danny, Alexander might have kept the food poisoning incident under wraps. I don’t want to be passive anymore.

Sheldon did not dare to disturb her when he noticed that Elise had something on her mind. So instead, he took advantage of Elliot’s inattentiveness and took off his jacket. Then, Sheldon directly stuffed it under his butt and sat next to Elise.

“You b*stard! I just bought this new coat last night!”

I was planning to meet Stephanie in that outfit! Just like that, the two immediately started getting into a brawl.

At the same time, Andy, who was in the Calligraphy Association, received a call from the guard.

“Mr. Nixon, the young lady that you had mentioned, seems to have arrived. She’s sitting under the big tree at the door!”

“I got it.” Andy hung up the phone and looked solemnly at the fellow heads of associations in the room.

“She’s here. I’ll go pick her up.”

“We’ll go with you!”

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