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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 600

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 600

Just to Keep up the Appearance

“It’s fine to me, as long as you’re comfortable with it,” Elise answered nicely. “It’s late now and we have classes tomorrow. Let’s sleep.”

“Alright, goodnight.” Mica felt relieved as she now had some options to resolve the two major issues in her life.

Just when Elise stretched her hand to turn off the lights, her phone on the table rang.

She looked at the screen and found that it was Sheldon who made the call. Elise wondered why he would call her this late.

Despite this, she still picked up the call and placed her phone beside her ear.

“Boss! Help!”

Elliot’s sharp voice resonated from the phone, and it was so loud that it almost deafened Elise. She reflexively pulled the phone away from her ear, and after taking some time to react, she answered the call again, this time holding the phone at a suitable distance away from her.

“Boss! Come here quickly! We’re being cornered by more than ten people! We’ll be dead if you’re not coming—”

Just after he ended his sentence, his phone seemed to have been knocked to the ground as she heard the sound of the electric current from her phone.

“Hello? Elliot? Can you explain more? Hello?”

Elise tried to comprehend the situation better, but there was no longer any voice coming from the other end of the phone.

After hanging up, she immediately put on a coat and a snapback and walked out of the room.

However, she came to a halt after only two steps.

She remembered that she didn’t bring her set of anesthetic silver needles along, and without them, she probably couldn’t handle the situation herself.

After some thought, she dialed Moses’ number.

“Hello precious! Why are you looking for me at this hour?” After Claude removed the scar on his face, he had been having a rich and vibrant nightlife. When Elise called him, he was just about to start his playful night.

“Do you have any subordinates near Tissote University who can be there within five minutes?” Elise asked straight away.

“That’s your school and the second place which I’m in charge of. Of course I do! How many do you need? What about I go in person?” Moses said in a loyal tone.

“That isn’t necessary. Just try to get me more subordinates of yours to keep up the appearance.” Elise did not plan on getting into a real fight.

There were numerous fights in this university town. Most of it was just a bunch of young guys getting riled up over some verbal squabble. Simply pulling them away would suffice.

“Okay. Send me the address and they’ll be there in five minutes.”

Elise immediately ended the call and sent Moses the location of the internet café via WhatsApp.

“Are you heading out?” Mica got off the bed.

“Yes. A few of my friends are facing some problems and I need to check it out,” Elise answered as she walked away.

“I’ll send you downstairs.” While walking, she continued, “The housekeeper for this building is my mom. At this hour, you need to notify the management before you can leave.”

Elise did not reply to what Mica said as she was surprised by her candidness.

Graciously, Mica continued, “There’s no other option. She’s worried about me living by myself with this illness.”

It was quite apparent from her words that both of them had a close relationship.

Elise pursed her lips and smiled. Though Mica was plagued by this illness, she was still blessed as she had her mom around.

They were both downstairs in no time. Mica’s mom readily opened the door for Elise and promised to wait for her return.

Meanwhile, a group of people were fighting on the street outside the internet café, and passers-by stopped to observe them from a distance.

In fact, the real situation was that two younger guys were surrounded and beaten up by a group of men who appeared older than them. It was apparent that the older guys were seeking revenge, so no one dared to step forward and intervene.

Sheldon and Elliot were cornered into a supper stall, where Elliot hid inside and Sheldon held up a stool to keep the ruffians out.

“F*ck this! I’ve asked you to call my brother. Did you call him?” Sheldon shouted while breathing heavily. He couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Yes, I did! The one named ‘Boss’ in your phone, right? The call was answered and you heard what I said just now. They must be reaching soon!” Elliot looked anxiously outside.

The truth was that he only managed to finish half of what he wanted to say before the phone was knocked off. Hence, he was unsure whether Jamie would be here.

But Jamie was their only hope now.

“Boss?” Sheldon was stunned for a few seconds in the midst of the chaos. He then opened his mouth and yelled, “F*ck! The Boss that you called isn’t my brother! It’s Elise! What’s the point of calling a girl to help us?”

“How would I know that the ‘Boss’ in your phone actually refers to her! Sh*t, we’re dead now!” Elliot wished that he could simply sit and cry. That was his last phone call, and he didn’t even have the chance to say his final words!

At this moment, another thug was about to charge in with a wooden stick in his hand. Sheldon immediately picked up the stool and charged forward like a bull, pushing him to the ground.

Elliot quickly followed. Both of them stood there, back to back, fighting off the ruffians together.

Upon seeing that, the ruffians formed a circle around them, then provoked both Sheldon and Elliot with the weapons in their hands.

Elliot couldn’t hold back any longer. He aimed at the skinniest of the ruffians and charged at him. However, the skinny ruffian was very agile and managed to dodge him swiftly.

As a result, Elliot did not fall on anyone, but on the ground. Just when he was about to pick himself up, a ruffian standing beside him hit him hard on the back of his head with a wooden stick, causing him to pass out on the spot.

Seeing that, Sheldon hurriedly got rid of the ruffian that was pestering him and dashed over to Elliot to protect him.

“Elliot! Are you alive? Say something!” While calling out to Elliot, Sheldon vigilantly guarded against the ‘attacking wolves’ in front of them, but there was absolutely no response from Elliot.

“Sh*t!” he scolded. “All of you are just a bunch of b*stard! Who’s behind this? Do you have any idea who the person you’ve just attacked was?”

Even without considering the Keller Family, the Howard Family themselves had enough cash to smash these ruffians to death. How dare they offend both families in one go?

The ruffians, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about what he said and responded with a sneer. “We have to solve the problem of the one who pays us. Even if both of you are kings of heaven, I’ll still have to cut your legs off! Stop being wishy-washy. Go on, everyone! Settle this fast and we’ll go for supper!”

“I’ll fight you with my life!”

Sheldon rushed over to the ruffians, pushed one of them down, sat on him and punched him.

But Sheldon only managed to throw a few punches before being overwhelmed by the others and becoming the one being sat on.

Fists swung toward him from all directions. The only thing Sheldon could do at the moment was to hug his head to protect it from injuries.

Just when he was on the verge of collapsing, a clear woman’s voice interrupted the entire scene.

“Stop it!”

This voice…

Oh no! Don’t tell me that Boss actually showed up!

“Boss, just leave me here and get my brother! Go now!” Sheldon shouted with all his might.

At this point of time, all the ruffians had stopped what they were doing and looked toward the direction of the voice. When they identified the source of the voice, they were stunned.

The streetlights divided the alley and the road into a few sections, and a girl in a snapback appeared in their sight. With the wind blowing through her long coat, she looked cool and sassy.

But they laughed seeing her small build.

One of the ruffians, who appeared to be the leader, joked maliciously. “In the past, it has always been the hero who saves the beauty. It’s such an honor for me to witness the opposite today—a beauty saving the hero! Haha!”

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