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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 596

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 596

Was She Overthinking?

“Compatibility isn’t determined based on appearance, Mr. Bailey. If what you said earlier was broadcast, you’d be known as a shallow man,” Elise reminded him, her face emotionless.

“Well, perhaps I’m not a profound person to begin with,” Kenneth replied. His words seemed to have a deeper meaning.

She sensed that as well, but now was not the time to argue with him. Hence, she changed the subject of their conversation. “Where’s the firewood that you collected? Don’t tell me you brought nothing back after being gone for so long.”

“Of course not.” He raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the courtyard, saying, “I wouldn’t disappoint pretty ladies.”

Hearing that, she ignored his flirty words and went straight to get the firewood.

The live broadcast proceeded without a hitch. At the very end, the director had a last-minute idea to include an exclusive interview on crisis management, and that greatly boosted Elise’s popularity.

The livestream show set a new record for ratings among all similar programmes in Cittadel, making Elise’s name ranking among the top three trending search terms on various social media platforms. The show was shared by many, resulting in a nationwide sensation that gradually spread abroad.

Shortly after the show ended, Jack arrived with a cake to express his congrats.

“Congratulations Miss H, our new queen of variety shows,” he teased. “Today’s script was good. The female actor was daring enough to remove her makeup in the live broadcast. She really went all out.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jack!” Winona took the cake with familiarity, and after a brief pause, she explained, as if she was afraid of something, “That wasn’t a scripted scene. That girl really barged in on her own. I merely walked away for a while and something terrible almost happened!”

Though she was still perplexed over the matter, she had quickly accepted the fact that her artist was H after hearing the crew’s explanation.

Winona, of course, still had some fear lingering in her after Celina’s previous attack on Elise. Hence, she vowed to herself that she would always stay by Elise’s side and not step away even for a single second for future shows.

“What?” Jack was surprised after he heard that, and he immediately asked, “Darling sister-in-law, are you alright?”

In response, Elise shrugged and with one of her brows raised, she answered, “No, I’m not.”

“Where are you hurt?! Why did you continue with the show when you’re injured? Quick, I’ll send you to the hospital for a check-up now!” He got anxious hearing her reply.

“I didn’t mean that.” Looking at the cake in Winona’s arms, she continued, “You always bring me cakes even though you knew that I don’t enjoy sweet things. Are you just unconcerned about me, or did you actually intend something else?”

Hearing that, Jack put on an awkward look and let out a few coughs to divert everyone’s attention.

Winona thought that he was hinting at her to leave. With great discernment, she said, “You both have a chat first. I’ll deal with this cake!”

And then she left with the cake in her arms.

Jack’s gaze followed her.

Elise looked at him helplessly and said, “The temperament of you and all your brothers is really different.”

“Why do you say so?” he asked.

“Though your brother isn’t skilled at sweet-talking, he will express his feelings openly. You, on the other hand, are constantly skirting the issue. All your words and actions are not on point.” Elise shook her head.

If he could just candidly say that the cakes he had been sending for the past few days were for Winona, she would understand his intentions.

After all, he had such an unique identity. It was difficult for people outside his league to imagine that he would have feelings for someone.

Winona most likely was aware that they were from different worlds, hence she had never thought about it too.

However, such thoughts of hers would only increase the distance between her and Jack. She had no idea that in fact, Jack took her as his equal.

Jack understood what Elise meant, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he found himself an excuse. “I saw someone that I know, and I’ll go and say hi to him.”

He left immediately after.

At the same time, Elise received a call from Alexander, informing her that he was coming to pick her up. They both agreed to meet at the entrance and ended the call.

With that, she walked to the entrance and stood there waiting. After a while, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Alexander walking out.

“When did you go in?” Elise wondered, since she did not see him inside just now.

“Given that Celina came to cause a ruckus while you were live broadcasting, I went in and asked about the matter,” he explained, then took her hand and led her to his car.

In the car, she asked curiously, “So, what happened to Celina eventually?”

“The director said the matter was reported to the police. I suppose they have informed someone from the Saunders Family and she will be brought back.” He then started the engine and drove away.

After driving for a distance, Elise smelled a familiar scent in the car.

Kenneth had worn the same cologne today; she had smelled it when he hugged her.

“You changed your cologne?” she turned to Alexander and asked.

“Yes,” he responded while concentrating on his driving. “I acquired a fragrance company recently and tried on their new product.”

“I see. It smells nice.” She nodded and looked outside the window.

She wondered why Kenneth would have it if it was a new product.

As if they had reached some mutual consensus, he remained silent too.

Earlier, he had taken some time to change his clothes and remove his mask, so he rushed out in case she had left, completely forgetting about the cologne.

Given her intelligence, she may have guessed something.

Thinking of this, he unconsciously gripped the steering wheel harder, with his brows squeezed together and feeling panicked.

It was not the time yet.

He hadn’t completely revealed his dark side to her. If he was exposed now, she would dislike him just like how she disliked Kenneth, and she would ignore him.

It looked like he had to move things along faster now.

They both had their own thoughts and remained silent throughout the journey. After sending her back, he left right away.

That night, Elise didn’t sleep well.

The next day.

Elise arrived in class early in the morning. The sun was rising with its rays slanted in the corridors, casting a layer of golden light on her. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.

That caused a commotion in the classroom.

“I suppose this is what they call a fairy. It’s all very surreal to me!”

“H is simply Cittadel’s standard of beauty, and she’s as lovely as a fairy. My heart is racing right now!”

“I’ve said that H must be a scholar, and indeed! She is the top scholar of the art stream! I adore her even more now!”

“I have to seize this opportunity to take a photo with her. Who knows if I’ll even get a chance next time?”

One of them took out his phone, and the others followed. All of them gathered around Elise.

“H, let’s take a photo together!”

“Just one photo is enough, Miss Sinclair! Please!”

“My idol! I’m your real fan too, can I…”

The entire classroom was instantly divided into two sections—one with Elise in the center where most of them couldn’t get near her, and the other, Sophie alone.

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