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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 591

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 591


Alexander was still home when Elise came back. He was telling Cameron something, and they stopped talking when she came in.

“Hello, Miss Sinclair,” Cameron greeted her.

Alexander looked at him, and he quickly changed his tune. “Sorry. Hello, Mrs. Griffith.”

“It’s alright. Call me how you like.” Elise didn’t mind that.

“Mrs. Griffith?” Sheldon arched his eyebrow. I hope it’s not what I think it is.

“And this is?” Alexander went up to Elise and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“My classmate from the Elite Class. This is Sheldon, and this is Elliot,” she introduced. “Sheldon is Jamie’s brother.”

Alexander nodded and shook Sheldon’s hand. “Hello. I’m Elise’s husband.”

“Hello.” Sheldon shook his hand, and halfway through the handshake, he felt Alexander tightening his grip, and he frowned.

Alexander pulled his hand back like it was nothing. He put on his host attitude and said, “It’s almost lunchtime. You guys have a seat. I’ll get the maids to make more food.” And he left.

After he was gone, Sheldon huddled closer and whispered, “Boss, your husband gets jealous easily.”

“Really?” Elise didn’t think so.

“Yeah.” Sheldon put on an exaggerated look. “He didn’t even say his name. Only called himself your husband. It’s like he’s the women in ancient times who took their husbands’ last names and threw away their own.”

Elise was amused. “It’s not good to talk about someone behind their backs.”

“I’m not talking about him behind his back.” Sheldon sighed. He seemed a little disappointed. “And why did you have to marry at such a young age? Why didn’t you pick Jamie?” Then you’ll really be my sister-in-law.

“Did you just say she married too young?” Alexander said quietly.

Sheldon trembled. “Why are your footsteps so silent?”

Alexander smirked, and he wrapped his arm around Elise’s shoulder. “Hey, you have nothing to be afraid of, unless you did something wrong.”

Sheldon knew he was in the wrong, so he shut up. Alexander was the man Elise chose, and even Jamie lost out. He’s probably a scary person too. Better shut up.

Someone texted Elise at this moment and she checked her phone, then she sent a voice message back. “I’m home. Just send it right here.” She then told Alexander, “It’s Arthur. He’s sending me a new PC.”

Alexander smiled, saying that he got that.

A while later, Arthur and a group of young men in suits came in with computer parts.

“Whoa, Sheldon! That’s Arthur in the flesh!” Elliot held his friend in excitement. “The CEO of the biggest esports company in the nation and the creator of Dead Battleground!”

Sheldon was stunned, and he started feeling the flames of passion burn within him. Arthur was the idol and belief of every young person who wanted to get into game development. He was their goal, and now they were already meeting their idol before they even started working on their dream. This felt like a dream.

“Hey, boss.” Arthur came up to Elise and smiled. “So where do you want these computers? I’ll get my guys to send it over and assemble them.”

“Just put them here. I’ll mod them after this,” she said.

“Sure.” He nodded. “Put them down,” he told his men.

The assistants put the parts down and left.

“The guy who cheated yesterday is on all gaming companies’ black list. And I took down the company that made the cheat as well,” he said smugly.

“Thanks.” Elise nodded. “Tell the technical department to get ready. I’ll write a program that’ll detect cheats. They’ll need to upgrade the servers with this.”

“Thanks, boss.” Arthur loved that. Elise’s programs were nigh impenetrable in the nation, and using it in the games would save him a ton of trouble. “So, um, about that one-month marriage leave, can I cash in on that now?” he asked ingratiatingly.

“Um…” Elise had no idea how to answer that. She only told him that just to buy some time back then. What should I do?

“You’ll have to get in line,” Alexander interrupted. “Your boss is on marriage leave too.”

Arthur raised both eyebrows in surprise, and he pointed at them. “You guys are…”

Alexander held Elise’s left hand and showed the marriage rings they were wearing. “Yes.”

“Whoa.” Arthur didn’t know what to say. The boss married someone without even telling us?

“Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” Elise squinted mischievously.

“Congrats.” He sighed, feeling a little down. “But boss, I finally found someone to be my wife. If I don’t attend to her, she might run away.”

“True.” Elise didn’t want to waste his time any longer.

“Add me on WhatsApp.” Alexander handed his phone to him. “You take your leave. I’ll manage the company.”

Arthur’s eyes shone, and he looked to Elise for her decision. “Can I, boss?”

Elise shrugged. “It’s a shared asset. He has the right to manage it.”

“Alright!” Arthur added Alexander on WhatsApp and left right away. “My leave starts right this second. Thanks, boss!” He didn’t even look back in case they changed their minds.

Elliot and Sheldon arched their eyebrows and picked their nails awkwardly. This is supposed to be the mature, charming, and hardworking man we look up to? He’s just an office guy who doesn’t want to work.

“Sheldon, my dream is shattered.” Elliot massaged his forehead and leaned against Sheldon.

“Ah, piss off.” Sheldon shoved him away. “You want to act like a man with shattered dreams, go somewhere else.” He was feeling really doozy at the moment. He had heard Arthur and Elise’s conversation, and he found out that Arthur’s company was actually Elise’s. But how is this possible? She’s still in uni, and she’s a girl. Yet she’s the boss of a gaming company? Unbelievable!

While he was immersed in his thoughts, Jack came into the living room with a cake box in hand.

Elliot gripped Sheldon’s hand again, his eyes wide with excitement, and he stood up straight. “I-It’s an idol…” he stammered.

“Let me go!” He impatiently pried Elliot’s hands away, but he just wouldn’t let go even though Sheldon was prying it with his full might. When he turned around and saw Jack, he suddenly understood what was happening, so he gave up prying Elliot’s hand away.

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