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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 590

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 590

 Be Your Lover

Sophie could not believe it. Is this a joke? How can she score higher than me?

“Come in and pick your spots according to your marks.” Martin went back into the classroom.

Sophie watched as Elise went past her and became the third student to go into the class. She was infuriated, but Elise ignored her and went to her old spot in the last row.

Martin was annoyed by her lackadaisical attitude. She was the one who wanted me to mark the papers, and now she’s the one who’s being so lackadaisical. That’s just paradoxical. She just wants to trip me up. I knew it. She’s doing it because I helped Sophie out yesterday. Someone so petty like her can’t make it far in life. She managed to memorize all the steps for the physics questions today, right? Fine. I’ll come up with the questions myself next time. Let’s see if she can do it again.

All the students finished taking their seats a while later. Elise was still sitting with Sheldon and Elliot, so nothing changed. However, Martin thought her position was an eyesore. He took a few deep breaths and calmed down before he picked his pointer up and started teaching. “Look at the blackboard. It’s—” A ringtone cut him short.

It rang out in the quiet classroom, and Elise looked at the screen. Kenneth? She quickly ended the call, but it was too late.

Martin had been feeling annoyed all this while, and now he tossed his pointer onto the table. He looked sharply at every student, asking, “Who was it? I said no phones in the class!”

Elise stood up and bowed. “I’m sorry. I was in a hurry, so I forgot to set it to silent.”

“You forgot? Did you forget to bring your brain with you?” he scolded. “Just because of you, everyone’s time is wasted. If each person wastes one minute, there’ll be forty minutes of wasted time in total. Who’s going to pay for that? Everyone can set their phones to silent, so why can’t you? Why are you so special? Not setting your phone to silent is at the very least disrupting the classroom discipline, and disrespectful to the teacher at worst. Someone who doesn’t care about their classmate’s time and their teacher’s hard work has no business being a student!”

Sheldon was enraged. He kicked his table away and stood up. “That’s just too far, Mr. Kamp! She apologized, so why did you go so far?” Many teachers scolded him, but he would never let any of them go further than three sentences. And this b*stard actually called her by her full name and yelled at her? She just got third place in the test, and she’s a girl. This is just unfair!

“This has nothing to do with you! Sit down!” Martin did not listen.

“No!” Sheldon wouldn’t listen once he was in the mood. “You should apologize for your unbecoming behavior toward Elise!”

“You expect me to apologize? She’s the one who disrupted the class, but you are blaming me? You’re just an idiot who got zero on his test, while she’s a fake top student who’s actually an opportunist. You’re all birds of a feather. Actually, you’re all trash. I will not apologize. If you don’t want to be in my class, then get out!” Martin glared at them.

“Fine. You think I want to be here?” He went over to Elise and whispered, “Let’s go, boss. You can’t reason with stupid.”

Elise nodded. She had no plans to stay, but she would not let Martin think he could do anything he wanted. She met his interrogating gaze calmly. “You call us trash, but do you think you’re any better? You label your students and deny their possibilities just after spending a short time with them. Do you think people with that kind of thinking are fit to be teachers?”

Elise had met the best teachers before, so she knew that people like Martin only saw his students as something to add to his portfolio. Their good grades were nothing but his ticket to promotions and riches. The person who cared nothing about education was Martin Kamp himself. She went out through the backdoor, and Sheldon followed. Elliot had always been friends with Sheldon, so since they left, he gritted his teeth and went with them as well.

“This is ridiculous!” Martin was furious. “Anyone else who doesn’t want to be here? Leave!”

“Don’t get angry over them, sir. We do want to learn, so calm down and continue.” Sophie quickly stood up to calm him down.

“Yeah, sir. Let’s continue,” the other students agreed.

Most students were like that. They thought of their teachers as absolute authority, and once someone tried to defend them, they would do the same.

Martin finally calmed down as the students buttered him up, and he kept teaching.

Elise came out of the building. She didn’t want to call Kenneth back, but he did help her the day before, so she did in the end. Before she could say anything, Kenneth uttered, “So, were you with another guy? Was that why you couldn’t talk?”

“I have quite a lot of guys. Which one are you asking about?” Elise played along.

Kenneth smiled lovingly. “Not bad. You’re cracking jokes with me now.”

Elise’s face fell, and she said coldly, “Say what you have to say.”

“Just reminding you that it’s our first time appearing on a variety show tomorrow,” he said.

“Get a job if you’re so free. Don’t try to take my manager’s job away,” she mocked. Winona had already told her that, so she knew about it.

“Agh, my kindness is repaid with venom. I’m hurt,” he joked.

She was silent for a moment, then she raised her voice solemnly. “I’m married.”

“So?” He shrugged it off. “I’ll be your lover. I don’t need to be your husband.”

“Do you think this is a game, you madman?” Elise clicked her tongue.

“I’m mad for you,” he emphasized mischievously.

She hung up and went ahead, but then she turned around and saw two boys following her. It was Sheldon and Elliot. “Are you going in the same direction?” she asked.

“No idea.” Sheldon raised his left leg and played with a pebble on the ground. “We have nowhere to go.” I’ll get yelled at if I go home, but nobody is teaching me at school. I don’t want to go to the internet café either. He just wanted to follow Elise.

Elise told them, “I’m going back to the historic town area. Come with me if you’re interested.”

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