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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 582

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 582

Forgetting One’s Ancestors

Sophie shouted as she flailed about helplessly, and a bunch of flour went into her mouth.

With the flour sticking to the roof of her mouth and making it very dry, Sophie almost gagged and puked. When she wiped the flour away from her face, she realized that she had also wiped away her makeup and eyeshadow in the process.

She had spent all morning doing the makeup, but it was all ruined!

No matter how exquisitely she dressed up in the future, her new classmates would still have her current pathetic state imprinted in their minds.

She then stomped her feet out of anger before pushing the door open with force. After that, she let her hands fall to her sides as she clenched them into fists.

However, Sophie did not realize that the door was a spring operated one, so it absorbed her force and bounced back. The door slammed against an unsuspecting Sophie, so she fell and got stuck between the door and its frame, landing her in an even more embarrassing state.

“Hahaha—” Her classmates laughed even more cruelly at this sight.

Never had Sophie wanted more than to disappear from the public’s view at that moment.

Looking at the unfamiliar laughing faces in the class, she bit her lips while pulling herself up using the door handle before she turned around to leave.

When she passed by Elise, she suddenly stopped when she remembered that the woman was supposed to enter first.

Elise had actually discovered the prank already, but she deliberately allowed Sophie to fall for it!

Now that her saintly image together with her clothes were destroyed, she would only be laughed at more if she were to make a fuss of it.

After clenching her teeth and looking spitefully at Elise, she then ran away. It’s never too late for revenge. I will not let you off so easily, Elise Sinclair!

Sophie ran toward the stairway and bumped into Martin, who looked like he had been standing there for quite a while.

“Mr. Kamp…” Her emotions welled up from within and Sophie’s tears began to fall.

Meanwhile, Martin sighed and took out a pack of wet tissues for her. “Dry your face first before going back to the dorms and change into a clean set of clothes. I’ll start the exam when you come back.”

After accepting the tissues, she pursed her lips and grunted in response before running downstairs with her head lowered.

Feeling nothing from Sophie’s spite, Elise was about to enter the classroom after making sure that there were no more booby traps.

Just then, Martin called out to her. “Miss Sinclair.”

After turning around, Elise made sure to maintain her basic etiquette. “Do you have something to say to me, Mr. Kamp?”

Martin walked over to her and said expressionlessly, “I saw the whole process clearly.”

“What process?” Elise did not know what he was referring to.

“You were supposed to enter the classroom first, but you stopped at the entrance and let Miss Washington go in instead. Do I have to elaborate your intentions?” Martin said accusingly.

Elise listened to him quietly since she was being lectured, but she accidentally let a laugh out after hearing his words. “Pfft!”

This made Martin very unhappy. “What is there to laugh about during such a serious situation?!”

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking that if I had been the one who entered first and got flour all over myself, would you still use this tone to question Sophie like how you’re doing it to me?” Elise said emotionlessly.

Martin could not respond to her words.

Frankly, nobody could really be fair to everybody. This was especially the case since it was between Elise and Sophie—the former had gotten in through money, whereas the latter used her capabilities. How could Martin face them fairly like this?

The atmosphere in the hallway became quite tense as they stared at each other.

At that moment, the charismatic voice of a man came from the other end of the hallway, and it was accompanied by the sound of leather shoes tapping against the ground.

“Is this the quality of the teachers leading the elite classes at Tissote University?”

Both Elise and Martin looked in the direction of the voice simultaneously, and they saw Kenneth walking toward them while being accompanied by a bunch of people, Mr. Haas included.

With a darkened expression, Leon rolled his eyes at Martin and said, “Mr. Kamp, I’ve already reminded you about the way you treat your students. Why haven’t you changed that attitude of yours?”

“What do I have to change?” Martin tilted his head upward proudly.

“Aren’t you an arrogant one, Mr. Kamp.” Kenneth lowered his voice nonchalantly, and his gaze was akin to an eagle that had found its prey while his powerful aura leaked from his body. “As a lecturer, shouldn’t it be your first task to find the culprit now that one of your students has been hurt by the prank? Instead, your first action was to question a potential victim like Miss Sinclair and insult her. Is this how an educator should act?”

“As a lecturer, not only did you not stand up to deliver justice to the student immediately, you wanted Elise, a new transfer student, to question the whole class because of a classmate she had just gotten to know. If you don’t have the capability, then you shouldn’t shirk your responsibility to others. Letting the students handle everything, aren’t you a fantastic teacher!”

Martin opened his mouth and tried to come up with an excuse, but he found no opportunities to rebuke. He was frustrated for some reason, and the anger slowly welled up inside him.

Meanwhile, Kenneth had no plans of letting him off just yet as he asked, “I heard that you were of mixed race origin?”

“That’s right.” Martin smugly added, “However, I’ve already registered as a citizen of Mesdra three years ago.”

Kenneth snorted and said, “Not bad, you’re even foregoing your ancestors’ homeland. No wonder you cannot tell right from wrong. However, you’d better open your eyes and look carefully. This is Cittadel, not Mesdra. It’s a place where you’ve shamelessly come back to earn money from, and Cittadel did not beg you to come back either. I sponsor the institute, so don’t piss around here and act like you’re the top dog. I would advise you to change your biased attitude toward the students.”

After that, he nodded to Elise as a greeting and said impatiently to the people following behind him, “Looks like Elite Class hasn’t settled down yet. Johnny, prepare to move the schedule forward. We’ll be coming another day to visit.”

After saying a few simple sentences to the principal and the other leaders of the school, Kenneth then went away with his people.

It was only until they disappeared from the stairwell that Leon finally let out his breath and childed Martin, “Mr. Kamp, I know that you have prejudice against Miss Sinclair because you think that she used her connections to get into your class. However, she was already a top student before this. You can not accept that, but you can’t just disrespect a student’s basic human rights. If such a biased approach toward students happens again, I think I will have to seriously consider if your current position should be retained or not!”

After that, the principal turned around and left.

As Martin felt a bit down inside, he pouted.

Admittedly, he wasn’t focusing on the actual matter of the issue just now. No matter what, Miss Sinclair knew that her classmate would be in trouble, yet she just ignored it. There really is something wrong with her behavior, so I don’t see anything wrong with giving her a lesson.

In his eyes, Elise had tricked Sophie and turned her into a scapegoat. Hence, how could he not be biased under such circumstances?

After taking a look at Elise deeply, Martin then said, “You’re a smooth talker. With just a few words, you managed to make everyone on your side. The days are still long, though. I hope that you can stay in my class for longer and not get kicked out on the first monthly exam.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Kamp. I’ve remembered everything that you said. Now, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be going inside first.”

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