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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 580

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 580

 Kenneth Used the Might of Money

To avoid a commotion at the school, they entered the small white building as Elise made the three Griffith Brothers go back.

She had originally wanted to introduce herself in the classroom, but thinking that she hadn’t finished the required paperwork, she turned around and went to the principal’s office.

After knocking on the door, Elise only went in after getting permission to do so.

“Mr. Haas.”

“Ah—Elise.” Since the principal had met her a few times prior, he recognized her at once. “Are you here for the transfer procedure?”

“Yes. I’ll have to trouble you for that, sir.” Elise maintained a polite smile.

“I’ve prepared them here.” After taking two sheets of paper, Leon handed it to her. “Actually, you didn’t have to come in person to fill them out. I could’ve just sent them to Mr. Kamp, you know.”

“It wouldn’t be appropriate to bother him with my personal issues,” replied Elise.

“Not bad.” Leon liked how caring she was. After he stood up, he began to walk outside. “It just so happened that I was going to look for him. You saw the notice about the Elite Class having a small physics test, right? Mr. Kamp wants to get a grasp on everyone’s ability so that he can manage everyone’s grades easier. I’ve already heard about this, and it seems like the questions won’t be too difficult.”

The principal naturally believed in Elise’s writing and literature skills since she was a liberal arts student, but he did not dare to place the same confidence when it came to physics.

When they opened the door, standing outside was Martin and Sophie.

“What a coincidence. I was just saying to Elise here that I was about to go find you.”

Before Martin could say anything, Sophie had already caught sight of Elise in the office.

She was shocked for a split second before she sneered mysteriously.

I was wondering how a country bumpkin like this brat, who only knows how to spit out some fancy words, could match up to the university’s level. Turns out that she’d gotten in through the principal.

It even looks like her studies have been smooth-sailing because of him!

Nonetheless, I have to say that she isn’t picky at all. She even went for such an old wrinkly man like him!

It is no wonder people say to date an old man who has a stable career.

This kind of woman would do just about anything to reach her goal.

Then, Sophie said sarcastically, “Miss Sinclair, you’ve impressed me greatly since the last time I saw you!”

“Oh—are you guys acquainted?” Leon smiled kindly before he continued, “You must be Sophie. Not bad, you seem like quite a spritely lady.”

Although Leon did not understand her words, Elise instantly knew the meaning behind it.

Just from her tone, she could tell that Sophie was saying it with ill intentions.

However, since she wasn’t here to raise troubles, Sophie pretended to not understand it and kept up her façade.

Meanwhile, seeing how Elise ignored her made Sophie angry for no reason.

How dare she, a sl*tty and uncultured brat, put up some high and mighty look?

If it weren’t for the principal and Martin, she would’ve torn her disguise apart right there and then.

Nonetheless, Sophie felt that it wasn’t worth it to act up in public due to Elise. After all, she was in the upper circles of the university. When compared to a woman who would sell her own body like Elise, they weren’t even considered on the same level, so she did not feel the need to argue about this.

Breathing in deeply, Sophie then composed herself and generously reached out her hand while smiling at the principal. “Mr. Haas, it’s great that you remember me. Mr. Kamp told me that I’d need to fill in a form due to my special admission, so that’s why I’m here to get a stamp from you.”

“No problem. Hand me the form, and I will stamp it for you right now.”

He returned to his table with the form. Then, Leon stamped it cleanly and returned it to her. “Congratulations, you are now an official student of Tissote University. I hope that you have a great experience here.”

“Thank you, Mr. Haas. I most certainly will.” Sophie smiled.

After nodding, Leon then turned to look at Martin. “Mr. Kamp, this is Elise. I’ve told you about her before, and she will be the last one to join Elite Class.”

Sophie turned wide-eyed at this fact. Isn’t the principal too daring? How dare he just introduce his mistress to a lecturer at the school?

Also, what did he just say? Elise is entering Elite Class as well?!

Just for Elise’s sake, he’s even able to forcibly place a liberal arts student into an elite class meant for science students; he’s even helping her to secure a place for a master’s degree!?

Apart from the surprised Sophie, even Martin had a slight change in his expression.

When he thought about the scene at the plaza together with the principal’s words, he did not disguise his disdain for Elise any longer.

After all, he had no pity for anyone that climbed up the ranks by using their connections.

No matter how much backing or how capable her backer was, she would still be thrown out a month later if she did not pass the monthly exam!

Looking at Elise coldly, he then said somewhat impatiently, “Oh—I know about you. You’re Elise, right? You’re the one that Mr. Bailey spent tens of millions to get into Elite Class. Nice to meet you.”

Elise frowned unhappily.

No wonder the registration process went so smoothly—I didn’t know that Kenneth was pulling the strings.

Kenneth must have placed a lot of informants around her. Otherwise, how could he have known her every move?

Furthermore, it looked like Martin had misunderstood her.

Nonetheless, Elise had no way of explaining this, for Kenneth had always done things without any consideration for other people. Since he was doing this out of kindness, she couldn’t just cut off their relationship simply.

Hence, Elise quickly calmed down before she looked at Martin and replied, “Yeah, I’m Elise. I’ll have to trouble you in the future due to my weak foundation in science subjects, Mr. Kamp.”

On the other hand, Martin averted his gaze and did not respond to her.

When it came to students like her, he was already being quite generous when he chose to accept her. Now, whether Elise would trouble him or not, it was no longer something that her backer could control.

If she was unable to pass the exam after a month, she’d have to leave with that being the final say.

Sophie, who was listening to this at the side, did not interrupt them.

Her mind was in a torrential storm of emotions. As surprise, hatred and anger combined within her, she felt like her brain was going to explode.

The one who allowed her special admission was actually Kenneth.

Elise, who was already so close with the Griffith boys, was worth so much to him that he would pay such a heavy price for her.


She couldn’t swallow this fact.

How am I lackluster when compared to Elise? Why is Kenneth so obsessed with her?!

Kenneth is mine, and only I deserve to be with him! How dare Elise aim for another man when she has plenty of her own? How detestable!

Finding herself short of breath, Sophie nearly fainted.

Fortunately, she heard Martin say sternly before she fainted, “It’s hard to say who’ll trouble who for now, as I treat every student I teach fairly without playing favorites, nor will I try to cover for any of you. If you do not meet the required standard of each month’s exam, you will be automatically kicked out of the class. Are you ready, Elise?”

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