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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 579

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 579

I’ll Always Stay by Your Side

At that point, Elise had to face the fact that Austin didn’t love her at all.

“Honey?” Alexander suddenly appeared from the corner of the road.

Unable to hold herself back any longer, she ran over and threw herself into his embrace.

“He abandoned me. He abandoned me years ago, and he’s done it again now. Alexander, am I really that unlikeable?”

He felt as if his heart was about to melt away. While carefully embracing her in his arms, he ran his hand from her head to her back along her long hair over and over again to comfort her.

“Don’t worry. You’re the one who’s going to abandon him, not the other way around. I’ll always stay by your side and love you forever. Honey, we will have new family members. I’ll always be your family. Don’t be scared, you won’t be alone. Don’t be afraid…”

That afternoon, Alexander accompanied Elise outside till midnight. Although they didn’t talk much, she was able to fall asleep almost instantly when they got home.

Alexander sat by the bed and tucked her in before he left the room. Then, he stood under the porch and gazed at the moon in a daze.

From what I remember, Austin used to care about Elise. Why is he terminating their relationship all of a sudden? Is it possible that he’s being threatened by that organization? Is it really because of Faye?

In fact, that was something he refused to believe.

Elise is the best person in the world, so it’s impossible for anyone to dislike her. There must be another reason behind this. Looks like I have to investigate the Anderson Family.

The next day, Elise received the notice that her application to join the Elite Class had been approved.

Feeling a little surprised to see the acceptance letter in her mailbox, she couldn’t help but comment, “Well, the transfer was rather smooth. It seems like the requirement to join the Elite Class is not as high as expected. Let’s hope that I am overthinking this matter.”

“Yeah, nothing will happen.” Alexander chuckled.

The registration of the Elite Class began in the afternoon of the same day.

At 2.00PM, Sophie hummed a song while holding an umbrella up above her head. Meanwhile, her maid followed her from behind as she carried the woman’s luggage. Soon, Sophie showed up in front of the laboratory building on time.

At that moment, there were groups of students gathering at both sides of the road in front of the building, and they were here to watch the commotion.

After a while, the students burst into an uproar when a dashing man with European features and a tall build strode out from a small white building.

The students were all hyped up.

“Oh, my! Is that the new lecturer of Elite Class? He is just as handsome as the rumors say!”

“Also, I heard that he teaches Physics! Oh, my God! My physics lecturer is bald; I can’t believe that a physics lecturer with such a handsome face and great figure actually exists! Is it too late for me to transfer to a physics course?”


“Stop daydreaming. A God-like lecturer like him only wants genius physics students, so don’t even think about having someone like him as our lecturer.”


The group of female students sighed resignedly as they stared at Martin with gazes that contained both sorrow and admiration.

Upon hearing the crowd expressing their disappointment, Sophie couldn’t stifle the complacent and contemptuous smile by her lips.

So what if they are students of Tisotte University? Martin still chose me in the end.

She cleared her throat, puffed up her chest and walked up to Martin before saying, “Mr. Kamp!”

Martin’s cold expression instantly softened when he saw her. “Miss Washington.”

“Mr. Kamp, the sun is scorching. Why are you outside?” she asked knowingly.

“I’m here to welcome you, of course,” he calmly replied. “You are not a student from Tisotte University, so I was worried that you may not find your way here.”

“Mr. Kamp, you are so kind.” Sophie revealed a sweet smile.

Martin’s expression remained the same. After all, what he valued was a student’s learning ability and not their looks. Everyone looked the same to him, and he didn’t find anyone especially pleasing to the eyes.

“Follow me.” Martin turned on his heels and led the way.

Under the crowd’s envious gaze, Sophie arrogantly followed Martin from behind and headed toward the laboratory building.

In that instant, she became the students’ topic of discussion.

“Who’s that? She looks adorable. I’ve never seen her on the Campus Belle List. Could she be Mr. Kamp’s girlfriend?”

“You aren’t keeping up with the latest news, are you? That girl is Sophie Bowen. She’s a student from the Polytechnic University next door. She’s an amazing student who has won awards in many physics competitions!”

“Are you serious? Why didn’t Tisotte University grab such a talent back then?!”

Sophie, who had walked slowly on purpose, overheard the students’ conversations. Needless to say, their compliments made her feel flattered. It seems like the students of Tisotte University still know who is the best!

However, just as she was about to quicken her steps, the students suddenly raised their voices and shouted, “Oh, my! Mr. Jack! It’s Mr. Jack!”

“Oh, God! I’m actually seeing three incredibly handsome men at the same time! Am I dreaming?”

“I think I’m in love!”

Sophie furrowed her brows. Who is snatching my limelight?

She paused in her tracks and instinctively followed the students’ gazes.

At the square not far away, a MPV came to a stop. Alexander, Jack and Danny casually alighted from the car.

After briefly surveying their surroundings, Alexander turned around and approached the door of the back seat before extending his hand to help Elise out of the car.

“It’s that building over there.” Danny lifted his chin and pointed at the laboratory building.

Alexander glanced at it before leading Elise toward the building, whereas Danny and Jack followed them from behind. The three men remained impassive, instantly transforming themselves into dashing bodyguards which attracted the gazes of many.

One of the girls who passed by them kept staring at the men and walked into a stone pier, nearly falling face-down. She quickly fled the scene with a flushed face out of embarrassment.

Upon seeing that, Elise shook her head and looked at Alexander helplessly. “I’m just transferring to another course. Is there a need to make such a flamboyant appearance?”

He raised his hand and stroked her head. “Mrs. Griffith, please get used to it.”

She shrugged. She couldn’t do anything about it, so she had no choice but to acquiesce to their actions. I wonder what’s wrong with Danny and Jack today. Why did they insist on coming along?

Upon seeing that, Sophie was so pissed that she stomped her feet forcefully. That b*tch! How dare she get the guys to be her maid?!

Martin, who heard the commotion, turned back. “What’s wrong?”

Realizing that she had lost her composure, she quickly collected herself and revealed an awkward smile. “Nothing. I just find that girl lucky to have so many men taking care of her.”

As she spoke, she deliberately looked in the direction of the square.

Martin subconsciously followed her gaze. What first came into his sight was the noble temperament of the Griffith brothers, but he then felt that the girl they were surrounding seemed out of place among the group.

“This is an institutional academy, not some sort of indecent premises. Why is that girl being surrounded by a few men? That’s improper.” Martin seemed annoyed.

“Maybe that girl is too weak. She seems rather frail, so it’s easy to trigger the protective urges of the men,” Sophie stated sarcastically.

“Are you saying that she can’t do anything without men by her side? In that case, just drop out of school! Let’s head inside. We have a test later.”

Feeling annoyed by that scene, Martin quickened his steps and led Sophie into the building.

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