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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 578

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 578

No Need to Chase After Them

“Ma’am, we’re arriving at the hospital soon. Should we park the car nearby and walk into the premises?”

The woman replied without even raising her eyes, “Drive in.”

She had no intention to waste her time on walking. Since she had come all the way here, she had to see Elise’s dead body with her own eyes as soon as possible.

Only by personally confirming Elise’s death could she, as well as the organization, be relieved.

As soon as she said that, the traffic light turned green.

The chauffeur followed her instructions and slowly drove the car through the main entrance toward the building.

At that moment, the woman’s phone suddenly rang in her coat.

She didn’t want to receive any other news at that point, but when she saw the caller ID flashing on her screen, she considered for a moment and picked up the call.

Simultaneously, in the only unlit room at the highest floor, Alexander and Elise stood before the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked down at the car near the entrance from their position.

The first car had arrived at the center of the yard, and as soon as the second car completely entered the yard, they could begin with the next step of the plan.

Nonetheless, right before the car behind completely entered the yard, the first MPV suddenly came to a halt.

“Tsk! D*mn it! Why did it stop?!” Moses, who was lying in ambush, quietly cursed.

If only the car had traveled another half meter, he would have pressed the trigger and trapped this bunch of men in the yard. There was only half a meter left!

The sound of the car suddenly braking made a loud noise amidst the soundless environment.

The woman, who remained seated in the car, cast a sharp glance at the surroundings as the person on the other end of the line continued to report to her.

“On the day it happened, Elise wasn’t in that hotel. Also, the data obtained earlier revealed that the blood of the dead person doesn’t match Elise’s. Therefore, the person who died isn’t Elise!”

That’s right, there’s no smoke without fire. It’s too quiet here at the hospital; it’s so quiet that it doesn’t seem natural.

The woman hung up the call and kept her phone in the pocket before she impassively instructed, “Turn around right now!”

The moment her instruction was given, the chauffeur immediately shifted the gear and stomped on the pedal to reverse the car.

The car behind was pushed back by the first car, but the driver quickly made sense of the situation and started reversing the car as well.

In the blink of an eye, the two cars had already retreated to the road outside the hospital. Then, the cars started accelerating to full speed as they drove away from the city.

Moses instantly reacted by taking out his walkie-talkie and gave an order to the convoy lying in ambush outside. “Go after them! Do not let any of them escape!”

In an instant, the hospital, which had been calm and peaceful a second ago, was suddenly filled with the sound of engines roaring. Two to three vehicles dashed out of streets and alleys from all directions and spread out to chase after and surround the two MPVs.

After some time, Alexander raised his hand and spoke through the walkie-talkie. “There’s no need to chase after them.”

Moses, who was super excited right now, refused to retreat. “Don’t you worry. I have men everywhere in this neighborhood. They are hemmed in at all sides, so they certainly can’t escape!”

Alexander didn’t reply, but when he held Elise’s hand and looked into the distance in the direction where the two cars had fled off to, he heaved a heavy sigh. “In the end, we were still discovered.”

Elise was aware that he was the most disappointed person when they failed to capture the woman.

As a matter of fact, Alexander’s plan had been incredibly meticulous, but they still lost to the other party’s overly cautious character. Those who had been at the ground level could not see it clearly, but standing where they were, they had been able to see everything clearly.

It was obvious that the chauffeur wasn’t an ordinary driver as well. They were barely a few hundred meters away, yet two cars were able to rush out of their encirclement. In the end, Moses and his men were unable to catch up with them.

“Don’t worry, we will certainly capture them next time!”

Elise embraced Alexander. Amidst the dark environment that was devoid of any source of light, it felt as though they were the only two people left in the whole world. They only had each other to rely on and be affectionate with.

“After today’s incident, they will only be extra careful. I wonder when we will have the chance to set up a trap for them again.” Alexander sounded depressed.

“When there’s a will, there’s a way. We will certainly figure something out.” She leaned against him.

There wouldn’t be any problem too tough for them as long as the two of them were together.

They had just gotten married, so they would continue to live a happy and blissful life after that. She refused to allow herself to sink into despair when their happiness had barely begun.

As he hugged her tightly in his arms, his gaze gradually deepened. “You’re right. I’ll find a way to get rid of that person,” he declared thoughtfully.

As soon as he made that declaration, Moses pushed the door open and barged into the room, switching on the lights on his way.

“D*mn it! It was a waste of effort. We managed to surround them, but the second car suddenly went mad and crashed into my men, creating a gap which allowed the first car to escape. We managed to capture two of them from the second car alive. Just you wait, I’ll make sure that they spill everything!”

Moses ranted, but the vibration of the phone in his hand interrupted him. After picking up the call, he abruptly looked at both Alexander and Elise in shock. “They are dead. One bit his tongue while the other consumed poison.”

“That’s expected.” Alexander wasn’t surprised at all.

Since they had the courage to make this trip, they would have come in full preparation and would never leave any loose ends.

“That’s harsh…” Even Moses, who was used to cruel fights and killings, found the other party merciless.

Meanwhile, Elise and Alexander exchanged glances without saying a word.

They had killed hundreds of physicists, so why would they be concerned about a few subordinates’ lives?

“Now what? Do I ask my men to continue to keep watch?” Moses asked.

“That won’t be necessary. The news is out, so they won’t come anymore.” Alexander then added, “Get someone to notify the Anderson Family to come and pick up the body.”

“I understand.”

The next day, when Moses returned from the Anderson Residence, Elise received a call from Austin. He asked her to make a trip back to the Anderson Residence.

Elise thought that Austin’s intention was to have her go back to mourn for Faye. Considering the fact that she was more or less involved in Faye’s death, she didn’t reject the request.

It was only half a day since the Anderson Family had learned about Faye’s death, but they managed to set up a decent funeral and created a grim and desolate atmosphere.

When Elise walked into the villa, Austin was seen sitting on the couch. He seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Losing a daughter as a middle-aged man seemed to have made him age a lot over the course of one night.

Probably due to them being related by blood, Elise couldn’t bear to see him in such a state. “We can’t bring the dead back to life. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder if Austin would grieve for her if she was the one who had died instead.

Upon hearing her voice, Austin returned to his senses. He turned to look at her, his gaze distant and indifferent.

“Have a seat,” Austin said.

Elise lifted her foot and walked over to him. The moment she sat down, she saw a document on the table which read, ‘Termination of Parent-Child Relationship.’

She gasped as a tightness formed in her chest. After some time, she asked while feigning calmness, “Is this what you have prepared for me?”

“Yes.” He didn’t deny it. “Sign this and I’ll have someone publish it in the news. From today onward, I don’t have any daughters.”

Elise thought that she was strong enough to face anything, but upon hearing his words, she couldn’t help but gulp, looking as though she was trying to swallow a bile reflux.

Faye was dead, whereas the adoptive daughter whom he had liked was gone. Was he going to abandon his biological daughter as well?

“Are you sure about this?” Elise inhaled sharply.

“Sign it,” he urged impassively.

“Okay.” Elise took the pen and placed her signature on the paper. Then, she rose up and left without looking back.

However, the moment the stainless steel gate closed automatically behind her, Elise paused in her tracks as tears fell from her eyes.

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