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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 575

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 575

Experimental Class

After Elise had finished saying that, she conveniently shut the door after her and walked out with Alexander.

Meanwhile, Maya tightened her grip on the broom in her hand and kept her eyes on the tightly shut door as she clenched her teeth fiercely.

They’re underestimating me if they think that they can just kick me out just like this! My family’s gone into bankruptcy and I’ve suffered so much in this run-down place, but I’ve finally managed to establish myself here. If I leave right now, all my efforts would go down the drain. I won’t leave! It doesn’t matter that they’ve gotten married! They can easily get a divorce too! Even if they don’t get a divorce, there’s always the chance of one being widowed. Regardless, I’ll definitely find a way to cause them misery for the rest of their lives!

Maya tried hard to calm herself down. Finally, she turned to take another look at Alexander’s room before she angrily collected her belongings and left.

Shortly after breakfast, Mikayla suddenly paid a visit.

Elise hadn’t seen her for quite some time now, and she missed her very much. As such, she quickly invited Mikayla into the house while chatting with her. “It’s not the weekend today, so why do you have time to pay me a visit?”

After all, the historic town area was in the opposite direction from Tissote University. Even if one came using the subway, it would take more than an hour to arrive.

“I’ve missed you. You haven’t been back to the university at all, so I had to come and see you here,” said Mikayla jokingly.

Meanwhile, Alexander stood at the eaves of the corridor and bumped into Mikayla. They looked at each other and nodded as a gesture of greeting.

Soon after that, he turned around and entered the house. At the same time, he escorted Robin to the backyard.

After Mikayla had entered the house, she took out a stack of notes from her bag. “Do you remember that Addison dropped out of the university a while ago? I was worried that you didn’t know that, so I’ve purposely come over with some notes for you.”

After the homicide case at Tissote University, Elise had arranged for Addison’s family members to come and bring her home; she hadn’t gone back to university since then.

Elise took the notes from Mikayla and asked, “What notes are these?”

“Our university is about to set up an experimental class, and those who successfully graduate from this class will be awarded scholarships to further their studies overseas.” Mikayla smiled as she spoke. “You’re much smarter than me, so I’m certain that you’ll get it.”

Meanwhile, Elise smiled and pursed her lips without giving an immediate response. She lowered her head and started flipping through the notes calmly.

It was quite fortunate that she had taken a good look at it, for she soon discovered an issue with the notes.

The list of students who had been selected to join the experimental class appeared to be the top students of the university, but in actual fact, more than three quarters of them were students from the Department of Physics.

Merely half a year ago, two professors from the Physics Department had been found dead under strange circumstances and now, were these people about to lay hands on the best Physics students in the country?

“Crulia?” Elise subconsciously read the location of the school out loud.

“Yeah, it’s in Mesdra. That’s why I think that this is an opportunity that’s quite hard to come by, so I had to come to see you and inform you about this.” Mikayla smiled innocently.

For students like her who had been accepted into the university under special circumstances, she basically had no chance of joining this experimental class. However, Elise was her best friend and her idol. As such, she had to obviously keep an eye on such things and grab this great chance for Elise to further her studies abroad.

Everyone in Cittadel was aware that up until now, Mesdra evidently exhibited stronger capabilities in certain areas than Cittadel, and the chance for one to further one’s study overseas would definitely be an upgrade to one’s skills.

“Thanks, Mikayla. I’m quite interested in this.” Elise shut the document. “I’m quite fortunate to have your help. Otherwise, I would have missed this opportunity.”

In reality, Elise had long obtained her degree, but since there were some unknown forces hiding behind the scene who were intent on laying hands on the best Physics students in the country, she wanted to face them directly.

In other words, she wanted to find out what was going on with this experimental class.

“It’s nothing. You granted me such a huge favor previously, so this is the least I can do for you. It’s not a big deal.” Mikayla didn’t want to take credit for this.

Mikayla had just finished her sentence when Winona, who had her hair in a ponytail with a cap on, rushed through the doorway with a wind-swept look.

She placed both of her hands on the table and was quite breathless while she tried to catch her breath. “Boss, we’ve gone viral! After our livestream with Mr. Bailey the last time, our social media profile has seen a steady increase in subscribers. Just a few moments ago, the producer of the most popular variety show in the country contacted me and extended an invitation. You’ve been invited to join their show!”

Meanwhile, Elise looked at Winona and blinked her eyes without giving a huge reaction. The former merely responded in a cool manner, “Okay.”

Soon after that, she nonchalantly poured a glass of cold water and handed it to Winona. “Have some water and take a rest.”

Winona took the glass of water and placed it aside. Next, she revealed an exaggerated expression to Elise to show the latter how exciting this piece of news should be as she emphasized, “This is the largest variety show in the entire country. The show will be broadcast nationally, and it will also be live-streamed overseas too! Aren’t you excited about it?”

At that moment, Elise nodded her head calmly. “Yeah, I am.”

It’s within my expectations after all, so what’s there to be excited about? As the range of broadcast increased, it indicated that danger was inching closer and closer. Hence, it was much more important to be on guard.

Just then, Winona was shocked by Elise’s collected look. Is this how a natural winner in life behaves? She’s not even the least bit affected by such sensational news.

This seemed to further accentuate Winona’s goofiness. Indeed, Winona was quite goofy as she couldn’t quite come up with the words to respond though quite some time had gone by.

Suddenly, Elise was the one who realized that she had forgotten to introduce Winona and Mikayla to each other.

“By the way, this is my good friend Mikayla. Mikayla, this is my newly hired manager known as Winona. From now on, you guys will be seeing each other quite often, so you should get to know each other,” Elise explained.

“Nice to meet you, Winona.” Mikayla extended a hand to greet Winona.

“Nice to meet you, adorable little Mikayla.” Winona extended her hand too and smiled at the woman.

All of a sudden, Elise realized that Jack had turned up at the door out of nowhere.

“Jack? Why are you standing there?” Elise called out to him.

Jack had initially planned to leave and come back later, but he was forced to enter the place now that Elise had called out his name.

“Hi, Mr. Griffith,” Winona greeted him politely.

Meanwhile, he nodded and turned to look at Mikayla with an awkward smile. “You’re here too.”


Mikayla mumbled something and nodded.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became slightly awkward.

After a moment of silence, Jack suddenly recalled that he had something in his hand, so he held it up and spoke up first. “I’ve brought some desserts over. Would you guys like to try some?”

“No thanks.” Mikayla shyly refused his offer and said, “I’ve been watching my figure these days, so I’m avoiding sugary food.”

“I see…” Jack nodded his head slightly to indicate that he understood. Next, he turned to look at Winona. “How about you? Are you watching your figure too?”

“Me?” Winona pointed at herself and shook her head frantically. “Of course not! I don’t plan on going on a date with anyone, so why would I watch my figure? In fact, I’m happy with my plump figure—it’s comfortable for me. Ha!”

“Well then, help yourself.” Jack placed a dainty little box in front of her.

“Are you sure?!” Winona was elated as she quickly sat down to unwrap the packaging. “Mr. Griffith, you’re awesome!”

“You guys must have something to discuss, so I’d better not disrupt you guys. I’ll be on my way then.” Meanwhile, Mikayla was quite perceptive as she got up to leave.

“I’ll walk you out,” Jack offered politely.

Since Mikayla didn’t reject his offer, they slowly made their way out one after the other.

Elise looked at them and realized that they had left a huge gap in between the two of them, so she was quite perplexed. Why are these two suddenly so distant around each other?

“Wow! This is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted! Boss, do you want to try some?” Winona couldn’t help exclaiming as she tasted the yummy dessert.

As for Elise, she was tickled by Winona’s content expression. Indeed, one who was easily content definitely lived the most carefree life compared to anyone else.

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