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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 573

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 573

Matt Never Did It

Alexander nodded. Then, he turned to look outside the door. “Bring her in.”

As soon as he said that, Cameron marched a handcuffed Heather into the room.

Seeing Elise standing alive beside Alexander, Heather was visibly surprised. Soon after that, though, she realized what had happened. “As expected, you faked your death to fool us,” she said disdainfully. “Unfortunately, you guys only got me. Matt won’t be fooled again!”

Looking at Cameron, Alexander ordered expressionlessly, “You get out first.”

“Yes, Young Master Alexander,” Cameron replied respectfully. Then, he stepped out of the room, closed the door, and stood watch outside.

As soon as the door closed, Alexander’s expression turned serious. “Matthew’s now alone out there, so it’ll be inconvenient for him to do anything. And besides, it’s useless for me to catch you. Make a deal with me, and I’ll let you off.”

Upon hearing this, Elise was even more confused. It doesn’t make sense to release someone after doing everything possible to catch her, right? However, it was obvious that Alexander had a plan in mind, so she didn’t interrupt him.

“Ha!” Heather sneered. “Since I dare to come here, I’m not afraid of death. Do you think I’ll be afraid whether or not you’re gonna let me off?”

“I know you’re not afraid of death, of course.” Alexander wasn’t surprised at all. After walking up to Heather, he stared down at her with his black eyes. “But what if it’s Matthew?”

And sure enough, Alexander was spot on about Heather’s Achilles’ heel. “What are you trying to say?”

Alexander said frostily, “You know better than me how difficult it is for Matthew to move around in the city without your help. Now, I can spend a lot of money for both the police and the underworld to search every inch of the city, and it won’t take long before he gets decapitated. Do you want me to do that?”

“You won’t.” Heather’s eyes narrowed slightly. “If you’re really willing to pay such a huge price and want to do so, you wouldn’t have told me about it.”

“You’re quite smart.” Alexander smiled meaningfully. “Unfortunately, you don’t know that Elise and I have gotten married. Now that she’s become my wife, do you think I’m gonna let a person who defiled her stay alive in this world?”

“You married her?!” Heather looked at Alexander in disbelief. “Don’t you mind it at all?”

“Of course I don’t.” Alexander raised an eyebrow in ridicule, but his face was frosty. “Who cares about a person who’s going to die?”

“But you said just now that you’d let me off!” Heather argued emotionally.

“Yeah, I did,” Alexander said nonchalantly. “I did say that I’d let you off, but I didn’t say that I’d let Matthew off. Well, it’s mainly because I want to save some money. As long as you lead my people to him, I’ll spare your life and give you a sum of money that you won’t be able to finish spending in your lifetime. Isn’t such a bargain worth making?”

“You’re delusional!” Heather snarled. “I’d never betray Matt even if I die!” As she spoke, she spat in Alexander’s face. “I thought you were so upright and honorable, but you ended up resorting to such an underhanded trick, eh? You’ve underestimated my love for Matt!”

Taking out his handkerchief, Alexander unhurriedly wiped the saliva off his face while leisurely mumbling to himself, “Since you’re not willing to cooperate, I guess I can only try something stupid.” Then, as his eyes darkened, he hurled the handkerchief directly at the wall. After that, he looked up and yelled toward the door with a clouded expression, “Cameron! Carry out the original plan at once. I have to see Matthew—alive or dead—tonight!”

Cameron pushed the door open and came in before answering respectfully in a loud, clear voice, “Yes, Young Master Alexander! I’ll give the orders right away!” As he spoke, he took out his cell phone and tinkered with it before holding it to his ear. “Hello—”

As soon as he spoke, he was interrupted by a hysterical Heather. “No! Don’t—”

However, Cameron turned his face away as though he didn’t hear Heather trying to stop him. He continued saying to the person on the other end of the line on his own, “Young Master Alexander said we may get started. He wants to see Matthew alive or dead—”

“No, you can’t do that!” Heather panicked completely. She came up and tugged at Cameron, but the man remained unmoved. As they pushed and shoved each other, Heather ended up falling to the ground.

A tremendous feeling of helplessness enveloped Heather when she saw Cameron’s businesslike demeanor. “Matt mustn’t die! He has to stay alive…” Panic-stricken, she crawled her way to Alexander’s feet and tugged at his trouser leg, pleading, “You can’t kill him! You have no reason to kill him! He’s your brother; if you kill him, God will punish you!”

“Punish me, huh?” Alexander looked cold and indifferent. “Even if I’m gonna be punished, Matthew will be punished before me! He made multiple attempts on my life and robbed my wife of her virginity. I’d like to see which of us will get our comeuppance first!”

“No! Matt didn’t kill you! You’re still alive! You’re unscathed, so how could you try to get him killed?!” Grabbing Alexander’s clothes for support, Heather picked herself up and grabbed his gaping suit jacket before shaking him with all her might. “Why can’t you give him a way out?!”

“I did give him a way out!” Alexander shouted in a furious voice as his deep eyes widened. “Countless times, in fact! But he shouldn’t have touched my woman! No men could stand such humiliation!”

Startled by the man’s sudden outburst, Heather was dazed for a moment. Before she could come to her senses, Alexander raised his voice again and urged Cameron next to him, saying, “Tell them that they don’t have to notify me if they find him. Just kill him on the spot!”

“No, you can’t!” Heather shouted hysterically. “You can’t kill Matt! He never did it!”

As soon as she said that, the entire room instantly went silent.

Cameron put away his cell phone, and Alexander’s expression eased. All of a sudden, he looked like a modest and mild-mannered gentleman once again.

With the benefit of hindsight, Heather released her grip, sensing vaguely that something was wrong. After a long time, she looked at Alexander thoughtfully, asking, “You never planned to have someone kill Matt. Did you pull the stunt just now to find out whether or not he had slept with Elise back then?”

“I told you that you’re smart.” Alexander calmly straightened his suit jacket as if nothing had ever happened. He said impassively, “Well, it’s not much different from what I imagined, but thank you for letting my wife know the truth at last.”

Heather didn’t expect to be tricked by the smoke screen Alexander had created. Her legs went weak, and she slumped to the ground. This is the only thing Matt could gross Alexander and Elise out with, and I just betrayed him like that? If Matthew learns about this, will he still let me stay by his side?

On the other hand, Elise’s mind was in a whirl; she didn’t expect that the mystery that had plagued her for such a long time would be solved all of a sudden. She had learned so much information today that she nearly had trouble taking it in.

Alexander turned around and walked up to her before holding her hand in his and playing with it. “Now your grandpa no longer has to worry about you being denounced publicly and having a crisis of conscience after marrying me.”

“Was it because of Grandpa that you were eager to find out the truth?” Elise thought Alexander had only gotten to the bottom of the matter because he was bothered by the fact that she and Matthew might have slept together.

“Not entirely. It was still for my own sake, actually.” Alexander gave Elise a beaming smile. “I can’t wait to make you my wife, and only by doing so could you marry me justifiably.”

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