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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 540

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 540

His Dream Comes True

The person patiently explained, “Well, didn’t the Saunderses spend a lot of money on their home’s renovation? Everyone wants to take a look, so Miss Saunders is considerate enough to prepare this thing and let us see the real-time surveillance footage of the rooms to save us the trouble of squeezing our way upstairs.”

Upon hearing the person’s words, Elise turned to look at the projector again with a meaningful look in her eyes. Seems like Celina intended to make my scandalous affair public. However, Celina is the star today, after all, so what’s gonna be projected on screen this time won’t be an exception either, she thought. Cleverly, she turned to look at the Saunders Residence’s servants with a kindly smile. “Sorry, but I’ve just arrived. Can you play the surveillance videos again? I really want to get a good look at such a great design!” Since Celina wants to leave no room for maneuver, I’ll get back at her and let her know what it feels like to stew in her own juice!

Upon hearing her words, Celina’s group of friends was displeased. “Why didn’t you come down earlier if you wanted to look at the rooms? Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re a big shot or something? How dare you order somebody else’s servants around?”

“Somebody’s acting all cocky after stealing the limelight. She really thinks the whole world is supposed to let her do whatever she pleases, huh?”

“That’s right. You want to look at the previous rooms, but we want to study the later ones. You arrived later than we did, so you’ve got to wait!”

The guest who had cared about Elise just now wanted to speak up for her, but he dared not start a war of words at the Saunders Family. Therefore, he could only sigh to himself while watching the group of ladies bully Elise.

Just then, Kenneth’s voice rang unexpectedly. “Sorry for being late.” As his voice sounded, he came over as well.

The onlookers silently made way for him as if his standing was comparable to that of the party’s host.

Kenneth said modestly, “Sorry, but no one told me about such a wonderful show. As it happens, I have a new house in the suburbs that’s to be renovated. May I have the pleasure of enjoying the work of one of the top interior designers in the world from the very beginning?”

Upon hearing his words, the ladies who had just given Elise a hard time immediately shifted their tone. “Of course, you can watch the videos if you want to, Mr. Bailey. Who’s the one in charge of switching the footage? Hurry up and show the videos all over again!”

“That’s right. Mr. Bailey has to deal with a lot of matters every day. It’s rare that he has such leisure time, so we mustn’t let him go home in disappointment!”

“Come over and have a seat, Mr. Bailey!”

The ladies moved their butts at the same time to free up the seats next to them.

“No, I’m good.” Kenneth quickly put on a cold front without taking a glance at the ladies. “I’d prefer standing. Standing can help one keep a clear head and a quick wit. I’d rather be standing than sitting while saying a bunch of petty remarks.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the guests standing around them immediately chuckled to themselves in a low voice. Obviously, Kenneth was mocking the ladies for being too small-minded to be presentable in public.

The ladies instantly blushed with shame while biting their lips. In an instant, they felt like they were sitting on pins and needles; they didn’t know whether to stand up or to keep on sitting.

The guests sitting on the sofa nearby stood up and stepped aside without forgetting to cast disdainful looks at the ladies. What a bunch of blind women! We’ve nearly become the small-minded people that Mr. Bailey’s referring to. Nothing good’s gonna come from getting too close to them!

Just then, the screen paused at the scene of the second-floor study. The servants began to tinker with the projector to prepare to switch to another footage.

While they were doing so, Kenneth turned to look at Elise and raised an eyebrow flippantly without anyone else noticing.

Elise could tell without hearing him say it that Kenneth wanted to say something like ‘I’ve helped you out once again,’ or ‘Now you owe me another favor.’ This reminded her of the hen on the farm back home. Whenever it laid eggs, the hen would cluck at the top of its voice, letting everyone know that it had laid eggs as if it were a big deal for the entire household. Right now, Kenneth was like the hen that had laid its eggs.

As she associated Kenneth with the hen, she unconsciously compressed her lips into a faint smile. Not even herself noticed that she no longer rejected and loathed Kenneth as she did before.

Meanwhile, Celina quickly found the room upstairs where Elise had been. She waited outside for a while and estimated the time according to what Gabriel had told her. After making certain that the psychedelic drug and aphrodisiac inside had all volatilized, she turned the door handle.

However, when she walked inside, the room was empty; there was neither anyone nor a sound. She looked around and found Gabriel’s aroma diffuser in the bedroom. The aroma diffuser was still working, but less than one-fifth of the liquid was left in it. At the sight of this, she was even more relieved. Gabriel had told her that the psychedelic drug would evaporate first, leaving only the aromatic liquid in the diffuser. Besides, the time period whereby the drug would take effect had long since passed, so she wouldn’t succumb to the drug’s effects.

Celina stayed in the bedroom for a while. She was lost in thought, wondering why Elise was resistant to the drug. However, she couldn’t wrap her head around this, so she could only go search for Edwin first. She turned around to leave the bedroom, but as soon as she reached the door, a noise came from the bathroom opposite—someone seemed to be hiding there.

“Who is it? Come out!” Celina raised her voice to get her courage up.

Soon, the bathroom door opened, and the person inside came out. When she saw the person’s face, Celina was instantly overjoyed; her mouth was agape with surprise. Kenneth?! Why’s he here?

Celina was so excited that her breathing quickened. Has Kenneth been waiting for me? Fearing that this was a dream, she pinched herself without anyone else noticing. “Hiss…” She gasped in pain. The next moment, though, a feeling of exhilaration swept through her. This isn’t a dream! Kenneth and I are really in the same room!

The expression on “Kenneth’s” face wasn’t much different from hers. Edwin—who was being mistaken for Kenneth—met Celina’s misty eyes as soon as his vision cleared a little. Just as he was about to ask Celina why she was here, she walked up to him first.

At this moment, her beautiful eyes were filled with deep affection, admiration, and ardent love. This was the first time Celina had ever looked at Edwin with such a look in her eyes, and he was somewhat dazed at the sight of this.

Trying her best to control her excitement, Celina asked shyly, “W-Why are you in this room?” A blush of shyness spread from her neck to her ears while her eyes flickered, making her look very adorable and seductive.

Edwin was confused. Why would Celina ask about something she already knows? I’m here because she has arranged for me to be here, of course.

Just as he was about to explain it, Celina wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her dainty body to his.

Edwin’s legs went weak when he felt the soft touch on his chest. After nervously swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he plucked up his courage and hugged Celina in return. As he tightened his arms around her, he began to relax. Slowly, he smelled the pleasant scent on Celina, which sent the blood pulsing through his veins. “Nana…” he called out to her tenderly, “do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment?” Now that his dream was coming true, he suddenly felt somewhat insecure.

The next instant, however, he heard Celina say in a sweet and gentle voice, “Sorry that I used to be immature. There were many times when I made you unhappy, but I meant well for you, actually; it’s just that I often caused more harm than good. I thought you hated me…”

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