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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 539

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 539

Where Am I Supposed to Be?

However, when Edwin met the eyes of the person on the sofa, his entire body froze. It was because the person lying unconscious on the sofa wasn’t Elise, but Celina!

Why is Celina here?! He frowned in surprise before crouching down immediately. Then, he grabbed Celina’s hand and shook it, calling out to her in a soft voice, “What’s wrong with you, Nana? Wake up, Nana!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, “Celina,” who had been unconscious at first, suddenly came round and stared right into his eyes.

Just as Edwin was about to ask “Celina” what had happened and why she ended up replacing Elise, she quickly stretched out her hand toward his neck.

Edwin subconsciously put his hand over his neck, as if he had been bitten by an ant. At the same time, he started to feel dizzy. “Nana…” he mumbled, before losing consciousness and lying down on the sofa.

Elise kicked Edwin to the floor before taking a piece of tissue from the table to wipe clean the silver needle she had just used. That was right—she wasn’t Celina, but Elise. It was just that Edwin had mistaken her for Celina under the drug’s influence.

Just then, Kenneth opened the bathroom door and walked out. Leaning against the door frame, he joked, “It’s amazing that even a woman like Celina is loved by someone.”

“Don’t you have many admirers too?” Elise shot back.

Kenneth was somewhat annoyed. “What? Do I hold the same place in your heart as Celina?”

“Stop there! You’ve never had a place in my heart.” Elise shot him a disdainful look before turning her gaze back to Edwin. She said with a thoughtful expression, “This guy is quite devoted to Celina. He was even willing to barge in and risk being sued for rape for her sake.”

“That’s not how the word ‘devoted’ should be used.” Kenneth was jealous. He had done so much for Elise, but she had never praised him. How could a stranger deserve the word ‘devoted’? he thought. He walked over to stand side by side with Elise. “You should say that he’s both wicked and lustful.” He lowered his gaze while narrowing his eyes menacingly. “We’ve got to make him caught in his own trap.”

Elise gave a slight nod of agreement, which was rare. “I think so too, but it’s not enough to punish him alone.”

Kenneth took a deep breath. “Since he likes Celina so much, let’s give him a big present!” How dare you lay a hand on Ellie? Just stew in your own juice, then!

Meanwhile, the Saunders Residence’s servants quickly set up the projector downstairs.

Starting from the first floor, every room in the house was displayed according to Celina’s instructions.

At first, it was just something for her and her group of friends to kill time with. However, the other guests started to feel bored after staying here for a while, so they joined the group to see the rooms as well. After all, the interior designer that the Saunders Family had hired back then was well-known internationally. It was said that the design of the house alone cost over 10 million, so everyone would like to see how visually impactful it was when the 10 million worth of design came to life.

After a few rooms were displayed, many guests were impressed by the unique design.

“The design is totally worth the price!”

“The internationally-renowned designer deserves his reputation. If my home could be designed in such a way one day, all the work I’ve done in my life would have been worth it.”

However, Celina was dismissive of these praises. The guests will be even more surprised when they see Elise’s room later. The scene will definitely be wonderful!

In any case, Elise’s body deserved some praise, and women knew better than men how beautiful she was. Just the thought of Elise’s slim waist and her long and well-proportioned legs filled Celina with envy. To be honest, if she weren’t Faye’s unlucky sister, Celina would’ve tried to be friends with her upon meeting a lady of such beauty at the beginning.

Unfortunately, Elise is a vicious woman. Since we can’t be friends, we can only be rivals, she thought. In order to win Kenneth’s favor, she would never let someone like Elise shine. This was just for her own sake, let alone Faye’s. You’ll be destroyed, Elise. This is your destiny!

Finally, in Celina’s eager anticipation, the scene cut to that of Elise’s room, showing the view of the room from the door.

Celina took a deep breath in excitement. Her eyes, which had glitter applied around them, widened like those of an eagle that couldn’t wait to attack its prey. Yes, this is it! It’s Elise’s turn at last!

A guest commented, “That’s an unconventional design for the shoe cabinet. The designer has put some thought into this…”

Celina curled her lips slyly. This is nothing. What awaits is even more interesting!

After a brief pause, the projected scene cut to that of the sofa.

Celina clutched the skirt of her dress nervously.

However, there was nothing when the room’s living space came into full view. Not even Edwin was there, let alone Elise.

What the hell has gone wrong?

The scene then cut to the bedroom, but there was still nobody; there wasn’t even a trace of someone having entered the room.

Impossible. This can’t be.

Celina’s expression kept changing as her face registered a hint of puzzlement. Just as she was lost in thought, a quiet voice suddenly whispered in her ear, “Are you waiting for me, Miss Saunders?”

Celina’s whole body went stiff as the expression on her face froze. Then, she slowly turned around to see the graceful smile on Elise’s face. In an instant, her jaw dropped in astonishment. She asked tremblingly, “W-Why are you here?!”

Elise threw up her hands innocently while looking unsuspecting and confused. “Where am I supposed to be, then? I was just cleaning my dress, which would only take a few minutes. Where do you think I’m supposed to be right now, Miss Saunders?”

Celina quickly composed her features and replied with a smile of embarrassment, “No, it was just a slip of the tongue. I thought you’d be taking a shower in the room or something… By the way, didn’t you run into anyone while coming here?”

Elise pouted her lips while shaking her head. “No, I didn’t. Am I supposed to run into anyone?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I have a friend who has gone upstairs as well, so I thought you might’ve run into him. I’ll go find him,” Celina said before hurrying upstairs. She had told Edwin repeatedly where Elise’s room was, and Gabriel must have had the diffuser ready. However, judging from how Elise looked just now, she didn’t fall prey to the drug at all. Or could it be that what Gabriel gave me didn’t work at all? she thought. Her brain turned to mush at this moment, and she wished someone would explain to her what on earth had happened.

Celina couldn’t hide any secrets, and the more anxious she was, the faster she walked. It took her less than a minute before she was upstairs.

She had to find out for herself what on earth had happened.

As Celina was too eager to find out what had happened, she didn’t even notice Elise’s gaze, which Elise had never torn away from her, and the unconcealed smirk on the latter’s lips.

Upon seeing Elise, some guests came up to her and cordially asked if she was alright. “Were you hurt just now, Miss Sinclair?”

“No, I’m fine.” Elise smiled good-temperedly before turning to look at the projector with a look of puzzlement in her eyes. “What’s going on here?”

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