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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 536

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 536

Progressing Too Slowly

Gabriel brought out a small box. “Just inject this into Edwin and he will no longer be affected.”

Celina took the box and placed the aroma diffuser back in his hand. “I’ll handle Edwin. Place this diffuser in the room.”

“Yes, Miss Celina,” Gabriel answered easily.

Once they settled the plan, they returned to the house. Celina put down the syringe that Gabriel had given her and psyched herself up to greet the guests with a bright demeanor. Like a princess would, she maintained a smile on her face. She was polite and took care of her guests equally, becoming the ‘Snow White’ that everyone had their eyes glued on.

The guests soon changed their tune.

“Celina is such a responsible and kind person. I can’t imagine her hurting anyone, let alone her own father. I think people were jumping at shadows earlier and making a fuss out of nothing.”

“That’s my thought too. Let’s say that she wants to inherit her family’s assets, but she has no siblings to compete for the inheritance. Wouldn’t the Saunders Residence and everything belonging to them go to her after David passes on? Celina has no need to do that!”

“We’re the ones who jumped the gun when we mistook her actions.”

“That’s the case, isn’t it? She’s still young. She probably got tongue-tied because of the shock earlier.”

“Let’s not forget that she was severely shocked when Mr. Saunders got into that accident. We should toast her and console her.”

In just a few minutes, Celina was once again the belle of the ball as waves of people came to her to get themselves in her good graces.

Elise silently observed Celina’s actions from a corner. She couldn’t stop her lips from curving up into a contemptuous smile when she saw the couple who had accused Celina earlier squeeze themselves over.

Truth was an insignificant thing in this world. Justice was worth nothing. The masses typically were more interested in protecting their own interests when compared to holding onto envy and grudges.

Elise moved her gaze away and scanned the floor again. Gabriel was still absent.

Had he gone to do something else?

As Elise thought about Gabriel’s whereabouts, a man dressed in a chef’s uniform wheeled an elaborate cake made in the image of Snow White into the center of the hall.

“It’s time for the cake-cutting!”

“Whoa, that cake is practically a work of art. Snow White is such a fitting image for Celina. It’s so perfect!”

All the guests crowded over to the cake.

Under her friends’ urging, Celina walked over to the cart with the cake. The lights dimmed appropriately, leaving only a single beam of light shining upon the cake and Celina.

The chef lit the candles before the birthday song immediately rang out around the hall.

Celina clasped her hands in front of herself as she closed her eyes and made her wish. “Dear God, please ensure that everything goes smoothly tonight. Make Elise a pariah that everyone will kick aside!”

After blowing out the candles, Celina felt like she was filled with a mystical energy. With her birthday wish supporting her, she would definitely be able to bring Elise down.

“Go on and cut the cake, Princess.”

Under the crowd’s watchful gaze, Celina stretched out the knife in her hand toward the cake. Just as she was about to slice it, however, her hand stopped in midair.

“Miss Elise.” As though she had just remembered something, Celina craned her neck while she called for Elise, her gaze darting everywhere frantically. “Has anyone seen Miss Elise Sinclair?”

Elise’s ears pricked up as she sipped her champagne.

Oh? Is she finally going to make her move on me?

Elise put down her glass and stepped forward of her own accord. “I’m here, Miss Celina.”

Celina mentally rolled her eyes at Elise, but outwardly smiled in delight. “It’s all thanks to you today that my dad is safe and sound. People say that cutting a birthday cake brings luck. Why don’t you try it?”

Elise smiled faintly as she refused the offer. “How can I steal the birthday girl’s luck? You don’t have to do this.”

However, Celina walked over, grabbing Elise’s hand and placing the cake knife in it. “So what? You’re now the savior of the Saunders Family. You’re the only one who’s worthy of cutting this cake. Don’t refuse anymore; if you keep this up, then that means you’re still keeping all those awful words I said earlier to heart and won’t forgive me. I’ll be upset then.”

“Since Miss Saunders has already said she’ll let you cut the cake, you should take the opportunity, Miss Sinclair.”

“Yeah, you must be someone with luck on your side if you were able to save Mr. Saunders. Maybe you might even bring some luck to the birthday girl if you cut that cake. Don’t say no anymore.”

The other guests joined in to convince Elise.

Now that even the guests had started to talk her into cutting the cake, if Elise didn’t agree, she would ruin the mood. She pressed her lips into a faint, thin smile, gripping the handle of the knife as she gave a low chuckle.

It seemed that Celina’s second plan had begun. Should Elise step into the lion’s den, or should she stay out of it?

There was no question—she would, of course, enter it!

Let’s see what kind of fancy trickery that a fool who would even gamble her own father’s life is trying to pull.

Elise took a deep breath. She boldly stepped forward to approach the cake. It was half the height of the average person. The moment she reached the side of the cake cart and reached out to cut the cake, she heard a sudden ‘Oh’; Celina had fallen toward her.

The Snow White cake was right in front of Elise. With Elise’s physical condition, avoiding Celina would have been child’s play. However, Elise deliberately stood in place for a moment longer before reacting.

Kenneth had been ready to rush downstairs from his position, but he held himself back when he saw Elise’s purposeful actions. He watched the scene unfold in interest.

Elise was knocked over by Celina’s ‘accidental’ fall. Part of her body crashed into the cake, toppling it. Her dress was dirtied by the cream smeared across it.

“Miss Sinclair, are you okay?” Celina ‘frantically’ rushed over to check on Elise.

The other guests showed their concern as well. “Are you unhurt, Miss Sinclair?”

“Here, Miss Sinclair, I’ll wipe the cake off you.”

Celina hastily put on an apologetic expression. “It’s my fault; I didn’t notice that I stepped on the hem of my skirt. I’m so stupid. Please forgive me, Miss Sinclair. Fortunately, I have several other gowns you can borrow. Why don’t you come with me and get changed?”

Celina’s apology sounded sincere, so no one thought twice about it.

Elise smiled a smile that was neither demanding nor submissive, and she flashed her pearly whites, a pretty sight. “All right, please lead the way.”

The plan had been progressing so slowly that Elise was already overly eager to see it fall apart.

When Celina saw Elise’s smile, she inexplicably felt a chilly breeze brush past her back.

It was the height of summer. Why was there a cold breeze? Had Elise actually discovered their plan? Celina had made herself step on her own dress when she tripped to the point that she nearly ripped her own skirt. Elise couldn’t have possibly seen through the farce! I must be worrying myself and overthinking things.

Celina reined herself in, forcing her mind not to wander to ridiculous notions. Slowly, she led Elise upstairs, all while thinking that it would be great as well if Elise tumbled down the stairs and ended up half-dead.

Elise followed Celina into a guest room on the left at the end of the corridor.

Celina stepped inside. “You can wash yourself here. I’ll have a servant bring the gown for you later.”

“Thank you so much, Miss Saunders.”

Celina didn’t reply; she straightaway left and closed the door.

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