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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 534

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 534

That’s Really Unfortunate

Celina’s heart was beating wildly. She had always known that her deceased mother was the biggest taboo subject for her father. David usually doted on her very much, but his attitude toward her would be different when it came to serious matters. At the thought of how furious David would be, her palms broke out in a cold sweat, and she silently hung her head.

On the other hand, Elise purposely gave a look of surprise at the sight of Faye. “Faye? It’s you? …Aren’t you Miss Saunders’ close friend? Don’t you know about the Saunderses’ taboos? Oh, I got it. You’ve been concerning yourself with the company’s affairs every day, and on top of that, you have to deal with the investigation these days. Did you perhaps make a mistake because you were too busy?”

Faye was furious and piqued, but she couldn’t say a word as she had a strip of duct tape plastered on her mouth. Indeed, what had happened today was her mistake, but she wouldn’t have been so careless if Elise hadn’t had the policeman pester her!

At the sight of Faye’s dress, David took a few deep breaths in anger. It wasn’t until Regina helped him catch his breath that he calmed down. “Faye! I’d never have thought you were the one trying to kill me!”

Faye was Celina’s friend, and David had met her before. When he heard that Faye was the person in charge of Anderson Pharmaceuticals, he even told his daughter to spend more time with Faye and learn from her. Whenever the Saunders Family’s jewelry stores launched a new product, he would tell her daughter to take Faye to one of the jewelry stores to choose from the products herself. However, he never expected this to be what he got in return for his sincerity!

Faye hung her head in shame. She had had everything figured out outside just now. Celina must have intended the red dress for Elise, but Elise had the dress delivered to her in a way she couldn’t fathom. However, she was both mentally and physically exhausted after having just returned from the detention center, so she came wearing the red dress.

At the moment, it was useless for her to say anything. She could only hope that David would let her off after venting all of his anger. After all, she couldn’t testify against Celina in public. If she wanted to secure her footing in the Anderson Family, she had to rely on an influential family like the Saunderses. Thus, she couldn’t afford a falling-out with the Saunderses.

Just then, Celina immediately knelt down and pleaded on Faye’s behalf, saying, “Dad, I’m also at fault about this matter. It was my fault for not having told Faye about it beforehand. She didn’t know about it, which was why she wore… If you want to blame anyone, please blame me along with Faye. Please don’t make things difficult for her. I don’t have many friends, and Faye has always been sincere to me. I can’t leave her in the lurch!”

David looked at Celina with a complicated look in his eyes before turning his gaze to Faye. After clenching his teeth and staring at her for half a minute, he said slowly, “Never mind. Today is Nana’s birthday, so I don’t want to spoil the mood. Let’s drop the matter. Please leave on your own, and don’t come to the Saunders Residence anymore in the future.”

“Thank you, Dad! Thank you so much! I’ll see Faye out right away, so take a good rest. I’ll come and see you again in a while!” Fearing that David might go back on his words, Celina quickly stopped crying and left with Faye.

As soon as the two ladies left, silence returned to the room.

David heaved a weary sigh before turning to look at Kenneth and Elise. “Thank you for your great help, Mr. Bailey and Miss Sinclair. I’ll definitely express my gratitude in person some other day. I hope today’s episode didn’t spoil your fun. If you don’t mind, please continue to enjoy the party outside.” His head was drooping, and he looked dizzy, as though he was about to fall asleep.

Taking the hint at once, Elise and Kenneth said a few pleasantries and left the room.

Kenneth was a high-profile figure in the circle, whereas Elise had caused such a great sensation just now. Therefore, there was a lot of gossip when they walked side by side through the hallway into the living hall in a friendly fashion. However, neither of them really cared about it. Their expressions were identical: both wore a meaningful smile on their faces while slyness flickered in their eyes.

Kenneth took the initiative to speak with Elise, asking, “What are you smiling at?”

“What are you smiling at, then?” Elise replied while walking at a sedate pace.

“You know I’m smiling without even looking at me, eh?” Kenneth said in a flippant tone.

“Well, I’ve got eyes all over my body,” Elise replied.

Kenneth was amused by her remark. “Your lack of modesty is almost comparable to mine.”

“That’s really unfortunate.” Elise composed her features. She continued with a half-smile, “I’ve thought that a foolish daughter must have an equally foolish father, but now, it seems like that isn’t entirely the case.”

“Indeed,” Kenneth replied with a thoughtful expression. “David heard all of our conversation just now, but he didn’t blow up at his daughter on the spot. This shows how good he is at concealing his emotions.”

“Well, someone who managed to outdo his competitors to the point of closing down must’ve had some tricks up his sleeve.” Elise had a look of amused interest on her face. “But this makes it even more interesting.” In reality, she also found Faye’s behavior surprising. Faye’s a resilient woman. If I had defended myself and sold Celina out just now, both of them would’ve been finished.

A man who had been cheated on would never want this to become a subject for laughter in the circle once again after so many years had passed. If David had learned that it was his daughter who set this up, perhaps his lungs would’ve literally exploded, causing him to die of anger right away.

Faye had gotten away this time, but the incident where Elise had saved David’s life became a hot topic at the birthday party nonetheless. Not only that, but the rumors about the incident became so exaggerated that it was said she could bring the dead back to life.

Meanwhile, Celina took Faye to the Saunders Residence’s back door and untied the latter before sending the servants away. After the servants were gone, she immediately stopped the sisterly act. She said crossly, “What’s the matter with you, Faye? I’ve told you before that nothing red is allowed at my home. Did you lose your marbles or something?!”

Upon hearing her words, Faye was so angry that she nearly passed out. Lose my marbles? Yeah, I was so wrapped up in things, I must have lost my marbles to be besties with this idiot. Would I have been involved in this if Celina hadn’t come up with such a stupid trick? Now that everyone has learned that I’m an unruly person, God knows how many people are gonna slam the door in my face. How could Celina blame me instead when I didn’t make a fuss with her about this? Can’t she figure it out with that stupid brain of hers? How could someone as smart as Elise attend the party without doing any investigation when it’s so obvious that the party is a setup? If it weren’t that David’s business in Landred City was booming, I would’ve cast Celina, this idiot, aside long ago.

At the moment, though, she still had to put up with this stupid ‘friend’ of hers. “The fault lies with me. I was careless.” She gave in to Celina. However, she didn’t forget to ask the woman, “But why didn’t you discuss it with me before doing this?”

Her question was so close to home that Celina felt guilty at once. “I-I just thought I wanted to stick up for you. And besides, you didn’t say anything when we were discussing it in the group chat, so I thought you agreed.”

Group chat? Faye recalled that she did have a chat group with Celina and two other women. However, she rarely took a look at their group chat. Most of the time, it was the other three women who shared some boring photos of their daily lives or discussed designer bags. She was different from these women, who only knew to eat, drink, and have fun; all they thought about was to get married to some guy and idle their time away in a different home. She had to work her guts out so that those old men at Anderson Pharmaceuticals would support her being in charge of the company.

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