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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 532

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 532

Kenneth Hits Women?

Celina felt a splitting headache as the guests tried to get a word in all at once. She took a deep breath. She wished she could skin Elise alive, but she couldn’t do anything because these guests were looking daggers at her. In the end, she could only close her eyes and tacitly consent to Elise giving David first aid.

Elise could’ve turned a blind eye to the situation at first, but on second thoughts, she realized that David was totally innocent—no one would trifle with their own lives, after all. She couldn’t just sit by and watch a person die even if it was a stranger, let alone now. It was the father’s fault for not teaching his child to behave well, and Celina had to bear the consequences for setting her up, but David didn’t deserve to die. And besides, David was still of use to her.

Elise stepped forward and reached out to take the pulse in David’s neck. It was weak; there was hardly any pulse at all. She then straightened the man’s arms and rolled up his sleeves, and sure enough, she noticed the protruding veins on his arms. His left lung is probably injured, she thought.

The situation was grave. David passed out not only because his sudden anger had deprived his brain of oxygen; the other reason was that there was a severe accumulation of gas in his pleural cavity. If the gas wasn’t released as soon as possible, he would be unable to breathe on his own for a long time. Soon, his organs would stop working, and he would die completely.

Elise couldn’t perform a surgery to deal with the lack of oxygen in David’s brain, but she could try releasing the gas in his pleural cavity.

“Can Master David be saved, miss?” Regina asked, her eyes reddened. David and Celina had treated her well over the few years she had been working at the Saunders Residence. If she really ended up killing David this time, she would have to spend the rest of her life with a guilty conscience.

Elise’s expression was grave, though. “It’s not easy to save him. I have to remove the gas that has been accumulating in his pleural cavity, but I can’t do it with so many people being present here. Get him to the lounge, please.”

Soon, several male guests helped carry David into a room.

Elise stood where she was while pondering over how to deal with the situation. If she were in a hospital, she could’ve had the doctor remove the gas surgically using medical instruments, but there were neither doctors nor medical instruments here.

Soon, her eyes fell on the large aquarium beside the dining table.

The next second, she rushed to the aquarium and detached the transparent tube from the aquarium’s booster pump. After tossing the tube onto the dining table, she cleaned its exterior with liquor and poured alcohol into the tube, disinfecting it completely.

Then, she quickly ran into the kitchen and took a paring knife. After disinfecting the knife in the same manner, she grabbed two half-full bottles of whiskey and ordered the servants to get her some cellophane tape while she quickly headed for the room.

“Stop right there!” Celina stopped her again. “What are you gonna do with the knife?!”

This was also what the other guests would like to ask. They totally didn’t understand Elise’s intentions, so none of them dared to advise Celina to step aside.

“Stop me all you want if you want your dad dead!” Elise’s eyes were flashing, and her voice was devoid of warmth. At this very moment, she was only a doctor trying to save a patient’s life!

Celina had never seen such a look in anyone’s eyes before. In an instant, she was frightened by that look; then, her fear was overtaken by feelings of unease, guilt, and anxiety. She didn’t want David to die, nor was she willing to see that happen. “I’ll never let you off if anything happens to my dad!” she threatened before silently making way for Elise.

“You won’t have the chance!” Elise cast a sidelong glance at her in disdain before turning around to enter the room.

To avoid keeping Elise from giving David first aid, most of the people had left, leaving only Regina and some of David’s buddies in the room.

Elise put everything on the nightstand. After disinfecting the tube and the knife for a second time, she cut the tube into a long one and a short one. Then, she inserted one end of the longer tube into the half-full bottle of whiskey until it touched the bottom of the bottle. After that, she inserted a bit of the shorter tube into the mouth of the bottle and sealed the space between the mouth of the bottle and the tubes with the cellophane tape.

Having done all of this, she picked up the paring knife, unbuttoned David’s shirt, and made an incision in the lower part of the left side of his chest under the second rib. Then, she inserted the other end of the longer tube into the incision.

Soon, there was a reaction in the whiskey bottle; bubbles kept coming out of the end of the longer tube. Half a minute later, David took a sharp breath in bed and resumed breathing, though he was still unconscious.

At the sight of the scene, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s amazing! How did you do it?” asked one of David’s buddies.

Elise let out a heavy breath. “It’s just a simple version of the one-way valve principle. Before the rupture in his lung heals, air will keep flowing into the pleural cavity and accumulate there. The tube can remove the gas, whereas the alcohol stops the air from flowing back in.”

Leaning against the door with a complicated look on her face, Celina stared at Elise morosely, her feelings mixed. She had thought that Elise was skilled in medicine, but it turned out that all the latter knew was but some simple daily life principles. Valve? Removing the gas? Sounds like part of the manual labor that only a child that became the breadwinner for their family at an early age would experience. To think that she would show off by capitalizing on her experience in the countryside!

Luckily, David had resumed breathing, so Celina no longer had to worry about losing her support. Thus, she wasn’t afraid of Elise anymore. “All you can do is such unskilled work,” she said sarcastically. “Since you’ve finished giving first aid, hurry up and get out of here. Stay away from my dad lest your bad luck influences him!”

They were now in the room, not the living hall. There weren’t any meddlesome guests, so Celina felt she could do whatever she pleased. Since David was alive, it was only natural that a doctor would save him, so Celina felt it was time to chase Elise away. There was no way she would let Elise wait here until David regained consciousness and treated her like a distinguished guest due to intense gratitude. How could she let Elise steal her thunder?

One of David’s buddies spoke for Elise as he couldn’t stand the sight of what was happening. “It’s wrong of you to speak like that, Celina. She saved your father, after all!”

“Yeah, that’s right. How could you chase her away as soon as your dad resumes breathing? Even if your dad’s awake, he won’t return her kindness with ingratitude!”

“That’s right. Let’s have this lady stay here instead until the ambulance arrives.”

Celina folded her arms across her chest in a perverse attitude. “Gentlemen, I know you guys are hoping for nothing but my dad’s death so that you guys could steal his business from him. Stop pretending like you’re his sworn brothers here!”

“You! How could you say something like that?!”

“Okay, it’s our fault for poking our nose into somebody else’s business. Let’s go!”


The men then left the room in a huff.

Regina wanted to stop them, but she dared not leave the room lest anything might happen to David again.

As soon as they left, Celina acted even more recklessly. She had suffered a lot of grievances out there just now because of Elise, so how could she not get back at the latter all at once this time?

Celina’s venomous gaze rested on Elise for a moment. Then, she angrily charged at Elise and raised her hand in an attempt to slap the latter. However, just as her hand was still in midair, a man suddenly stretched out his large hand from behind and grabbed her, rendering her unable to move.

Celina’s eyes turned cold when she threw her head back to see who it was. “K-Kenneth? Why are you here?”

Kenneth’s eyes gleamed with grimness. “Hmm? Won’t you be able to hurt her if I’m absent?” He grabbed Celina’s hand in a vice-like grip before shaking her hand off forcefully and flinging her to the ground. I never hit women, except for those who bully Elise.

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