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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 531

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 531

The One Trying to Kill Her Father

At this very moment, Faye’s heart stopped as the guests condemned her one after another.

“To think that someone came to the Saunders Residence wearing a red dress! What a nerve!”

“Who is she? Does she bear a grudge against the Saunderses or something? Isn’t it obvious that she’s trying to embarrass them?”

“Everyone knows that when Mrs. Saunders died, rumors about her red dress were all over the tabloid magazines. Mr. Saunders even withdrew from the public eye for nearly half a year because of that!”

“It’s mean of her to spoil the party using the party host’s scandals!”

Soon, the young ladies who had gone shopping and had afternoon tea with Faye before recognized her. “Oh, my God! Is that Faye? Does she have a screw loose or something? Why would she come here while dressed up like that?!”

“She and Celina had always been inseparable when we hung out together. Is she wearing a red dress to mock Mr. Saunders for having been cuckolded?”

“My world’s turning upside down, honestly. I used to think that Faye was pretty nice, but I didn’t expect her to be such a woman in private. I gotta be on guard against her at my family’s parties from now on…”

Faye clutched the skirt of her dress; her beautifully-outlined bare shoulders were deeply sunken with extreme nervousness. She had intended to steal the limelight at the party with her beauty, but she never thought she would end up being condemned by everyone. She felt like her feet had been filled with lead, and she didn’t know whether to leave or not.

David stared hard at Faye; the red color of her dress occupied his mind’s eye, approaching him and wrapping itself tightly around him like a huge piece of red plastic, rendering him unable to breathe. He recalled the car accident back then, as well as the reports on his wife’s love affair with that guy and the countless gossip mocking him for being cuckolded. His cheeks flushed crimson with indignation, and his eyes became bloodshot. In an instant, he became unable to breathe; he clutched his chest and collapsed face down with a loud thud!

Celina immediately rushed to David when she heard him collapsing on stage with a thud, but she couldn’t prop him up as a lady. In the end, several guests nearby worked together to help David up.

The situation went out of control right away as all the guests surrounded David. The scene was in complete chaos. Some tried to give David first-aid, whereas some called for an ambulance.

However, Celina was only pretending to be nervous. She never thought that David would be so angry, though such a reaction from him would apparently be of great help to her plan—she had purposely refrained from looking back just now, believing that the person who had come in was Elise. However, when David showed no signs of regaining consciousness upon receiving first-aid, she finally panicked for real. “Dad! Dad, wake up!” She gave David a hard shove, but he didn’t show any signs of life, as if… As if he’s dead!

Celina’s lips parted slightly in horror. After a long time, she tentatively put out two fingers and put them under David’s nose. After a few seconds, her face turned ashen. She faltered, “D-Dad’s not b-breathing anymore…”

“What?! Mr. Saunders is dead?!”

“Oh, God! How could this happen?”

“Has anyone called for an ambulance? No, let’s send him to the hospital right away. We can’t wait for an ambulance anymore!”

“What’s the point of sending him to the hospital? He’s not breathing anymore!”

As the situation got completely out of hand, someone lunged at Faye and grabbed her. “She’s the culprit! Arrest her!”

“She’s the one who killed Mr. Saunders!”

Celina’s mind went totally blank. She could no longer care about her plan or Elise or anything else. All she had wanted was to embarrass Elise in public and destroy the latter’s good reputation by using her dead mother. But who would’ve thought that her father, who loved her more than anyone else did, would end up dying because of that? This isn’t what I wanted—never!

It had only been over a decade since the Saunders Family went up in the world, so the family’s footing wasn’t solid yet. Moreover, David had never touched another woman since his wife passed away, so Celina was the only other person left in the Saunders Family at present. If David died, how was she supposed to manage her family and protect their business?!

A tremendous sense of fear came over Celina. Soon afterward, though, she found an outlet to vent her fears—that was, her hatred for Elise! If it weren’t for Elise, all of this wouldn’t have happened. It was Elise who killed Dad. I’m gonna get her to pay for this with her own life!

At this very moment, Celina could no longer care about anything else. I must make Elise die for this! She sniffled as a murderous flicker flashed across her eyes. Then, she stood up, ready to go to Elise and fight the latter to the death.

However, just as she was about to turn around, a gentle yet firm voice stood out in the rowdy living hall. “Let me through, please. I know some first aid. The ambulance’s gonna take some time to arrive, so let me give the man first aid first.”

Celina immediately recognized Elise’s voice. How could she have the cheek to say she wants to save Dad after angering him to death? she thought. She turned around and looked viciously in the voice’s direction, but she didn’t see Elise dressed in a red evening dress as she had imagined. Instead, the lady was dressed in a silver sequin dress that made her look as beautiful as a mermaid princess who had just come ashore, causing all the other female guests nearby to pale in comparison.

What’s going on? She isn’t wearing the red dress? Who’s the person that made Dad so angry, then? Dumbfounded, Celina turned her gaze away from Elise. Almost immediately, she followed the extremely eye-catching red color with her eyes and saw Faye being caught. What? It’s Faye?! Why her?! The red dress I delivered was intended for Elise! In other words, the one who killed my father isn’t Elise, but Faye, my bestie?! This is impossible! This can’t be true!

Elise had come forward before Celina recovered from her shock. She had been waiting outside the Saunders Residence, and it wasn’t until Faye showed up that she came in after her. Therefore, she didn’t miss a single second of what had happened just now. While she found the situation ironic, she couldn’t help but heave an inward sigh of relief for herself. If she hadn’t been cautious enough to not chance wearing that dress, she would’ve been the one who was being caught and becoming everyone’s favorite Aunt Sally right now. Not only that, but she would’ve also been publicly disgraced for being a murderer.

Elise lowered her eyes before looking intently at Celina again with a chillingly murderous look in her eyes. Wanna make me a social pariah, huh? Alright then, I’ll let you experience what it feels like to pay a double penalty! Concealing her real emotions at once, she placed her hand on Celina’s shoulder and comforted her gently, saying, “Don’t worry, Celina. I have some knowledge in first aid, so let me take a look at your dad. Perhaps he still has a chance to stay alive.”

Celina came to her senses the instant Elise’s hand touched her shoulder. “Get out of my house now, you b*tch!” She shoved Elise right away. Pointing at the latter, she swore, “You wanna save him? I think you want him to die even faster!”

The instant she said that, the guests looked at her with a hint of skepticism in their eyes. In a situation as hopeless as this one, even a stranger might be of help. And yet she swore at the person who kindly volunteered to save her father? Seems like the person who wants Mr. Saunders to die even faster isn’t this lady, but Celina! Perhaps she’s been coveting Mr. Saunders’ wealth for a long time and has been wishing for him to die sooner! What an ungrateful daughter!

Regina didn’t expect that David would be angered to death, so she quickly came to Celina and grabbed her, pleading, “Please come to your senses, Miss Celina. Do you really want to get Master David killed? He’s your father! Hurry up and let this lady save him!”

The guests no longer remained silent as well. They chimed in, “That’s right, Celina. It’s wrong of you to behave like this. If your dad really ends up dying due to a delay in first-aid, you’ll be responsible for it!”

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