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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 467

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 467

A flicker of resentment flashed across Maya’s eyes for an instant, but it quickly vanished as she looked up at Elise sincerely. “You’re right I could never have come between you two since the very beginning. Everything that happened in the past is all my fault. I wonder if you can let me stay around you two from now on, even as a servant. Please think of this as giving me an opportunity to make amends for what I’ve done.”

However, Nathan unmasked her mercilessly at once. “What a funny woman you are! Weren’t you having your eyes on Elise’s boyfriend carlier? What, are you switching to the softer approach now? Wanna steal Alexander from Elise by staying close to them? You sure have no problem humbling yourself, huh?”

“No, I won’t do that anymore!” Maya explained in a panic. “I promise that I’ll obey no one else but Miss Sinclair. If you guys are still worried, from now on, whenever I see Alexander, I’ll automatically keep a three-meter distance from him. Are you guys still not gonna believe me if I do this?”

Alexander shook his head, sighing. “You don’t have to do this.”

Maya dared not look at him; she merely stared stubbornly at Elise, waiting for her reply.

Finally, after a long time, Elise replied slowly, “That’s not necessary. I have enough servants at home, and besides, I don’t have the habit of abusing others and ordering people around. You’ve paid for everything you did to me when the Dahlens went bankrupt, so we no longer owe each other anything. From now on, let’s go our separate ways. Don’t show up in front of me anymore.” With that, she turned around and got into Alexander’s car without the slightest hesitation.

Nathan and Alexander both darted a glance at Maya before getting into their respective cars. Soon, both cars disappeared into the flow of traffic.

As Maya sat slumped on the ground, her face slowly contorted with hatred. Her hands clenched tightly into fists, and she ground her teeth audibly. Who does Elise think she is by acting all high and mighty? What else does she have left without her man? Does she think she can just walk away after ruining me? It’s not that easy! Since I can no longer find happiness, I’ll never let her live a peaceful life! At the thought of this, she immediately got up and into her worn-out SUV. Then, she quickly started up her car, heading for the Sinclair Residence.

Meanwhile, Elise and the others arrived home just in time for dinner. Everyone in the family sat around the dining table, but their mood was a bit down with the absence of Jeanie, Trevor, and Claude. The only person who enjoyed dinner with great relish was Nathan, who lived alone and thus seldom had the opportunity to eat home-cooked meals. Even though he often had dinner with his clients, those dinners were all formal with food that was bland and tasteless. On the contrary, both the food served at the Sinclair Residence and the atmosphere here made him feel somewhat at home.

Moses listlessly reminded Nathan, saying, “Watch your table manners a little, Mr. York. You’re a financial tycoon with at least billions of funds in your hands, after all.” I haven’t bickered with Claude today. How boring, he thought.

Nathan’s expression froze for a moment before he smiled with embarrassment. “He he… I’ll try my best, okay?”

“Don’t listen to him, President York! Feel free to eat as much as you please, and come here often.” Danny said. He had heard many legends about Nathan, who was great enough to be idolized by every hot-blooded youth because he had single-handedly striven to become who he was today. It felt like a dream to Danny that he was now having dinner with the legendary man.

Just then, a loud clang came from the gate. When everyone turned to look at the gate, they saw a thin and weak figure dragging a bag of stuff into the yard with great difficulty under the dim light. However, it wasn’t until she came nearer that they got a good look at her face.

“Isn’t she that daughter of the Dahlen Family?” Nathan frowned. “Didn’t she have enough after extorting money from Alexander back on the road? How dare she pursue us all the way here? Seems like I haven’t done enough damage to her family yet,” he said while putting down his cutlery. Then, he walked out first, threatening, “Wanna latch onto us, huh? Don’t you know that an unmarried woman like you should keep your distance from men? Get lost at once along with your stuff, or I don’t mind letting you experience total despair!”

Maya glared at him bitterly. “Well then, just go ahead and let me go bankrupt once again! I’m afraid of nothing. I’ve lost everything now, anyway!”

Indeed, a person who had nothing in the world was the hardest to deal with. They had nothing to lose, so they had nothing to be afraid of.

However, Nathan was no simpleton. Having fought his way up from the bottom rung of society, he had seen all kinds of people and used all kinds of tricks. The instant Maya growled at him, he immediately gave off a commanding aura through every pore with a murderous look in his shrewd eyes. “Well, seems like you aren’t even afraid of death.”

Maya swallowed a mouthful of saliva almost imperceptibly. She was afraid of dying, of course, but she couldn’t yield to Nathan. She had to stay here to pay them back a hundredfold for the suffering they had inflicted on her. “Wanna kill me, huh? Well, you can do that, but get in the line!” She went past Nathan right away. Walking a few steps into the yard, she shouted, “Elise, I know I can’t hide it from you. It’s right that I have a purpose in cottoning up to you, but it’s not for Alexander’s sake-it’s for the sake of my dad. He’s been in a vegetative state since the Dahlens went bankrupt, but I know you have a way of curing him. As long as you’re willing to do so, I’m willing to do anything. Even if you’re not, I’ll stay at the Sinclair Residence as a servant until the day you’re finally willing to treat my dad!”

Elise calmly picked up a piece of vegetable, put it in her bowl, and toyed with it for a moment. Then, she laughed as if she had heard a joke, saying, “Sounds like you’re not gonna leave if I refuse to treat your dad, huh?”

“That’s right,” Maya replied with determination. “My dad has doted on me his entire life, so there’s no way I’m gonna leave him in the lurch. Elise, just take this as my plea to you. I can even kneel down if you want me to.” Almost as soon as she finished saying that, she knelt down on the ground with a thud. “I can kneel to you. As long as you’re content and appeased, I’m willing to do anything!”

Elise narrowed her eyes. She was unfazed by such moral coercion, but Maya was someone Alexander knew in person, after all. Therefore, she quietly observed his response.

Alexander seemed to be in a world totally different from theirs, though; he was peeling the shrimps before him with rapt attention. After peeling a bowlful of shrimps, he wiped his hands

clean with a napkin and put the bowl of peeled shrimps in front of Elise, smiling faintly. “I tasted one of them, and it’s pretty sweet. You can eat more of these since shrimps won’t make you fat.”

Elise understood what the man was implying with his gesture-he implied that he would let her make decisions herself, and that he wouldn’t interfere with her decisions. Quirking up the corner of her mouth, she picked up a shrimp and put it into her mouth. After chewing it for a while, she swallowed it, crinkled her eyes, and smiled at Alexander. “It’s sweet indeed.”

Alexander smiled with satisfaction without saying a word in response. Lowering his head, he picked up his cutlery and continued eating slowly.

Only then did Elise turn to look at the yard behind her. “Since she wants to kneel, let her kneel as she pleases. Don’t spoil the fun for her, Natty. Come back and eat.” Her voice was neither soft nor loud, but what it said was resounding.

With that, the murderous aura around Nathan disappeared at once, and he quickly returned to his seat and picked up his cutlery. Then, lowering his head quietly, he asked in a whisper, “Can you address me by a different nickname next time? I’m a financial tycoon, after all, Save me some dignity, will you?” No matter how I think about it, Natty sounds like a name for an odd jobs man or a servant for a rich family!

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