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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 463

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 463

As soon as Elise finished her sentence, though, Alexander stepped out of the ward. “I heard what you two said just now. Mrs. Anderson, you have to believe that Elise knows what to do and what not to do,” he said impassively. “I’ll go with her, so you can rest assured.”

Since he had said so, Jeanie couldn’t stop Elise anymore, so she had no choice but to give them the nod.

Alexander and Elise then exchanged a brief look before walking outside together tacitly.

The car drove away from the hospital. After the couple were a distance away from the hospital, Alexander broke the silence, asking, “What are you gonna do after arriving at the Anderson Residence?”

Elise rested her elbow on the car window to support her chin. Staring blankly out of the window, she said absentmindedly, “Act according to the circumstances, I guess. I don’t know what’s gonna happen either.”

However, Alexander asked, “What if your dad defends Faye?” He knew it was cruel of him to say this, but he had to do so since he didn’t want Elise to face the scene unprepared.

Upon hearing his question, Elise fell silent for a moment. After all, Austin had viewed Faye as his only daughter over the last dozen years, so their relationship was close. In fact, Faye had already been much dearer to him long ago than Elise—his biological daughter-did. It wasn’t that Elise hadn’t thought of the possibility Alexander brought up; she just didn’t expect that she would be facing it so soon.

However, some things were inescapable.

Elise never intended to provoke Austin and Faye on her own initiative. To put it in an uncaring way, as long as Faye didn’t hurt who she cared about, she wouldn’t give a damn about it if Faye stole the Anderson Family’s property or even Austin away. But since Faye was behind Trevor’s car accident, she would certainly find out the truth about it.

As for Austin… Elise had seen how much Alexander suffered at the hands of Madeline and Adam, so her reason wouldn’t allow her to make the same mistake. Her only worry was that she might go soft on him because of their blood relationship.

“It doesn’t matter if anyone defends Faye. She has hurt my brother.” She raised her voice, as if talking to Alexander while hypnotizing herself and warning herself not to waver.

“Okay.” Alexander reached his hand out to hold hers. “I’m always on your side.”

Elise fiddled with his hand with a wry smile without answering him.

When the car stopped in front of the Anderson Residence, the couple got out of the car together and rang the doorbell.

The servant trotted out from the inside and stood behind the iron fence. After looking at Elise’s face, she opened the gate from the inside. “Welcome back, Miss Yoona,” she said with a respectful smile.

“Do you know me?” Elise remembered that she had never come to the Anderson Residence before, let alone identify herself.

“Yes, of course. Everyone in the household knows that you’ve been found. It’s Master Austin who said so himself in front of everyone, and he even showed us your picture and told us to keep your appearance in mind and respect you just as we respect Miss Faye. He really cares a lot about you,” the servant said while leading them into the house.

Her words rendered Elise at a loss for a reply for a moment.

Alexander took Elise’s hand while picking up on the topic on his own initiative, asking, “Did Mr. Anderson give any other instructions?”

“That’s for certain,” the servant answered. Her words gushed out as she continued, “Not only did he have Miss Yoona’s room renovated and redecorated, but he even had the kitchen prepare a new menu according to her past favorites to make it convenient for her to come back anytime. Oh, by the way, Miss Yoona, you’re gonna stay for dinner this time, right? What would you like to eat? I’ll tell the kitchen right away.”

“No, that’s not necessary. We’ll leave after saying a few words to Mr. Anderson. Your madam’s still waiting for her to go back, after all,” Alexander replied gently.

“Haha! So Miss Yoona and Madam are closer, huh? But it’s bad to forget about such a good father like Master Austin, Miss Yoona. I’ve watched him have dinner alone every single day, and he seems quite lonely. If you’re free, please come back and visit him often,” reminded the servant.

Alexander replied good-temperedly, “We already have our own plans about this, so please don’t worry about it.”

The servant could tell that Alexander was a well-brought-up man. When he said he and Elise had already made plans, he was actually implying that she shouldn’t be too much of a busybody, but he had said so in a way that spared her feelings. “Yes, you’re right, sir. Sorry for speaking out of turn,” she apologized. Then, she pointed to the sofa, saying, “Sir, Miss Yoona, please wait here while I call Master Austin downstairs.” As she spoke, she was about to go to Austin.

However. Elise said, “Just tell Faye to come downstairs. I know she’s at home.” Before coming here, she had tracked Faye’s location and learned that she was at the Anderson Residence.

The servant didn’t understand why, but Austin had said before that Elise’s orders had to be obeyed too. Therefore, she obediently went in another direction and went upstairs to go to Faye.

Instead of Faye, it was Austin who came downstairs shortly after the servant went upstairs. He slowly came downstairs before greeting Elise and Alexander, saying, “You’re back, huh?” Then, he asked, “How’s Trevor? Has he gotten any better?”

Elise sounded a bit displeased, though. “How much better can he get in a vegetative state?”

“You’re right.” Austin let out a sigh. Then, he looked up at her, asking, “Why are you asking for Faye?”

Coming straight to the point, Elise replied, “To seek justice for Trevor.”

“You came here after listening to your mom’s allegations, eh?” Austin lowered his head with a wave of his hand. “Those were nothing but groundless speculations that have no factual basis. You shouldn’t take them at face value.”

“Who am I supposed to trust if I don’t trust my mom? Should I trust an outsider like you do?” Elise shot back in a confrontational manner.

“What nonsense are you talking about? There are no outsiders in this family!” Austin pulled a long face in displeasure. “Both you and your sister are my daughters. There’s nothing different.”

Elise didn’t want to keep arguing with him over the subject. Directly, she got around the sofa and headed upstairs.

“What are you doing?!” Austin jumped to his feet. “Are you gonna hurt your own sister in front of me?!”

Elise paused in her tracks, but she didn’t look back. “That’s just your imagination. I’ve never acknowledged before that I have a sister,” she said while walking upstairs.

Austin strode up to Elise. Standing on the stairs, he reproached Elise in a condescending manner, saying, “Just walk over my dead body if you want to hurt your sister without any justification!”

Elise retracted her feet and looked up at Austin. Then, she narrowed her eyes, which shone with a dangerous gleam. “Are you determined to defend her?”

Austin didn’t answer her.

Elise then asked, “Do you know that Trevor’s now as good as dead?”

“He’s not dead yet,” Austin retorted almost stubbornly. “I know about my own son. He won’t die so easily.”

“Easily?” Elise sneered. “Did you forget the years you guys spent at Pinewood Hospital? You didn’t see the nurse wipe the blood off Trevor’s body, so you thought he wouldn’t be in pain, did you?”

Austin shut up again; he had nothing to say.

“It seems that you’ve made the choice, but I’m gonna ask you again,” Elise said recklessly in despair. “Either hand Faye over and let me take her away today, or I’ll leave right away and take action against the Andersons from now on. Make your choice.”

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