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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 462

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 462

Elise paused. Before she could turn around, Macaque had respectfully presented her with a box in his hand.

Bryce smiled a faint smile. “I’m also worried about your brother after he was hurt like that, El. This medicine can’t bring the dying back to life, but it can keep him in a state of suspended animation for half a year to buy you time to save him.”

Elise darted a glance at the box in Macaque’s hand. Instead of taking the box right away, she threw a sidelong glance behind her. “And the conditions are?”

That was the reason Elise had never really taken too much advantage of Bryce despite them having known each other for such a long time. Whatever he gave her, he would always have her pay him back doubly in other ways. It had occurred to Elise more than once that it was a waste of his talents for Bryce, who was so good at doing business, to stay in the black market. He should’ve joined the financial market to play the numbers game with those capitalists, she thought.

“That’s why I’d say no one in the world knows me better than you do, El,” Bryce replied ingratiatingly.

“Stop beating around the bush. Just cut to the chase,” Elise said irritably.

“Alright. You never speak with me longer than necessary, anyway; I’m already used to it.” Bryce put down his wine glass. When he looked up again, his eyes flickered with shrewdness. “I want you to participate in the arena ten times and win all of them for me.”

“Okay,” Elise replied without hesitation. After a moment’s pause, she turned to look at Bryce, her eyes slightly narrowed. “Tell me who asked you to give me the medicine.” Bryce had few things to care about, but he didn’t have much time to spend at leisure, so he couldn’t possibly have looked into the Anderson Family’s affairs. Since he had the medicine prepared beforehand, someone must have told him to do so.

“Well…” Bryce hesitated without giving Elise the answer. After lowering his head, he continued with a half-smile, “That’d be a separate deal, El. Short debts make long friends. If you want to know who it is, you’ve got to wait until you have something I


“Great.” Elise clenched her teeth. Then, she turned around, took the box from Macaque, and left the room without looking back.

Bryce watched all of this quietly, but the smile in his eyes slowly faded. Then, he said indifferently through his thin lips, “Go make arrangements for the arena matches.”

“Yes, Master Bryce,” Macaque replied reverently.

Elise returned to the hospital with the medicine. After she administered it to Trevor, his vital signs quickly stabilized.

Thomas was called over at the last minute, but the results of the medical examination were similar to what Bryce had said: Trevor had gone into a vegetative state once again. Even though the results were still unacceptable, he was lucky to have escaped death, so Jeanie and Austin thought it was a silver lining.

After the medical staff had left, Elise spotted Harald in the hallway and made an excuse to leave the ward. Seeing him entering the nearest emergency exit, she followed behind him quietly.

Slowly, she heard voices coming from the stairwell. Harald said, “…Have you thought this through? That guy refused to take responsibility for you earlier, and now he’d become a vegetable. You’re not his girlfriend or anything right now, so the Andersons aren’t gonna think highly of you if you volunteer to look after him.”

Then, a young female voice replied, “He just didn’t know what had happened, but it’s fine as long as I know it myself. He’s my first man, Harald. I can’t just leave him to die.”

The Field Family had only one daughter. Judging from the voice, it was probably Yvonne.

Harald let out a heavy breath. “How could you call that ‘leave him to die? You’re an unmarried lady. How could you go look after a guy? If that guy still refuses to marry you after he comes around, who else in the world’s gonna marry you?”

“If the Andersons are really that ungrateful, I’ll stay unmarried for life. I’m smart, anyway. When I graduate, I’ll naturally find a good job to support myself” Yvonne replied in a fit of pique.

Harald didn’t sound very pleased either. “That’s nonsense! There isn’t a girl who stays unmarried for life!”

It surprised Elise that the Field Family still had a daughter who had such a noble character. Indeed, with the state Trevor is in, he needs someone to look after him constantly.

Money can buy people, but it can’t buy a genuine heart, she thought. After pondering for a moment, she walked over to the wooden door of the emergency exit and opened it.

Fifteen minutes later, Elise returned to the ward with Yvonne.

Looking at Yvonne, Jeanie asked, “Elise, who is…”

“She’s the caretaker I’ve found for Trevor. She can be trusted.” Then, Elise said, “Yvonne, you’ll be in charge of looking after my brother from now on.”

“Okay.” Yvonne nodded.

However, Jeanie doubted Yvonne’s capabilities somewhat because of how young she looked. “Are you really up to the task? You look so young.”

“I am, Mrs. Anderson. I took care of my mom during the ten years she was bedridden, and the doctors praised me for not letting her suffer the least bit,” Yvonne said sincerely.

Seeing that Yvonne was quite well-behaved, Jeanie didn’t give her too much of a hard time. “Alright then. Since you’re the person Yoyo hired, I’ll let you try it. If you can’t do the job, we can hire another person to help you.”

With that, Yvonne stayed beside Trevor and looked after him under the assumed name of Yvonne Greens.

Having made the arrangements for it, Elise had Jeanie meet her alone outside the ward. She asked with a serious look on her face, “Mom, you said earlier that it was because of Faye that my brother got into this state. On what basis did you say that?”

Upon hearing Elise’s words, Jeanie felt a twinge in her nose, and her eyes reddened.

At last, my Yoyo is willing to acknowledge Trevor as her brother, she thought.

“What’s wrong?” Elise didn’t realize she had just called Trevor as her brother in front of Jeanie. Ever since she acknowledged him as her brother, everything seemed to fall into place, as though that was the way things were supposed to be.

“Nothing.” Jeanie fought back the tears that sprang to her eyes. After collecting herself, she explained, “Trevor was supposed to keep me company at home these days, but he got wind that Faye was bidding for a piece of land in Riverdale. If she succeeded in doing so, she’d gain greater support from the board of directors than before, so Trevor drove to Riverdale overnight, planning to stop that woman by

getting his hands on that piece of land before she did. But who would’ve thought that he’d get into such a terrible car accident as soon as he left the city? Faye has to have

something to do with this!”

Then, she suddenly stopped and grabbed Elise’s hand nervously. “That woman’s a madwoman, Yoona. I’ll avenge your brother, so don’t get yourself involved in this. Now that your brother’s already in such a state, you mustn’t get in trouble as well.”

“Mom.” Elise took Jeanie’s hand with a determined look in her eyes. “The one who’s gonna be in trouble isn’t me, but the one who did this to Trevor. Please watch over him while I go to the Anderson Residence.”

“No, you can’t!” Jeanie grabbed Elise’s hand in a tight grip. “I can’t let you go there. Your dad’s been taken in by her. How are you gonna fight against them alone? Just take this as my plea to you, Yoyo: stay here, and never go anywhere or do anything, okay?”

Elise knitted her fine eyebrows slightly. She replied in a helpless tone, “Do you think she’ll let all of us off if we do nothing?”

“I know she won’t…” Jeanie’s eyes suddenly shone with a determination to face death unflinchingly. “But Yoyo, you’re not supposed to be facing all this. Just give me a bit more time. I’ll take care of all this!”

Elise had a vague feeling that something was amiss. “What are you gonna do?”

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