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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 454

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 454

Healthy With No Bad Habits

Upon hearing that, Elise expressionlessly looked at the man who seemed to be the leader. “You’re the one doing business with him?”

“What? You’ve never heard of the great Nightfall, pretty?” The man’s expression was aggressive and disdainful. “But it doesn’t matter if you haven’t; the only one you need to remember is me, Mad Dog. This isn’t something that you have any power over. Grab your little wh*re and get the hell out of here!”

“Watch your mouth! Who are you calling a wh*re?” Danny yelled.

“I’m talking about you! What? You wanna practice throwing hands with us?”

“If practice is what you want, then you’ll have it!” As he spoke, Danny whipped his jacket off and raised his fists in preparation to fight. He might not be as strong a fighter as Alexander, but getting in a few punches wasn’t something impossible for him.

When he passed Elise, a hand suddenly reached out and stopped him.

“Don’t worry, Elise. Let me at them. It’s just a few people; they might not actually defeat me. We might not have to run.” Danny was confident in his combat skills.

Elise outright ignored him as she looked at the man in front of her with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “You got it wrong—we have no intention of getting into an altercation with you; we just want to strike a deal with you too.”

“A deal?” Mad Dog grinned in disdain, a sly glint flashing across his eyes for a moment before being quickly buried. “So, which one of you here is the merchandise?” he asked in faux bashfulness.

Elise initially wanted to say that she was the merchandise, but she felt that it didn’t sound that believable. The gears in her head whirred, and then she reached out to pull Danny over and pat his chest. “This guy. He’s healthy, and he doesn’t have any bad habits like smoking or drinking. Name your price.”

Danny opened his mouth to protest, but when Elise shot him a glare, he promptly got into the role he was supposed to play. Instantly, he turned into the protagonist of an angsty, tragic movie. “That’s right, it’s me. But, I’m the only one being sold here. Since I’m so dashingly handsome, can you please name a higher number?”

Mad Dog scrutinized Danny thoughtfully. “That’s not my decision to make; I gotta go back first and discuss with my superior. Don’t worry though—we’ve always been honest and fair when it comes to business. We won’t be fleecing you.”

“Sure. Go now, then,” Elise said while smiling.

“You’re an impatient one.” Mad Dog glanced at her meaningfully before he turned to order his subordinates. “You two there—take that guy back to base. The rest of you will come with me!” He then gestured at Danny and Elise with his chin a few times. “Don’t just stand there. Come.”

With that, he turned and headed in the same direction as he came, leading the way as he did so.

Elise swaggered after him while Danny tailed her closely. At the very back of their entourage were Mad Dog’s two henchmen.

They maintained their positions throughout the journey—Elise and Danny in the center while Mad Dog and his men sandwiched them. Slowly, they were led from the crowded and noisy bustle of the streets into a deserted alley.

It was then that Danny realized something was fishy. “These people are suspicious. Don’t get caught in their trap,” he whispered.

However, Elise continued her carefree demeanor, as though nothing was happening.

At last, they were led to a dead end. A repulsive man stood at the very end. Slowly, he turned around to look slyly at them. At the same time, over a dozen men suddenly gathered by the entrance of the alley with sticks and baseball bats in hand as they gradually made their way closer to Danny and Elise.

Danny looked behind him warily, getting into a defensive stance.

“Where’s your superior?” Elise asked calmly, a smile playing on her lips.

One of the thugs behind her raised his voice. “Girlie, you didn’t even know that only the Bossman’s word is needed when it comes to black market stuff before, and you still had the guts to come knocking on our door! You’re hilariously brave!”

Elise’s gaze lowered. After a moment of thought, she spoke to Mad Dog. “So, if I cut you down, then we can seal this black market deal?”

“Hehe…” Mad Dog chuckled in objection. “You look pretty small, but you sure talk big, pretty. Tell me then—which gang are you from? How dare you challenge Nightfall?” he said mockingly.

“I don’t belong to any gang; I just don’t like the sight of your face.” With a flick of her hand, a silver needle fell into her palm.

“If that’s the case, then don’t blame me when I go all out on you despite you being a girl.” Mad Dog’s expression darkened as he harshly gritted out an order. “Beat up the guy till he’s dead. Capture the girl alive!”

The moment the last word fell, the crowd of men behind surged forward, brandishing their weapons as they charged at Danny.

Danny’s combat skills were not shabby. Each punch of his rang true, and he flowed into each move smoothly, so although he was severely outnumbered, none of his opponents could get close to him.

While the thugs couldn’t gain the upper hand, there was no one watching Elise’s back now.

Seeing this, Mad Dog approached her with an insincere smile. “Hey pretty, I’ll get them to leave his corpse in one piece so long you call me ‘honey.’ How about that?”

After that, he reached out to touch Elise’s face with a lecherous smile.

“I don’t like others touching me.” Elise’s expression abruptly chilled, her voice sounding like it had frozen over. “If you want to cross my limits, you’ll have to pay the price,” she continued.

Mad Dog’s hand uncontrollably froze in place a few inches away from Elise’s face. He craned his neck in irritation to carefully study her face again. That was a 17, 18-year-old girl, all right. She looked absolutely harmless. There was nothing to fear about her.

At that thought, his tenseness slipped away. Narrowing his eyes, he bravely continued to move his hand closer to Elise’s face.

Right at that moment, an even louder racket came from the entrance to the alleyway.

“Who are you guys? Ah!”

As the screams continued, the thugs attacking Danny rushed over to the source of the noise in droves.

Mad Dog couldn’t help but turn his head to look as well. Taking advantage of the sudden opportunity, Elise quickly flung her hand out, a silver needle instantly jabbing into his offending hand.

In just a moment, Mad Dog was in so much agony from the abrupt jolt-like sensation that he couldn’t even stand straight. He stumbled a few steps backward before he finally fell to his knees.

“Didn’t I say that you’ll have to pay?” Elise looked down at him from where she stood, a chilly gleam shining in her pretty eyes.

Meanwhile behind her, the thugs soon lost the fight, having been sent flying to the ground. It wasn’t until all of the thugs were down that Danny saw that the newcomers were Alexander and Cameron.

Alexander walked past the thugs expressionlessly as they lay on the ground wailing. When he reached Elise’s side, he took off his coat and draped it over her shoulders. “I thought I told you to wait for me by the street?”

“This is an accident,” Elise said with an innocent look on her face as she shrugged.

“You always have an excuse.” Alexander crooked his finger and gently tapped her head, but his voice was soft and warm. “Let’s see if you can remember my words better next time!”

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