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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 451

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 451

Tickets to the Black Market

Joseph hesitated for a moment. Seeing that Elise wasn’t saying anything to stop him, he said with a nod, “I’ll think about it.”

Danny jumped with excitement. “Oh, yeah! Please be sure to think this over! I was afraid that you wouldn’t think about it, you know?” he said. After a moment, he collected himself and said unflinchingly, “Come on, I’m ready. Whatever the test is, bring it on!”

“Hmm.” Joseph frowned slightly. “Firstly… get out of my room.”

Danny’s overflowing enthusiasm was quenched at once. “Huh?”

“You idiot.” Elise slapped the back of Danny’s head from behind. “He’s now a patient who needs rest. You want to see him being sickly all the time?!”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right!” Danny ducked his head while nodding vigorously. “Well, in that case, I won’t be bothering you anymore, Mr. Fuller. Just tell me if you need anything. Starting from today, I’m at SK Group’s disposal. Just put me wherever you need me to be!”

Joseph was speechless; he didn’t expect Danny to be so good at talking. With an awkward look of embarrassment on his face, he said, “I’ll remember you.”

Danny clenched a fist in front of his chest and made an encouraging gesture to cheer Joseph on. Facing Joseph, he thumped on his chest before leaving the room in a solemn manner.

At the sight of the scene, Joseph’s eyebrows twitched continuously. He began to wonder if he had made a wrong decision.

Elise gave Joseph a sympathetic look. Then, she closed the door and left as well.

Meanwhile, Danny was hopping and leaping around like a rabbit in the courtyard, giving Alexander no peace.

Alexander shook his head. “When will you behave more like an adult?” he asked, before walking toward Elise. “Ellie, what kind of medicinal ingredients do Grandma and the one in there need to recuperate? Just make me a list. The black market will open in the suburbs tonight, so I’m gonna buy them back.”

“Is the black market coming to Athesea too?” asked Elise.

“Uh-huh.” Alexander nodded. “It’s been 13 years since it last opened. You’re lucky.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Elise agreed.

One of the reasons the black market had endured through so many years was that it had always been held randomly in different places. In order to see and experience in person what the black market was like, one had no choice but to follow the information released on the darknet. Also, its actual venue would only be announced the day before it actually opened.

Even so, the black market had attracted black market lovers from all over the country and even all over the world, who gathered at the black market like moths flying into flames. Therefore, those who could enter the black market had to be considerably powerful in terms of both social background and financial resources.

In other words, being a shareholder of Frazier Incorporated alone wouldn’t be enough for that. Elise knew that Alexander had an even greater power backing him up—only it wasn’t yet the time for him to tell her about it.

Just then, Danny threw himself at them and said with a slur in his voice, “Count me in, Alexander!”

“You?” Alexander raised his eyebrows, which was pretty rare. “If I take you there with me, you’ll end up being sold off without you realizing it.”

However, Danny argued, “Are you really my brother, Alexander? Yeah, all I know is to eat, drink, and have fun, but it’s not like I wanted to be like that in the first place. You never took me out with you and let me see the world, so when am I gonna learn something?” At this moment, he felt like a talented young man in ancient times, who failed to land a job in the government and was both depressed and frustrated from being unable to fulfill his ambitions.

Alexander’s eyes dimmed a little at Danny’s words, but he wasn’t good at consoling people. Seeing the world wasn’t just as simple as what it sounded like. Now that the situation was still volatile, how could he agree to risk Danny’s life by taking the latter out with him?

Noticing the change in Alexander’s expression, Elise put out her hand and gave Danny a pat on the back in an easy manner. “I’ll take you there.”

“Ellie!” Alexander instantly got nervous, as though he was being confronted by a formidable enemy. “Stop fooling around. You know that the black market is no ordinary market, and that you can be in danger anytime. You’d better not go there yourself, let alone take Danny with you.”

Danny’s hope, which had just been kindled, was extinguished at once. In an instant, he lost heart completely.

“It’s okay,” Elise replied calmly. “It’s not that dangerous. As it happens, I also want to visit an old friend at the black market, so I can take Danny with me while I’m at it. And besides, you’ve forgotten something; I’m not one of those damsels who live a pampered life and never need to fend for themselves.”

Alexander had no choice but to relent. After all, he could say no to anyone except Elise. “Okay, you may go there, but we have to agree on a few rules. You must stay within my sight and be no further than one meter away from me at all times. Also, you must always listen to me,” he said with a serious look on his face.

“Okay,” Elise said. It’s always been like this as long as he’s present, anyway.

Alexander nodded. However, upon seeing Danny, whose eyes almost popped out of his head in excitement, he resumed a stern countenance. “Don’t get too excited about it yet. I’m going to make calls now. If I can only get one ticket, you’re gonna stay at home!” Then, as Danny watched bitterly, he calmly took out his phone and stepped aside to make phone calls.

Danny smacked his lips in vexation. When he looked back, though, he saw Elise sending a text message with her head down. The message read, ‘Get me some tickets to the black market.’

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