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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 320 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 320 by desirenovel

She smiled and tried to get closer to him. “Waylon, didn’t you go out with your sister today?”

Waylon coldly looked at her, and when he walked past her, he said in a disgusted tone, “Stop trying. Even if you try to put ideas in Great-grandpa’s head, you will never replace Mommy.”

Rowena froze on the spot. She watched the little boy walk upstairs and was a little shocked. Putting aside the fierceness this little five-year-old had in his eyes, how would he know that she was putting ideas in Titus’ head?

Her hands that were at her sides curled into fists. They were indeed from that woman’s womb-difficult, just like her!

At that moment, she received a text from an unknown number.

[Didn’t you say you were going to get me out of the Underground Freeway? I told you everything. When are you going to do what you promised?]

Rowena knew immediately that the text was from Willow. Yes, she had forgotten that Willow was a knife’ that she could use!

After Willow escaped with the help of a few ‘clients’, she walked with them toward a car parked on south street.

The window rolled down. Rowena, who was in the car, still had her mask on. “I’ve brought you out. Now it’s time to repay me.”

Willow saw that this woman had some tricks up her sleeves, so she smiled and said, “How do I address you?”

Rowena calmly said, “Lady Wolfsbane.”

“Alright, if you need me, Lady Wolfsbane, I’ll be there.”

Rowena laughed. “It’s alright. All you need to do is get rid of Maisie.”

Even if she didn’t say that, the only thing that Willow wanted to do was to get even with Maisie. Nonetheless, she was suspicious.” What do you have against her?”

She was happy that someone else hated Maisie. It was always good to have help, but she couldn’t just trust this woman.

Rowena stared at her. “She took something from me that didn’t belong to her. She… must disappear.”

Hearing that this woman’s hatred for Maisie was real, Willow was elated. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend. Don’t worry, that woman will see her downfall soon.”

Maisie and Kennedy sat in the private room in the restaurant they had booked. After waiting for more than ten minutes, Kennedy looked at his watch and said, “It’s already 9:30. Would something have come up with Mr. Boucher?”

“Maybe.” Maisie understood. She was glad that he had agreed to meet in the first place. He was a big name in the entertainment world with lots of movies and sponsorships to get to.

She wouldn’t want to take any of his previous time if it weren’t to thank’ him.

“Your Royal Highness!” The baby voice coming from outside the door startled her.

Daisie ran to Maisie on her short little legs and hugged her. “I missed you so much!”

Maisie laughed, bent down, rubbed her head, and kissed her forehead. Her face was filled with fondness. “Mommy missed you too.”

Ever since they had retumed, she had spent less time with her children and felt guilty about it.

Daisie pouted and looked sad. “Mommy, we don’t want to stay with Great-grandpa anymore. He wants to make Daddy marry that woman and yelled at us. Waylon even said that she was putting ideas in Great-grandpa’s head to replace you!” Maisie paused, and her expression darkened.

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