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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 314 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 314 by desirenovel

The two rugrats have mastered the skills of buttering someone up.’

Kennedy nodded all of a sudden. “If that’s the case, Mr. Boucher is really doing his best in helping us to promote our products. Although we’re profiting from this association with him without any condition being named beforehand, we can’t just take advantage of him without expressing any appreciation.”

“Yeah, I understand that.” Maisie smiled with her arms crossed. “I’ll see if I can treat Mr. Boucher to a meal or something when I’m free someday in the future.”

Ordinary people would not even dare to think about buying Mr. Boucher a meal, but she could not take advantage of Mr. Boucher without doing anything in retum Thus, she could only repay his favor with a meal after giving it a good thought.

When speaking of returning favors, Francisco from the training camp came to her mind too.

It’s depressing to admit this, but how did I end up owing favors to both the Boucher heirs?’**

At noon, everyone had gone out for lunch, and Maisie was the only one who was still designing some jewelry artwork in her office.

Occasional distractions made her lose all her ideas and inspiration in an instant. She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash bin. There were already several paper balls piling up in the bin.

She rubbed her temples.

I’ve only gone to the training camp for half a month, and I haven’t been able to get a grasp on any one of the fractions of myself before I left ever since I got back here.”

Maisie was trapped in a trance until a Facebook notification popped up on the screen of her cell phone.

[J has sent you a friend request.)

Maisie tapped on the notification and skimmed through the request.

This person’s profile exudes the aura of a strange old man who’s just started to get into Facebook and Messenger. Is this a spammer’s account?

Maisie rejected the request immediately.

Not long after that, a text message that came from Nolan appeared on the screen of her phone. “You rejected me?”

The comers of Maisie’s lips twitched.

That Facebook account from just now belongs to him? Come to think of it, isn’t Nolan a strange old man?

However, someone had already called her before she could find the time to reply to his message. She was caught off guard, almost dropped her cell phone, then calmed herself down and picked up the call. “Hello?”

A man’s deep voice came from the other end of the call. “Why did you reject my friend request?”

She gnashed her teeth. “I misclicked.”

“Send one back.” The tone made it sound like an obligation.

Maisie added Nolan on Facebook

‘It can be seen that he’s a busy man who doesn’t log in to his Facebook very often, no wonder he would screw up just now.’

Nolan added, “I’m waiting for you in my office.”

Maisie was rendered speechless. She came to the administrative office, knocked on the door first, opened the door, and then entered the office after getting Nolan’s permission

She was astounded when she saw the exquisite food and delicacies on the table.

Nolan put down the documents, uncrossed his long legs, slowly got up from his office chair, and walked toward her. “You haven’t eaten, right? Care to accompany me for lunch?”

Nolan grabbed Maisie by her hand without waiting for her to respond and brought her to the couch. Maisie sat up straight beside him and recalled the steamy scene that had taken place last night. Her head was pounding, and she was on the verge of letting off steam from all orifices.

Nolan caught a glimpse of her awkward appearance and could not help but tease her. “What’s wrong? Has the affection that you

have for me faded after only one night?”.

“Can you stop talking?” Maisie gnashed her teeth.

‘It’s always lascivious whenever he starts speaking, and he definitely looks better when he’s dumb.’

Nolan squinted his eyes as the corners of his lips twitched “Then why don’t we relive the memory and enthusiasm from last night?”

Seeing that he was leaning closer Maisie panicked and pushed him away. Don


Nolan realized that he seemed to have gotten addicted to “bullying” her. He could not help it whenever he was with her.

He nibbled her slender neck abruptly, making her feel numb from head to toe and lose the strength to push him away

Nolan’s gaze looked attractive, and his words sounded extremely flirtatious. “You were very enthusiastic last night. Have you forgotten about that?”

Nolan pinched her chin with his fingertips and stared at her moist eyes. Her cheeks looked flushed, and he could not help but feel the extreme urge to “bully” her right now. Maisie shuddered from head to toe as she pushed his body away from her. “Nolan, be serious!”

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